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characters Mean Business ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï [KINDLE] ❆ Mean Business ❤ Albert J. Dunlap – Al Dunlap CEO of Scott Paper and one of the most successful charismatic and controversial executives in business has an incredible track record for injecting new life into tired comEas on management and leadership into an absolutely essential reference for both companies in trouble and those at the top of their ga. The first 4 chapters or so are excellent primers for anyone already in business He really lays it out in almost brutal terms about where companies have gone off the rails Whilst he is primarily discussing the big inefficient companies he worked at the lessons can be applied to almost any company that has been around a whileHowever after a while the self congratulation and repetition in the rest of the book is a little wearing Mercifully the part of the book about himself is in the last chapter or two and can be skimmed or even ignored as it is dross Apparently many dodgy accounting practices surfaced after Dunlap left these companies many of which were his attempts to make his turnarounds look spectacular and bolster his massive ego However that should not detract from the huge dose of good sense discussed in the initial chapters

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Ck record for injecting new life into tired companies Mean Business combines Dunlap's colorful personal history and his provocative id. One of the best real life this is what I did to save this company case studies written This one concerning Scott Paper and Al's ultimate success in selling Scott to Kimberly ClarkLove or hate Chainsaw Al Dunlap he produced results using uncommon sense and by taking uick actions Had Marissa Meyer followed just one tenth of the insights in this book she could have saved Yahoo Her failure to make any significant changes in the first month or two was my cue that she was destined to fail and I said so on many occasions The same thing happened to Blackberry when Thorsten Heins was appointed CEO and stated paraphrased I see nothing that needs to be changed How stupidYes Al went on to apparently commit some accounting voodoo plus slight of hand in sales practices at Sunbeam and was ultimately banned by the SEC from ever directing another publicly traded firmI am not sure what happen and we may never know all the factsIt doesn't detract from the success story in Mean Business but should serve perhaps as another caution that absolute power corrupts absolutely

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Mean BusinessAl Dunlap CEO of Scott Paper and one of the most successful charismatic and controversial executives in business has an incredible tra. Read this and then read The Notorious Career of Al Dunlap by John A Byrne The contrast is striking Dunlap is still a millionaire but he'll never be a CEO again