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review ✓ Scourge of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens #6 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¶ [Read] ➪ Scourge of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens #6 By Douglas Jackson – 70AD Disgraced dishonoured and banished into exile on pain of execution if he ever returns to Gue spun by Titus’s lover ueen Berenice of Cilicia and her sometime ally the general’s turncoat adviser Flavius Josephus who have an ulterior motive for ending the siege uicklyYet the laurels that will regain his honour cannot be won in the negotiations in the murky tunnels beneath Jerusalem Only amid the fire and blood of battle will of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens eBook #180 he eual the glory that brought him the title Hero of Ro. This fantastic book by Douglas Jackson is already the 6th volume of the fascinating Gaius Valerius Verrens seriesAs always the author has produced a most educational historical note in which he sets out the situation at that particular time of history and in a very clear fashion the author himself explains that he has tried as much as possible to remain true to the historical records within this great storyAlso the book contains a well documented glossary at the end of the book while at the beginning two beautiful drawn maps one of Syria and Judaea within the Eastern Roman Empire in the 1st Century AD and one map of the Siege of Jerusalem in AD 70 which will play a very big part within this delightful bookStorytelling is as ever of a superb uality by this author in my opinion all his books are truly excellent by the way for this book keeps you gripped and entertained from beginning till end because it contains wonderful pictured battle scenes as well as the smell of the hostile atmosphere in this part of the Roman Empire while there's also real lifelike interaction between all the characters involved so much so that they come all vividly to life within this wonderful Roman story and all those factors combined make this book such a treat to readThe book is set in the year AD 70 during the Reign of the Emperor Vespasian and our main character of the book Gaius Valerius Verrens has been disgraced and dishonoured the result of his former Roman adventure and thus he has found himself now banished from RomeSo Valerius heads east to find his friend Titus son of Emperor Vespasian but when he finds him he sees a much changed man who has to deal with the pressures from home as well as an Judaean uprising in JerusalemWhat will follow is a thrilling book full with great gory battle scenes intrigue treachery and backstabbing between different factions and it is in those dangerous circumstances where Valerius has to win back his freedom and rediscover glory if he wants to become a Hero of Rome againVery much recommended for this is a Glorious Roman Adventure

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The newly crowned Emperor VespasianBut when he reaches the ring of legionary camps around the seemingly impregnable city of Jerusalem he finds Titus a changed man Gone is the cheerful young officer he of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens eBook #180 knew replaced by a tough ruthless soldier under pressure from his father to end the insurrection at any cost Soon Valerius finds himself at of Rome Gaius PDFEPUB #230 the centre of a web of intri. I’m fair rattling through this series right now And why not They’ve got to be in a photo finish for the best written historical fiction of any period Scourge of Rome is no different being full of interesting incident excitement and plenty beside to keep you gripping the book until you throw it off a cliff at the endWhere book 5 Enemy of Rome was I felt Serpentius’ book this one is most definitely Valerius’ Mainly because of all the leg over action he gets Erranyway it is he that from beginning the series as a Hero of Rome could well be being described as ‘Cast Out by Rome’ at the beginning of this book He has to trek across the Eastern deserts trying to find a way back into Rome I’ve thought about the differences between Valerius’ idea of what Rome should be coming off worse in the collision with what Rome actually turns out to be before Here I wondered if absence of from Rome would cause that to fade and ‘Rome’ the idea still be the shining ideal It possibly is still that way to Valerius as we know he’s far from being stupid so why would he strive so hard for and to get back to Rome if he didn’t think it was worth fighting for Serpentius still plays an important part in the book but subdued you’ll see why and not always involving the popping up at the last minute to deflect a killing stroke from some unprotected part of Valerius’ anatomy He is the better strangely for the ‘problem’ from book 5 thoughtful and even interestingly vulnerable leading to a contemplation that water has flowed under the bridge than remains to flow I like Serpentius a lot As I too am beginning to think that way ErkAs with a few of the longer than three books series there are on the go at the moment especially of the Roman sort you have to ask the uestion could you read this one on its own Could you read this as a one off because you can’t be bothered finding and reading the rest of the series first or you don’t know that it’s #6 of a series I’d imagine it’s a worry not only for the writer but also the publisher The trend these days does seem to be in creating a ‘brand' series something that will sellrecoup investment over several volumes one offs historical novels are generally a thing of the past Unless you’re a previously well established writer Which must make it hard for a new writer to get started with a ‘name’ publisher Which might explain why it seems to me writers are going through the self publishing route Anyway could you read Scourge and not have the feeling you really should have read the others Yes I think you could The explanations are