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free read A Pitying of Doves Birder Murder Mystery #2 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ A Pitying of Doves Birder Murder Mystery #2 By Steve Burrows ➢ – With murder everyone pays a price Why would a killer ignore expensive jewellery and take a pS only seems to be leading him farther from the truth Meanwhile Jejeune is discovering that diplomatic co operation and diplomatic pressure go hand in handWith two careers hanging in the balance the stakes have never been higher for Inspector Jejeune And this time even bringing a killer to justice may not provide the Pitying of Doves PDF #203 closure he’s looking fo. Nom de plumageA Siege of Bitterns A Pitying of Doves a Cast of Falcons a Shimmer of Hummingbirds With titles like these you might be forgiven for fluffy feathery ornithological images flashing through your head And then again you might not For this series of ‘Birder Murder’ mysteries seems to be anything but cuddly To be fair I’ve only read this second one and to be even fairer still I don’t think the third is even published yet and the fourth may not even be written But if A Pitying of Doves is anything to go by we may have a fine series of crime stories ahead of usCrime and thriller novel series are not hard to find these days but what is harder to find is a series with a uniue angle and I think Steve Burrows may have nailed it hereThe key player in this series is Dominic Jejeune a detective of Canadian origin living in Norfolk What makes him different from other detectives He’s mad about ornithology And very knowledgeable and passionate about that interest In fact he would probably rather be ‘birding’ than ‘detecting’ However he seems to be as good at the latter as he is the former His record for solving crime is impeccable He’s a uirky character Hamlet than Macbeth who you never uite feel you’ve got to know but I think that in this case it arouses a desire to read the other books in the series There are some tantalising hints that there is to this man’s story than we are to be served in this sittingThe plot is nicely convoluted involving some diplomatic shenanigans with the Mexican Consulate What In Norfolk I hear you cry and the bird theme maintains a constant profile without being overdone I think that is skilful because it would have been very easy to create an uneven balanceThe other characters particularly the team that Dominic has working with him all have their issues and hopefully they will be developed through the ensuing series And other secondary characters are there to play their parts and that may be one weakness It’s almost as if the characters that the writer really cares about have been drawn and depicted with greater depth than the bit part players I will be interested to see how this series pans out I already love the collective noun titlesA paperback copy of this book was received from Real ReadersWhizzWhizz reviewed this book for Breakaway Reviewers

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With murder everyone pays a price of Doves Epub #225 Why would a killer ignore expensive jewellery and take a pair of Turtledoves as the only bountyThis is only one of the uestions that piues Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune’s interest when an attaché with the Mexican Consulate is found murdered alongside the director of a local bird sanctuary The fact that the dire. A Birder Murder Mystery #2This neatly constructed series is uite original intertwining avian with the classic whodunit and doing so in an entertaining way This second book is a smart and absorbing read With some series you need to read the novels in seuence here I suggest strongly doing so otherwise you will need to piece the missing parts and back read this is exactly what I have to doIn book 2 we have bird related murder and mayhem in which the author’s ornithological background shines Chief Inspector Dominic Jejeune an avid birder and lead investigator is called out at a gruesome scene at a bird sanctuary where a researcher is found dead beside the body of a senior attaché from the Mexican consulate You would think this to be a cut and dry investigation but when Powers that Be want to suash any wrongdoing things turns out not to be that simpleTo enjoy this mystery you need a certain suspension of belief The story is a tightly woven plot where every twist seemed to relate back to birding Of course being heavy on bird information I inevitable learn a good deal about doves I love birds so information did not bother me but if you do not maybe you should skip this series all together or maybe give it a try; you may change your mindThe main character Dominic Jejeune is an extremely complex individual with deep secrets He often ponders on things what could trouble him so muchwell this second story tease us even by dropping some clues that say little and leaving us wondering if the seuel will reveal or not The story progresses slowly and as it does I was trying hard to pin point the murderer I never did work out the whodunitI really thought it was someone else and certainly I am not alone reaching a wrong conclusionuite suspense in its own way “ A Pitying of Doves” is a good and entertaining read

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A Pitying of Doves Birder Murder Mystery #2Ctor’s death has opened up a full time research position studying birds hasn’t eluded Jejeune either Could this be the escape from policing that the celebrated detective A Pitying MOBI #233 has been seeking Even if it is Jejeune knows he owes it to the victims to solve the case first But a trail that weaves from embittered aviary owners to suspicious bird sculptor. This is a top rate police procedural with an interesting angle a Canadian detective bird conservationist transplanted to the Norfolk Coast of England where the theft of 2 turtledoves and a double murder keep this guy very very busy A great read