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1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die Free download Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á ➵ 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die Read ➼ Author Paul Condon – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk This is the ultimate book for the Netflix and boxset generation featuring alThis is the ultimate book for Series You Epub #223 the Netflix and boxset generation featuring all the greatest drama series ever broadcast as well as the weirdest game shows controversial reality TV experiments a. It is called 1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die It is a thick book with color pictures and 1001 short essays of television programs that are according to the blurb “The most groundbreaking and important must see shows from the 1950s to today’s golden age of television This latest addition to the best selling and highly acclaimed 1001 series showcases the best programs produced for television from its inception to the bumper crop of great shows being produced in today’s era of original cable programming and digital streaming”One thousand and one “groundbreaking” shows – and the authors include Lost in Space Mr Ed and The Persuaders But they don’t include Combat RealIyI would say that someone at 1001 has a warped understanding of the word “groundbreaking A show featuring a cowardly saboteur a pre teen boy and an emotional robot is breaking new ground A series about a talking horse who causes his owner all sorts of inane problems is breaking new ground And a fluffy adventure program about a British playboy Roger Moore and an American playboy in 1970s leisure suits getting into fights and car chases is breaking new ground Get realWhen I think “groundbreaking” I think of Combat The most successful war drama on television it ran for five years and 152 epi sodes showcasing a gritty realism that was mostly unheard of in tele vision at the time The Gallant Men a traditional “heroism during war” series appeared in the same year Combat began disappeared after one yearThe program was the brainchild of Robert Pirosh who had writ ten the gritty Steve Mcueen vehicle Hell Is for Heroes which also featured the atonal music of Leonard Rosenman who would later score 151 episodes onfCombat After the rather jokey pilot was completed Combat was reshaped by director Robert Altman and writerdirector Burt Kennedy who between them directed about half of the first season’s 32 episodesCombat focuses on a suad of infantrymen fighting their way across occupied France in 1944 They are led by Lt Gil Hanley Rick Jason and Sgt Chip Saunders Vic Morrow two tough dedicated soldiers who know that war is hell and that the only way to survive it is one day at a timeAs Patrick McGilligan observes in Robert Altman Jumping Off a Cliff “Scenes were deliberately cobwebbed obscured by smoke or fog sunlight bedazzled illumined by candles veiled in moonlight glimpsed in heavy weather As often as not the camera was handheld This gritty naturalistic camerawork announces the show as different and important from the outset”Morrow as the tough but sensitive Saunders was the breakout star of the series he had never had a role better suited to his skills; and he knew how to use the strengths of television saying with a look or a gesture than many actors could say with a whole speech In fact Morrow and Jason with the approval of Altman and other directors would often cut a lot of their dialogue as unnecessaryThe cast is a repertory company of great characters including the strong silent Cajun nick named Caje Pierre Jalbert the malcon tent “Wild Man” Kirby Jack Hogan the farm boy Little John Dick Peabody and the sturdy dependable medic “Doc” Conlan CarterThe interplay among the actors is realistic the situations in which they find themselves compelling often with well known guest stars “Masuerade” features James Coburn as a clever Nazi spy posing as the fast talking but dangerous Cpl Klinger “Bridge at Chalons” showcases Lee Marvin as a bitter munitions expert; “What Are the Bugles Blowin’ For” with Ronald Howard son of Leslie is a superb two parter that delves into the different psyches of American and British soldiers as it examines the meaning of courage; and “SIW” features John Cassavetes as a soldier who may or may not be a coward in a story about the nature of truthThe series often does a lot with a simple premise Watching some episodes you may sometimes wonder “How are they going to stretch this out to 52 minutes” One of my favorites in that category is “The Duel” in which Saunders has to delay a tank that is coming round the bend in the road – Saunders versus a tank Sounds unlike ly But it worksThe series was also groundbreaking for its sometimes sympa thetic portrayals of Germans who are not always painted in the broad strokes of many war movies and who also spoke to each other in German not the German accented English common in a lot of World War II films and TV series A classic example is in the first episode broadcast “Forgotten Front” directed by Altman which not only presents a very human German soldier but also raises moral uestions about the treatment of prisoners rare on TV of the eraCombat made a point of making powerful statements about war the military heroism and the frustrations of soldiering “Hills Are for Heroes” a two parter directed by Morrow and “Cat and Mouse” written and directed by Altman both tell stories of soldiers sacrificing their lives for a military objective – only to have that objective change by story’s end making the deaths of the “heroes” pointlessAbove all else Combat is worthwhile viewing than many of the “must see” shows in 1001 TV Shows You Must Watcb because it is about people in extraordinary circumstances under great pressure who are tempted to but never forget their basic humanity It is a mes sage that is timeless and enduring and helps make Combat the No1 show you must watch before you die

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Nd breathtaking nature documentariesIt is a must for anyone who wants to know why India's Ramayan is legendary why Roots was groundbreaking or what the ending of Lost was all about Written by an international team. Counted the shows that I have seen 307 I guess I can stay alive a little longer

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1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You DieOf critics authors academics producers and journalists this book reviews TV series from than countries highlights classic episodes to watch and also provides cast 1001 TV Kindle summaries and production details. A bit of fun for browsing perhaps finding a few series that one has not watched but would like to Also for recalling long forgotten series In my case UFO from the early 7os