there but built in to the story as if the story began here and you discover bits about his past as an explanation for his actions as you go Then there’s enough self contained action you keep you happy and the time period as mentioned earlier is an interesting one More so if you had a little background knowledge raises hand of the period before startingI think I’d be right in saying that Douglas Jackson describes and interprets as much as one can from 2000 years distance the characters even some of the events surrounding beginning at least of the Emperor Vespasian’s reign in relation to other writers writing of the period I’m currently on the go with Robert Fabbri for example Though his RF Vespasian for me where I am in the series at least hasn’t got close to being Emperor as yet however Douglas and Robert do seem to differ partly on the character of Vespasian’s brother SabinusWriting about this period the Jews in Palestine the start of the Christian religion could have been an opportunity for making some comparisons with the current troubles down there Wisely perhaps Douglas stays out of it Robert Fabbri has come closer to the birth of Christianity but both steer clear of any kind of ‘they were here first’ type angle You and I can draw our own conclusions maybeSoto the end The series shows no signs of either ending though it will have to one day as Valerius hasn’t yet achieved immortality though it is going according to plan so farbut I digressthe end of this book Holy cow A cliffhanger of a cliffhanger A cliffhanger thrown over the edge of a cliffhanger I’ve not seen a longer than three series do it like this before I’m not saying it hasn’t been done just I’ve never seen it Incredible feeling of YOU BUGGER” as I realise all the pages left are the historical note end things and not a happy ending WowMagnificent Roll on the next oneMore reviews them all in fact here Speesh Reads

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Scourge of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens #6AD Disgraced Rome Gaius PDF #202 dishonoured and banished into exile on pain of execution if he ever returns to Rome the former military tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens makes his way East through the death and destruction of the savage Judaean rebellion Valerius knows his only hope of long term survival and a restoration of his family’s fortunes lie with his friend Titus commander of the Scourge of Kindle Army of Judaea and son of. It took me far too long to find time to catch up with one of the very best historical series in the current world of books I’ve missed Valerius Verrens Due to the time I left between this book and the last one it took me a few short chapters to get back into the swing of things but once I was reauainted with Verrens and Serpenrius and reminded of how things stood at the end of the previous volume I was dragged along with the plot at breakneck speed as usualAn outcast from Rome due to his conflict with the unpleasant Domitian – son of the new emperor – Valerius seeks out the one place he thinks he can recover his reputation at the side of the emperor’s other son Valerius’ old friend Titus who is busy prosecuting the war against the rebels in Judea What follows is a gradual building in tension and action filled with good guys bad guys and my favourite – realistic grey part good part bad guys The book introduces us to a powerful ueen and her clever beautiful servant who Valerius immediately has eyes for helping him forget Domitia back in Rome to a scarred tribune who knows Valerius of old to the Jewish rebel leaders and to the complex Josephus It culminates with the dreadful siege of JerusalemThere are many things that commend this book as with all Doug’s work The writing which is clear expressive direct and yet subtle The characterisation for he creates seemingly real people we can believe in The settings which are vivid and lovingly described The action which is exciting and well told The plot which is perfectly constructed and at no time drags strays or confuses But there are two particular things for me that made Scourge a win over even many others in this very seriesThe siege of Jerusalem This is one of the most powerful events in the history of the Roman empire and one that could easily prove to be divisive and troublesome for a writer touching on the subject of the destruction of the Jewish world from the viewpoint of those destructors And yet the subject is handled lovingly sympathetically and yet with such stark horror and brutality that the real terror of what happened over those awful weeks Moreover Doug’s visual reconstruction of the magnificence that must have been Jerusalem before its sack is unparalleled This siege is one of Doug’s best pieces of writing and one of the best battles I have ever seen described actually almost on a par with his genre defining Colchester burning scene in Hero of RomeAnd the character of Josephus I knew of Josephus before the book as will many followers of Roman history We know of him from his account of the Jewish wars and I for one have read much of that account But I had never thought much about the man behind that writing In my head I had him pegged as a good guy – a Jew who compromised and conseuently survived the war to bring us the history of it It had never occurred to me to think on how he might have come about all his knowledge of the war on how he managed to survive in a world where he might well be killed just for his heritage and on how he might be viewed by his own people Josephus was the most surprising thing for me in the book and a characterisation I value highlySo in short this book is as good as any other in the Valerius series which is to say a cut above most other series in the genre and is actually probably the second best in the whole saga It is unrelenting in pace vivid surprising horrifying and even heart warming in places A testement to Jackson’s ability it comes highly recommended Go read it