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FREE DOWNLOAD Ú Thunder Snow » [Reading] ➬ Thunder Snow ➳ Owen Keehnen – Thunder Snow is a gay love story set in academia during the 1980s When Jim Franklin goes away to Windsor College he is hoping to leave his former life and lifestyle behind Jim has had enough of feelin Thunder Snow is a gay love story Soon enrolls in college at the university and meets Jim in a Romantic Literature class When Jim asks for assistance with an assignment Glenn agrees Sparks soon ignite and passion ensues Despite their respective situations both men fall madly in love but will it be enough to sustain them in the long r. 25 stars


Thunder Snow is a gay love story set in academia during the s When Jim Franklin goes away to Windsor College he is hoping to leave his former life and lifestyle behind Jim has had enough of feeling like an outsider By all practical purposes he is succeeding at Windsor at least until his third year Ji. There is no need to beat around the bush this book and I did not get along cringesNot at all This could very well be a ‘me not you’ factor but I had lots of issues I hate to be harsh but I might as well get on with itI’ll start with the biggie I don’t like cheatingI don’t enjoy books with infidelity; regardless of the circumstances it puts a bad taste in my mouth Both Jim and Glenn are in relationships which I use the term loosely here when they hook upJim is living his life in well denial He has shut down his feelings and desires towards men and is trying his damnedest to convince himself that he is not gay He snags an innocent girlfriend who's not interested in sex she’s saving herself for marriage and he’s golden He has a solid farce to hide behind But then he runs into an unexpected glitch He struggles to grasp the foundations of his Romantic lit class and he finds himself in dangerous lusty grounds The heated gaze of his assigned partner burns away all his carefully placed defense mechanismsGlenn is confident smooth and living the good life When an older filthy rich man offered to ‘take care of him’ he pounced on the opportunity He ditched his boyfriend his job and his elbow grease life and joined Charles in the land of the wealthy His arrangement is to service Charles needs in exchange for all the luxuries he could ask for He’s happy with hissituationSo as you can see I clashed with Jim and Glenn from the get go Then holiday break comes along and Jim and Glenn play house in the mansion of Glenn’s lover Hiding away from reality they escape into each other and fall in love However it never felt like love to me it was simply an illusion of their perfect dream world And when Sugar Daddy Charles comes home early and catches the boys playing well things don’t go well Another icky scene for meIf I was already getting cozy with a prickly pear things take a turn for the worse I was appalled by the ending and actually felt ill over the course of events that wrapped up the story I can’t say the writing was bad because it wasn't But the entire plot was grim in my opinion I thought the cover was fantastic and the thunder snow was very clever The college setting was depicted thoroughly and the pressures and fears of self discovery were uite accurate f cheating is not a dreadful trigger for you you may feel differently about this book But for me It put the nail in the coffin before things ever had a chance to start25 not for me stars

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Thunder SnowM has joined a fraternity and is dating a nice sorority girl Love blindsides him when Jim meets Glenn who has relocated to the town of Windsor from New York City Glenn has come to town as the kept lover of wealthy Windsor resident Raymond Channing Bored by the lack of stimulation in small town Glenn. Review can be read at It's About The Book Jim really doesn’t know what to think of Glenn when they take a class on Romantic Literature together Glenn really seems to understand and feel deeply about the subject Jim doesn’t really get it which is a problem if he’s going to keep his scholarship Jim asks Glenn for help Afterwards they go for a drink at Glenn’s favorite bar They go to Glenn’s apartment for further drinking Glenn’s apartment is attached to his boyfriend’s house Glenn’s boyfriend is older and uite wealthy They have a very civilized arrangement The boyfriend pays for everything including college while Glenn agrees to be his boyfriend After a brief physical encounter Jim leaves He’s convinced he’s not going to be gay It was an aberration and he’s happy being a straight guy in his fraternity and everything is fine and dandy But it isn’t Jim finds himself going back to Glenn’s Jim can no longer deny how truly alive he feels when he’s with Glenn They make plans to spend their vacation from school together as Glenn’s boyfriend will be out of town at the same time Jim and Glenn have a magical time together until Glenn’s boyfriend returns unexpectedlyGlenn was that guy we all knew The passionate and charismatic guy who made us feel completely and overwhelmingly alive He introduced us to fascinating concepts and ideas but most importantly he introduced us to ourselves I can remember so desperately wanting to date my real life version of Glenn but he was already taken I loved him anyway Hindsight being 2020 I can now say I am alright without ever having had my very own Glenn Conseuently as I read this book I wanted to warn Jim that Glenn was a huge loser and a train wreck waiting to happen All these fascinating concepts and ideas are something you’ll get in that Philosophy class you take next semester But just as I loved my very own version Jim loves Glenn and it is so beautifully bittersweet