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Fish sauce used to season various dishes such as soups meat dipping sauces is a rising star in both Asian and non Asian pantries This is the first cookbook to include recipes from the best chefs across the country using fish sauce as the key ingredientMove over Sriracha fish sauce is the most popular ingredient in town Long used as a key umami flavor in Asian cooking The Fish PDFEPUB or now prominent chefs from across the country are using fish sauce in new and unexpected ways to flavor their recipes It was recently included in Bon Appetit's list of pan. Probably won't use it in a beverage or dessert Still learning the basics about this ingredient and at least I have a better idea on how to use the two brands of fish sauce in the cabinet

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The Fish Sauce CookbookSh sauce before moving onto slow roasted meats and classic Italian pasta dishes craft cocktails salad dressings and even desserts Fifty recipes using fish sauce culled from today's most innovative chefs and food personalities from around the globe include Shrimp Toast with Nuom Choc from Kevin Luzande Acabar Spiced Lacuered Duck Breasts from Andrew Zimmerman Crispy Farmer's Market Vegetables with Caramelized Fish Sauce from Chris Shepherd Caramel Miso Glaze from Monica Pope and Hamachi Tostadas with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette from Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. My parents immigrated to America from the Philippines so I grew up on fish sauce This book was so fun to read I had no idea you could use fish sauce in so many other non Asian recipes like pasta and desserts I especially loved reading about the chefs who contributed the recipes and the stories and how they were inspired to create the recipes The photos are visually stunning too I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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review The Fish Sauce Cookbook 103 Í ➛ The Fish Sauce Cookbook free download ➠ Author Veronica Meewes – Fish sauce—used to season various dishes such as soups meat dipping sauces—is a rising star in both Asian and non Asian pantries This is the first cookbook to include 50 recipes from the best chef Fish saTry essentials and appears on tables at Michelin Star rated restaurants Last year the European Union started recognizing fish sauce from the Vietnam island of Phu uoc as a Protected Designation of Origin along the lines of Champagne for sparkling wine or Parmigiano Reggiano for hard Italian cheese Discover the origins of fish sauce compare different brands and varieties and learn about proper care and storage of this magical briny cooking liuid Home cooks will delight in the variety of recipes in the book starting with the formula for making homemade fi. Overview A cookbook highlighting the wide range of possibilities for cooking with fish sauce which is currently popular in restaurants around the US Recipes are contributed by chefsContents There is a short introduction about fish sauce how to buy it focused on Vietnamese brands store it and how to make it yourself at home including a vegan version Then we get into the recipes which are from a variety of chefs throughout the US many of whom are famous The end of the book includes biographies of the contributors and an index of recipes ingredients and contributors The recipes are divided up into 9 sections from sauces to cocktails and even desserts Most recipes have a photo but not all There is no list of sources to find less common itemsRecipes Each recipe is by a different chef and includes a short introductionThai Hot and Sour Coconut Chicken Soup While there are a number of ingredients it is a simple recipe to make and has an authentic flavor I think It was delicious and my husband went back for seconds praising it as really goodTechniues There are a wide range of techniues use in the book from braising to deep frying to candying fruit Since these are chef contributed recipes many are complex with multiple ingredient lists for different parts of the recipe For instance there is an ice cream sundae recipe that reuires preparation of several components the day before the ice cream is madeSummary A fun book for the adventurous cook Many of the recipes sound wonderful but reuire dedication in terms of time techniues or special ingredient shopping There are many Asian Southern fusion recipes but also recipes that are inspired by other parts of the worldI received a copy for review through NetGalley