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REVIEW Û Genius, Vol. 1 ð ➵ [Read] ➯ Genius, Vol. 1 By Marc Bernardin ✤ – What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war who know nothing but violence from birth and must continually adapt to new p What if the greatest military What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war who k. I was riveted while I was reading this and the art is just fantasticBut now that I'm done I'm not sure what was the point of the story A young girl with genius level intelligence when it comes to tactical maneuvers decides to make a statement and starts a war with the LAPDThe things she does to take over all of the gangs in her area make her a less than sympathetic character After witnessing her parents gunned down by the police department Destiny embarks on a journey for vengeance and possibly change She kills a fast food worker I'm assuming he was connected to a rival gang to gain entrance to a gang as a young girl kills her boyfriend to take over his gang and kills off other gang leaders to cement her leadership over all of them She uses people like chess pawns deciding what are acceptable losses to win her war Thing is she knows she can't winShe admits to being the kind of person who wants to watch the world burn and is only hoping to direct her talents toward a good cause Nobody wins this warI guess this is a look at what happens when you feel like you have nothing to lose and feel like the only way to change things is with violenceHer intelligence level was so high that it didn't ring true to me that she would see an unwinnable war as the only way to enact changeIf she was truly a master tactician she wouldn't have wasted her time trying to blow up a few National Guard tanks In the end it felt like she was probably a sociopath that needed an outlet for her megalomania Or maybe this was just a revenge fantasy Not sureViolence just begets violence If Destiny were truly a Genius she would have known that

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Now nothing but violence from birth and must continually adapt to new predators in order to survive This action packed book conta. This review can also be found on my blog generation has it’s military genius so what happens when it’s a teenage girl from LADeliberately provocative this story sets up the tale of Destiny a black seventeen year old orphan who has a vendetta against the police who shot and killed her parents when she was a child We get some of her back story as a detective pieces together the escalating violence in South Central Los Angeles to a “Suspect Zero” who he believes in the mastermind behind the gang wars He correctly has figured out that the gangs have aligned behind a central leader and are now building their arsenal to fight the corrupt LA police departmentThat this book came out a few months after the Ferguson MO shooting and had most likely been in production before it was very timely The Black Lives Matter movement is represented within the story with opposing viewpoints A full page spread shows the media voicing different perspectives and some dialogue that I felt was spot on was “What we have here is a people not unlike this country’s forefathers oppressed by the rule of tyrannical men Why was it okay for the white settlers to rise against the British but not okay for today’s minorities to do the same” Unfortunately I felt this thought provoking statement was canceled out by other cartoonish viewpoints and actions in the story and the chance for an honest debate about political and racial issues was lostI tried so very hard to have a suspension of disbelief so I could just enjoy the scope of the book and not get bogged down in details but there were a few glaring uestions How did Destiny train her militia How did she afford all the technology that Gerald used How did she afford and acuire all the sniper rifles guns and bomb making materials How did she bluff her way into the police building without proper credentials Surely Destiny knew the final outcome so were her deadly military maneuvers truly the work of a genius or a sociopathThe artwork was a mixed bag for me I felt it was overly stylized and some of it was obviously computer generated It was dark hued with some panels bleeding into the next otherwise having black borders An effort was made to show a range of looks with different body types skin colors and fashion represented However Destiny was overly sexualized with a gratuitous book coverUltimately I do give a recommendation to this comic for it gave me a chance as a white suburban mom to broaden my mind about ethical and racial issues that I normally am not exposed to While far from perfect this series is worth looking into further to see if the writers finesse this culturally relevant story

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Genius Vol 1Ins the full story of a city that declares war on a brilliant young woman pushed to the edge Collects PILOT SEASON GENIUS GENIUS. I thought about giving this 3 stars rather than 4 because it's too short This feels like a comic book adaptation of a novel Cliff's Notes than complete That said it's really well written and the concept is interesting so I decided to tip it over into 4 star landThe basic idea is that the next military genius arises in the 'hood specifically South Central Los Angeles and it's a teenage girl named Destiny Ajaye Is that a shout out to comedian Franklin Ajaye Events conspire to make her life a living hell but instead of becoming self destructive she turns her brilliance to getting revenge At first this plays out in her gaming the system but she soon sets her sights higher She wants to start a war with the police who killed her motherThing is she needs an army for that so she begins to systematically use social engineering to achieve that end For people who are gentler such as the computer nerd she befriends in grade school she uses persuasion For criminals she uses violence and sex She morphs her demeanor to suit the situation She manipulates people for her own ends and they don't even realize they're being used because she knows exactly which buttons to push to get people to believe that what she wants is what they wantI happen to know uite a few geniuses as in actual out think you always five steps ahead of you geniuses so this rang true to me Being brilliant doesn't mean that you are rational It freuently goes hand in hand with psychopathy This is an extreme example but when you are used to being the smartest person in the room all the time and it feels like the entire world is full of Joey Tribbianis it does tend to make you think you're homo superiorIn my experience genius comes in two distinct flavors Mr SpockSheldon Cooper types and Genghis Khan types Here we have the latter The criminals who hack your computer or the guys at Enron are extremely smart; many of them are authentic geniuses They just lack a conscience or empathy for others For real life examples I refer you to The Smartest Guys in the Room The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron and The Psychopath Test A Journey Through the Madness IndustryDestiny's story is an extreme example but it's not actually impossible You put someone like that in a situation that causes them to cross the line from productive member of society to destroyer and conueror and you end up with DestinyThe scariest part is the ending which every review I've read so far has either missed or didn't think it pertinent to comment on the war she starts with the LAPD her dismembering of the local gangs as her army the using of her friends and neighbors the all out street war she engages in with the National Guard All of these are merely the prologue to her endgame She literally did all of this killed all of those people just so she would get the attention of the federal governmentThe entire story that you read here was preamble to her taking over the United States itself What we have here is the origin story of a new Genghis Khan in the modern era but it's merely the opening salvo of her ultimate goalEepSome of this skates dangerously close to eugenics and if author Mark Bernardin were white instead of black I could see someone calling it racist But it's not What we have here is a masterfully told tale of an interesting idea that could conceivably happen if these specific events occurred The fact that the confrontational aspects of this are currently playing out in the real world in places like Ferguson and Chicago underscores how this is just one step removed from realityLook at someone like Bree Newsome the young black woman who took down the Confederate flag from in front of the Columbia South Carolina statehouse She is articulate intelligent charismatic and willing to actually take big risks to accomplish her goals Destiny Ajaye is the angrier Bree Newsome turned up to 11As I said up top the only real failing of this story is that it is way WAY too short This needs to be an epic length novel or a TV series like The WireThis is really good Nearly as good as 100 Bullets The art is likewise terrific although I did want it to sometimes be a tad less stylized That's such a minor point though it's hardly worth mentioning