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PDF á BOOK The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing FREE É MIRA JACOB Ñ ❴Reading❵ ➻ The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing Author Mira Jacob – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Da stürzt sich ein Mann von einer Brücke in Seattle und Amina schießt das Foto das berühmt werden wird Doch wie abgeb70er Jahren in Indien begann und nun in New Mexiko ihren Lauf nimmt Amina beginnt die Unwägbarkeiten des Lebens anzunehmen und sich endlich mit den Geistern ihrer Familie auseinanderzusetze The author’s note at the end of the book echoes the overarching themes”what it means as an immigrant to make a life in a stolen country”This luminous addictive page turning character driven and first rate storytelling held me in its thrall from beginning to end Yes it had echoes of Jhumpa Lahiri by virtue of evoking the Indian American experience and it also at times echoes Richard Ford’s CANADA as well as Richard Russo John Irving and any number of master storytellers that tell an epic story about family I applaud Mira Jacob’s decade long investment in writing this book as it gave me a few days of unadulterated bliss I didn’t want to say goodbye to the Eapen family when I turned the last page; at times I felt them brushing against my arm cupping my elbow and feeding me samosas and chutneyThe nuclear family here is Thomas Eapen a neurosurgeon Kamala his wife their intellectually gifted son Akhil and their photographer daughter Amina Only Amina was born in America Through most of the novel they live in Albuuerue although Amina as an adult now lives in Seattle and works as an events photographer after leaving the serious business of photojournalism The novel alternates back and forth between the early 80’s and 1998 but the offstage history is woven in seamlessly I don’t want to reveal of the story than is told in the book jacket There’s a lot of discovery that is meant for the reader to unearth And even though a tragedy is revealed early on in a handful of words the narrative keeps you on tenterhooks until you actually get there hundreds of pages laterThis isn’t a book with political polemics or sermons about social justice—but there is a lot of delicious Indian food that made me hungry It’s a domestic drama about a family dealing with love loss adjustment flux sleepwalking and candid photos—a very human drama that is also witty and sharply observed It moves swiftly a charismatic unputdownable tale told with levity and moving intensity Jacob’s prose is astute and intrepid the kind of sentences that get into your blood and is laced with smooth and cinematic dialogueIf I could give this 6 stars I would

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Da stürzt sich ein Mann von einer Brücke in Seattle und Amina schießt das Foto das berühmt werden wird Doch wie abgebrüht muss man sein in einem solchen Moment auf den Auslöser zu drüc but I might be a bit biased

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The Sleepwalker's Guide to DancingKen? Amina verzeiht sich das nicht verdingt sich fortan als Hochzeitsfotografin Als ihr Vater sterbenskrank wird muss sie sich ihrer bewegten Vergangenheit stellen einer Geschichte die in den Update on sale today for 199 I met the author in Austin after I had read and reviewed this Much was inspired by family experiences of her own The Indian Food dishes in the novel make you ready for a spicy meal yourself Definitely worth 199 The STORYTELLING of The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing fantastic This 500 page book is a multigenerational saga It had triumphs humor grief delicious Chutneys and sumptuous meals and characters all easy to relate to from India to the States Its easy to fall intimately under the spell of 'the private world of reading' the rest of you can go away now The family bonds in this story are powerful We feel connected with all of themI won this book from Goodreads give a way THANK YOUCongrats to Mira Jacob on her first novel Pretty miraculous I do have a 'few' comments yet I fully enjoyed this bookSome of the sentences in Mira Jacob's book felt awkward I was not sure if I was struggling with cultural differences or not Words that were chosen to describe a situation did not flow effortlessly Yet the story in its 'entire' was wonderful Monster's dentures? Jogging Meatballs? Carnivorously???? is 'not' a word I'd use when looking at a bride A uestion that stayed in my mind was Will people 'pick' this 500 page book? Books compete with one another I was surprised to see such a long book by a first time author My fear for the author and publisher is its a 'risk' being this long Stephen King and Ken Follett can write books as long as they want but a new author? This book was GREAT but could it have been as good with 200 'less' pages? I hope people do take the time to read this 'gem'Its a story that that feels real This story matters