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Nivea is determined to convince Lord Landis love and betrayal are not synonymousThe only tangible benefit Dare Landis has of finally claiming the title of Maruis of Raynsforth will be that the current maruis has finally gone to the Devil where he. Nivea Horsham is a little plump wallflower with a very gracious heart She knows she is different from the rest of her family Nivea has a strong familial bond When her young sister is about to get married they ask her brother's friend Lord Adair Landis to escort Nivea to their county home Nivea always had an infatuation on Lord Landis since childhood Lord Landis always has his good looks and his charm when all the women would flock to him Beneath all that beauty he was bitter He has a rough childhood and it made him harsh Nivea never gives up With all her congenial smile she dares to love Lord Landis It was a sweet and hot historical romance I would love to read from this author I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review

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Dare to LoveUlously handsome friend home Dare to PDFEPUB or from school all those years ago But getting him to notice her has proven to be an impossible endeavorIs it possible for Nivea to shatter Dare’s carefully crafted facade and show him how to love Wor. 35 stars this book is a hard book for me to review because while I liked the writing and the heroine I despised the hero Nivea has been in love from afar with her brother's best friend Dare for years Nivea's step mother arranges for Dare and Nivea to travel together in a coach to Nivea's sister's wedding in the country Dare is basically appalled that he will have to spend time with plain plump dowdy on the shelf NiveaNivea is over the moon about spending time with Dare she just wants him to notice her The problem I have is Dare definitely notices her and he can't stand her He thinks he is above her in looks and everything that matters to him which is all pretty much shallow Nivea might be naive but after she hears of him talking horribly about her and yelling at her that she is untrustworthy she should have been done with him She wasn't she really believed that he could love her Of course this is a romance novel so he did in the end but even when he started thinking about marrying her he thought of her in contempt He still thought she wasn't good enough to marry him I didn't see that he actually changed and I don't see how a person can go to feelings of utter contempt for a person to loving that personI received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Summary Dare to Love 108 º [PDF] ❤ Dare to Love By Alleigh Burrows – Nivea is determined to convince Lord Landis love and betrayal are not synonymousThe only tangible benefit Dare Landis has of finally claiming the title of Maruis of Raynsforth will be that the current Nivea is determined to convince Lord Landis love and betraBelongs Until then Lord Landis will continue to enjoy life on his own termsas a heartless rake who’s beholden to no oneNivea Horsham knows there’s to Dare than he reveals to the world She’s loved him since her older brother brought his ridic. Another book I got for an honest review and yes I enjoyed reading it This one was my first Alleigh Burrows book and it seems like it’s her first one If I am right she isn’t the 0815 writer she has characters in her books that are different from the ones in other books Of course the rake is a cliché but the female is different More about that laterThe story isn’t that complicated Nivea’s sister is getting married and she has to travel from London to the Horsham family home Dare Landis the future Maruis of Raynsforth or shore Dare – Nivea’s brother’s best friend is about to travel with her He’s a rake He takes women preferable widows or married women because he doesn’t plan to marriage so he does not ruin unmarried women He knows that he has to marry one day to produce an heir but not in the near future Nivea on the contrary isn’t the standard woman She’s older She had her seasons She’s on the heavy side and isn’t exactly what fashion prefers at the moment She has mouse brown hair and people think that she’s the wallflower All of her sisters also the younger ones are already married or about to get married Nivvy always had a thing for Landis since year teenager days so she is thrilled to travel with himWhat both do not plan is that the carriage breaks down Nivvy’s family is famous for their passion of horses but Nivea hasn’t taken any riding lessons because she doesn’t want to put her wait on such a poor animal Nevertheless she has to take the horse now to be able to attend her sister’s wedding Day by day she finds out that riding isn’t that bad and Landis helps her to get comfortable She’s shy but always hopes that he would talk with her but Dare always think about the fact that she’s his best friend’s sister and that he doesn’t plan to wed her so he always keeps some distance There they have their moments when they are comfortable around each other and Nivea thinks that they are getting closer but in the next second Landis says something to hurt her or brings distance between them Plus the woman finds out that riding slims her down so she plans to keep torturing herself when they are at her family’s house The story is an endless seesaw story but endless isn’t meant negative in no way It’s adorable She writes poems He has a dark background story Her family accepts him as a friend of their son but doesn’t like to see him near any of their daughters And it’s a slow developing story slow because Dare is so fixed in his cliché role that he has to accept the changes Why only 4 stars Because after 200 pages of seesaw I got a little tired of it 150 pages would have been enough What I liked a lot is that Nivea isn’t the 0815 woman She’s heavy has a nice bosom and that her attributes are exactly what Landis turns his head Nivvy is different from the type he usually preferred Burrows has a hand for the details – Nivea’s dresses Dare’s scars and his family The way he hurts her with his words and all those things I felt with Nivea when he said something again about her to her directly or to one of his friendsOf course there’s a happy end ; But the story towards is it long and rockyStars 4