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FREE PDF Â BOOK Funky Bollywood × TODD STADTMAN é ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Funky Bollywood By Todd Stadtman ➥ – Despite the often stereotypical notions of Bollywood it s not all weddings wet saris and running around trees In the 1970s Indian cinema gave birth to a new breed of actionDespite the often stereotypical notions of Bollywood it s not all weddings wet saris and running around trees In the s Indian cinema gave birth to a new breed of action movie one that combined its own exuberant traditions with foreign influences like the gritty urban crime thrillers of the The Indian film industry has long been synonymous with all singing all dancing melodramatic and escapist movies it's a different matter that there are exceptions to the rule and they are on the increase But the masala film a spice mix of everything from action to romance drama comedy and pathos thrown in is invariably what it means to most people Over the century that Indian cinema has been in existence one decade that has stood out for the total paisa vasool 'getting your money's worth' uality of the masala entertainer has been the 1970s This was the decade of blockbusters like Sholay Amar Akbar Anthony Deewaar and Yaadon ki Baaraat It was a time of some of the most fantastic and I mean that in the sense of being 'hard to believe' stories over the top costumes not to mention set design makeup art direction and and a cinema that was in every way much larger than life This is the period and these the films which Todd Stadtman sets out to explore in Funky Bollywood The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema A Selective Guide The title of the book says it all the 70s action film whether it was a relatively slick one like Gaddaar or a trashy one like the Gunmaster G 9 film Suraksha was invariably pretty wild There was loads of action lots of dhishoom dhishoom And this guide doesn't aim to be comprehensive that would be a tall order indeed; it is decidedly selective Stadtman's book begins with a brief introduction to the Indian action film of the 70s followed by brief biographies of the leading lights of the period—not just actors but directors singers composers and ; and a uick summary of the main tropes that characterised these films This is followed by what comprises the bulk of the book in depth reviews of nearly seventy films most of them Hindi Each review begins with a list of the cast and the main crew followed by a detailed synopsis watch out there are spoilers here and finally Stadtman's own take on what works in the film and what doesn't There are colourful reproductions of posters and lobby cards stills and occasional text boxes about certain actors songs and so forth At the end of the book are two separate smaller sections that deal with particular sub genres of the Indian action film the spy film and the curry Western This isn't a book to read if you're looking for behind the scenes tidbits about these films It is also not as Stadtman points out in the introduction an academic book It is as is evident from the glorious funkiness of the cover itself a book to enjoy the action films of the 70s to reminisce if you've already seen these or to find films to watch What adds to the enjoyment is Stadtman's excellent sense of humour and his obvious and intense affection for these films warts and all Just reading his writing is a joy Indian readers might find certain errors in transcription irritating I couldn't help but wince at Shantinagar being repeatedly spelled Shantinagan or Hotel Mansarovar as Mansaro among others Also I'd have liked some additions to the book for instance a detailed history of the action film in Indian cinema Stadtman does mention the Fearless Nadia films but it might have been interesting to also look at how we got from Fearless Nadia to Humsaaya Kismat Yakeen and Aankhen Also while the book does have reviews of a couple of Telugu action films there is no mention of other Indian action films were there any was the uestion left in my mind or should this book have been titled Funky Bollywood The Wild World of 1970s Hindi Action Cinema Which is anyway probably apt considering Bollywood is a term applied to Hindi cinema not the many regional language cinema industries across the countryIf you've ever attempted a Helen shimmy or muttered out of the side of your mouth Kitne aadmi thhe or want to know what that means this book is recommended

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New Hollywood Hong Kong martial arts cinema and Italian exploitation fare This was the domain of hard fighting he men stars like Amitabh Bachchan Dharmendra and Feroz Khan and badass whip wielding heroines played by the likes of the gorgeous Zeenat Aman Hema Malini and Rekha Let world cul Because two page review of International Crook 1974 If you want to 'get' Bollywood this book is all you need Heart this book to have such with Intermission

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Funky BollywoodT cinema fanatic Todd Stadtman be your guide through this world of karate killers femme fatales space age lairs bombshells and booby traps with Funky Bollywood a book with an attitude as freewheeling and feisty as its subject matter bursting with colour and imagination on every vibrant pag 45 stars An exuberantly written commentary on almost seventy films mostly BollywoodHindi but a few Telugu and at least one Tamil film; Funky Bollywood is a joyous journey through the world of long lost siblings doppelgangers and criminal masterminds Stadtman's joy for these films is infectious I was thrilled to see a good mix of my favorites; some that were already on my to see list; and uite a few films I've never heard of but need to see nowMy only complaint some of the summaries are too detailed It doesn't destroy too much suspense to say most of these end with the ubiuitous all the characters at the villain's layer for a final showdown scene but a classic drama like Deewaar shouldn't be spoiled with a play by play of the final half hourNevertheless this a fun book for both fans and newcomers to '70s masala