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FREE READ Ã Press Start to Play ë [BOOKS] ✮ Press Start to Play By Daniel H. Wilson – IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE TAKE THIS You are standing in a room filled with books faced with a difficult decision Suddenly one with a distinctive cover catches your eye It is a groundbreaking anth IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALSed adventures to first person shooters dungeon crawlers to horror games these twenty six stories play with our notion of what video games can be and what they can become in smart and singular ways With a foreword from Ernest Cline bestselling author of Ready Player One Press Start to Play includes work from Daniel H Wilson Charles Yu Hiroshi Sakurazaka SR Mastrantone Charlie Jane Anders Holly Black Sea. 35 stars The end wasanticlimactic Didn't feel like we learned anything at all about Antimony or Artie either

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Nan McGuire Django Wexler Nicole Feldringer Chris Avellone David Barr KirtleyTC Boyle Marc Laidlaw Robin Wasserman Micky Neilson Cory Doctorow Jessica Barber Chris Kluwe Marguerite K Bennett Rhianna Pratchett Austin Grossman  Yoon Ha Lee Ken Liu Catherynne M Valente Andy Weir and Hugh Howey Your inventory includes keys a cell phone and a wallet What would you like to do From the Trade Paperback edition. Review from my blogFor those of you who don't know I'm a huge fan of gaming I've played games all my life and grew up with a PlayStation 2 which I have been playing Guitar Hero 2 on since age 8 Yes it's that intense I also love playing Xbox Wii and PC games Any game console will do That's why the second that I saw this book I knew I had to give it a read Plus it had some writing by Ernest Cline who is my favorite author of all timePress Start to Play did not disappoint It was filled with video game related short stories some of them horror some science fiction and some fantasy Sometimes the video games would even converge with real life and those were the ones that I ended up loving most because they were creepy This was also my first anthology read and I have to say that I now absolutely love short storiesHere are some of my favorites from Press Start to PlayNPC by Charles Yu 55 starsThis short story was awesome Basically you are a worker on the moon collecting iridium every day and you have a crush on Carla One day you level up and everything is so different which makes you miss the days that you spent crushing on Carla going on missions and eating Lean Cuisines I think the coolest thing about this one was that the main character was literally you making you feel the experience even Respawn by Hiroshi Sakurazaka 55 stars This short story contained a character who could respawn every time he died If he was murdered he became the murdered It was the coolest concept Imagine that happening to you; you basically could never die1Up by Holly Black 55 stars This is my favorite kind of video game read very Ready Player One esue Friends who knew a guy named Soren online all go to his funeral only to find that he left behind a game to answer uestions behind his death This game starts to blend into the real world in the awesomest way possible This is definitely my favorite short story so far and now I know why everyone loves Holly BlackSave Me Plz by David Barr Kirtley 55 starsA short story that involves a world where elements that weren't part of Earth suddenly are YES PLEASE Yet another short story that I loved This one also featured a huge twist towards the end Definitely worth the readThe Relive Box by TC Boyle 55 StarsI loved the idea behind the relive box I feel like it's definitely something that could come about in the future It's basically a stimulation that lets you relive anything from the past that's happened and you can relive it as many times as your heart desires which is insane The world would never be the same and it'd definitely start to take over your life as this short story showsAnda's Game by Cory Doctorow 55 starsI read In Real Life by Cory Doctorow a few months ago and loved it so I love how this short story was basically the same but just in writing instead of comics It touches some very uniue concepts that are definitely worth talking about such as child labor I highly suggest reading this short storyComa Kings by Jessica Barber 55 starsI absolutely adored how this story had than just video games; it also had a sisterly bond though one of the sisters was in a coma The sister however was hooked up to the game so she was alive online though just not in person It was a very cool concept I loved itCreation Screen by Rhianna Pratchett 55 starsInstead of reading about the gamer this story was actually about the character in the video game It takes the idea of role playing to a whole new level as the gamer is literally playing as someone else It was cool to get inside the head of the character that's being forced to move around and fight things without really wanting to There was even but I don't want to make this review any longer than it already is Long review short if you are a video game fan or love reading book


Press Start to PlayIT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE TAKE THIS You are standing in a room filled with books faced with a difficult decision Suddenly one with a distinctive cover catches your eye It is a groundbreaking anthology of short stories from award winning writers and game industry titans Press Start ePUB #9734 who have embarked on a uest to explore what happens when video games and science fiction collideFrom text ba. There are some fascinating takes on gaming in this short story collection If you want some interesting adult takes on aspects your favorite hobby that you may never have thought of this is worth picking up