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The thirty four stories in this volume span Chekhov's creative career They present a wide spectrum of comic and serious themes and a Повести и Kindle variety of techniues His short novels available in another Norton volume Seven Short Novels by Chekhov have been omitted Two of the stories have been translated for this edition by Professor Matlaw the other translations by Constance Garnett Ivy Litvinov and Marian Fell have been revised in accordance with contemporary usage Footnotes have been supplied wherever necessary to explain pecul The Short Stories of Anton ChekhovOf course any fanwriterenthusiast of the short story should read this book I would recommend reading this in conjunction with either Stephen King's Graveyard Shift or Edgar Allan Poe's collected works That probably sounds like a strange recommendation but Anton Chekhov was a very caring writer that as a medical doctor obviously had access to both the upper and lower rungs of society His emphasis is on the broad sweep of society and on emotion Both King and Poe have a very strong inclination toward the lower depths of mankind and unlike Chekhov their stories show a very strong inclination toward structure particularly toward plot and definite endings So by reading a couple collections someone new to short stories could get a decent feel for the spectrum of possibilities Of course there are many other collections to choose from such as You've Got to Read This and Fifty Great American Short StoriesI really can't say enough about this collection It's to be admired and not imitated Chekhov's style is one of an infinite number of possibilities But academic teachers of the short story seem to have been treating it for the past ten years or so as if it were the end all be all Teaching Chekhov to eager college freshman and first year MFA students who long to pen the next great novel is about the dumbest thing a teacher could do The reason for this is that Chekhov has no style So trying to teach a Chekhovian style is obviously a fool's errand His genius is an outgrowth of both his physician like caring for all of his countrymen and his encyclopedic knowledge of the places and times in which he lived 'About Love' may very well be my favorite all time story and 'Gooseberries' is definitely in my top five

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Повести и рассказыN Smith and Nils Ake NilssonA Selected Bibliography directs readers to resources for further studyChameleon Oysters A living chronology The huntsman Misery The reuiem Anyuta Agatha Grisha A gentleman friend The chorus girl Dreams Vanka At home The siren's song Sleepy The grasshopper In exile Rothschild's fiddle The student The teacher of literatureWhitebrow Anna on the neck The house with the mansard The pecheneg A journey by cart The man in a case Gooseberries About love A doctor's visit The darling The lady with the dog The bishop The betrothe I am going to order you to do something new if you haven’t done it already Get a collection of the short stories of Chekhov and read every one Then read “Youth” by Joseph Conrad I’m not suggesting that you do these things I am ordering you to do them Kurt Vonnegut's life advice to his children

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mobi à Повести и рассказы ó Paperback ï johnscyclingdiary ☆ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Повести и рассказы By Anton Chekhov ⚣ – The thirty four stories in this volume span Chekhov's creative career They present a wiIarities of Russian life and the historical era in which Chekhov lived and wroteBackgrounds includes a rich selection of Chekhov's letters in new translations by Professor Matlaw and Gorky's celebrated essay on Chekhov translated by Ivy Litvinov The critical essays offer general views of Chekhov's art and achievement and detailed analyses of particular stories The critics are D S Mirsky A B Derman whose essay has been translated from the Russian especially for this edition Renato Poggioli Gleb Struve Donald Rayfield Karl Kramer Virginia Llewelly This one recalls beery evenings when I still shuddered from the emotional impact of such simple stories I suppose most folks at the time the early 1990s were swayed by Carver or Bukowski I worked ALL the ime but recall buying this new at hawley Cooke and then being floored The Grasshopper is the one which lingers assuming a parallel position with Joyce's Araby and tales from Sherwood Anderson as the haunting foundation of a life spent between pages