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Sunstone Vol 1 Read & Download å 109 Ô ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Sunstone Vol 1 By Stjepan Šejić ➜ – «Sexual nerds That is what BDSM people are behind all the pretense»From critically acclaimed creator Stjepan Šejić Death Vigil Ravine Aphrodite IX Witchblade comes Sunstone a love story like no ot «SeHouse an average childhood─except for her preference for bedroom domination Originally posted on DeviantArt this books collects the first volume of the often erotic always amusing and surprisingly heartfelt Sunsto. A lot of great reviews have already been written on this work so I'll keep this short and point out my impressions as a non BDSM lesbian who has triggers around exploitive pornFirst off is it exploitive NoDoes a male authorillustrator somehow adversely impact the depiction of a ff relationship NoIs this in the fantasy genre ie vampires demons unicorns dragons No The cover looks like it may be but this is a contemporary romance in our everyday worldIs BDSM well represented I think soAt least I thought it did a good job of normalizing the desires from both the domme and sub perspectives where the kink aspect of their sexuality was innate in both characters from early on in their lives It didn't seem fetishized or anything Are the characters lesbian No It seems both characters are heterosexual and this is their first time with another womanso I guess ultimately bisexual If you've read 'Owning Regina' by Lorelei Elstrom it has a similar take where the kink and good partner match takes precedence as a sexual orientation in itself over the actual gendersex of the partnerDoes the lack of woman on woman experience or bisexuality make the ff aspect any less sincere NoIs there nudity YesIs it erotic For some maybeIs this a romance Yes It actually ends up being a fluffy and sweet romance between Ally and LisaAre the characters good Yep Despite this seeming to be only about BDSM the author spent time showing these characters in their friendship the non BDSM aspect vs them in their BDSM play and also independent of each other in their own lives Ally though the domme is a rather geeky gamer type person while Lisa the sub actually shows some dominance outside of the BDSMOverall with this read we get gorgeous artwork and a sweet romance with a nice dose of humor that also happens to have graphic depictions of Lisa and Ally's sexual relationshipRecommend Yes

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«Sexual nerds That is what BDSM people are behind all the pretense»From critically acclaimed creator Stjepan Šejić Death Vigil Ravine Aphrodite IX Witchblade comes Sunstone a love story like no otherLisa's tastes. Re read 11620 I didn't love this uite as much on re read as I did the first time I read it but it was still really good and I'm excited to finally dive further into the seriesOriginal read 121118 I LOVED THIS SO MUCH OMG The only reason I'm not giving it a full 5 star is bc the sex scenes were fade to black but everything else about this was PERFECT kisses my gay ass fingertips

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Sunstone Vol 1Were alwaysuniue Longing to be restrained without restrain Lisa always felt Sunstone Vol Kindle like something was missing from her love life─until she met Ally Ally was implacably ordinary─successful job nice. It appears at a glance here at the beginning of some reviews that it is important to uickly write something like “well it’s not my kinda thing” or “Whoa I was not expecting that” as this series focuses on an FF relationship with a light he defensively says but constantly present bdsm theme I read everything from picture books to Russian novels to YA to romances now so knowing the series focused on this topic wasn’t something that would make me run away from it let’s say I got it from the library system which NO library in our system had bought until recently probably because of the topic because I had just read and fallen in love especially with the artwork of Stjepan Šejić’s Harleen though that story had this darkly dangerous and possibly seductive aspect of the love story where a psychiatrist Dr Harleen uinn tries to “save” Joker and gets sucked down into his madness becoming the wild and dangerous Harley uinn instead Harleen will make my Best Of comics list of the year I know this already So Sunstone the title of this series is also the “safe word” that two women one with no actual experience in this area use for their developing “play” together and I have the feeling based on the unthreatening tone of the series so far that they will never feel the need to use it The art again is gorgeous sexy mostly in shades of red This is fantasy so it’s okay if everything is red if the two main characters Allison and Lisa are redheads and Ally’s best friend and former partner a male Alan who designs furniture and other euipment for this kind of play is also a redhead What does it mean that every single person we meet is basically gorgeous and that these three in particular look very similar and have similar sounding names And they go to a club to help develop their fantasies The Crimson ClubI’m not sure yet but I have to say almost nothing explicitly physical happens yet which would seem to be the point here about desiresex that much of it is about performance role playing the imagination what goes on in one’s head maybe even than what happens between and with bodies This is really so far uite sweet a kind of fictional introduction to bdsm for Lisa and us in a romantic we’re all just friends setting where everything is beautiful and they mainly talk all the time as a kind of foreplay I thinkPart of Lisa’s she’s writing this introduction to bdsm seems to be an argument for how normal and important desire is in its various forms So many of the people in this are described as “nerds” on the various technologies of this practice In their personal lives they work though in the way of romance from Austen to now these people seem to talk a lot and have coffee in upscale coffee shops and go to sophisticated clubs and they also take it all down a level and all play video games and are Trekkie geeks and Ally reads comics they are just gorgeous yuppies not some kind of stereotypical alt freaks whatever that might even mean I know The point is that bdsm play is perfectly all within the range of “normal” and they are all normal not pervs any than anyone else are pervs Sex positivitySo this came out five years ago and I think it is a very good artistic accomplishment It’s basically a romance where two women who share a similar kink meet online become friends want to have sex with each other but find out that they may be getting into than they bargained for no not a dungeon I mean love It’s a romance I said It’s lovely dreamy soft lit seductivehot red coloring cloudy pastel backgrounds the very foundation of fantasy It’s about the importance of trust an issue in any developing relationship but this one also asks the eternal uestion you all want to know Can there be a true bond that is formed through bondageAre any of these people “real” Well we also meet Alan’s partner Cris not into bdsm but designs euipment with him and he makes fun of the whole bondage thing so we won’t take it all TOO seriously Cassie and Tom and they are all also red haired people Hmm And this takes place in autumn with its reddening leaves but it doesn’t matter it’s romance fantasy and safely sweeter than I expected I’ll read on I do this for you as your friendly reviewer Hey somebody’s gotta do it Might as well be me joining the thousands of those who have already read and rated it