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The Widening StainThis comic mystery set in the library of a university that bears a remarkable resemblance to Cornell was a big hit in 1942 going into three printings within a month When The Widening Stain was released in 1942 the author was identified as one W Bolingbroke Johnson described as a middlebrow from Rabbit Hash Kentucky and a graduate of the Okmulgee Agricultural and Mechanical Institute Now Rabbit Hash Kentucky is a real place and Okmulgee AM is now part of Oklahoma State but there was no W Bolingbroke Johnson The author was actually a Cornell University Romance language and classics professor and scholar named Morris Bishop who never admitted that he penned this novel Sadly this was Bishop’s only mystery although he did grace the world with many many scholarly books journal articles comic poetry — and limericks many in The New Yorker Saturday Evening Post and Life magazines In The Widening Stain 30 something librarian Gilda Gorham finds herself drawn into unobtrusively investigating what the police deemed an accidental death; however Miss Gorham has her doubts Clever and insightful Miss Gorham realizes the murderer before the police — and what a thrilling ending Whether or not Bishop based these characters on real Cornell fixtures you can judge; they seemed pretty true to life to me having worked at the University of Miami And the description of the university library is based on Cornell’s Perhaps that’s why Bishop couldn’t admit to writing it Too many angry colleagues Or perhaps he thought it would lower his standing in academia Either way it’s a pity he didn’t give us adventures with the intrepid Miss Gorham I am grateful to Penzler Publishers and American Mysteries Classics for reissuing this fine mystery even if it will be the only one by Bishop In the interest of full disclosure I received this book from NetGalley Penzler Publishers and American Mysteries Classics in exchange for an honest review

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Download Book á The Widening Stain Æ 158 pages Í ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Widening Stain Author W. Bolingbroke Johnson – This comic mystery set in the library of a university that bears a remarkable resemblance to Cornell was a big hit in 1942 going into three printings within Of publication The author was Morris Bishop professor of French literature and provost at Cornell who hid his identity behind the pseudonym W Bolingbroke Johnson T Filled with limericks and academic innuendo The Widening Stain is an American classic that still gives readers a chuckle and decent mystery to solve Mr Bishop should have written fiction He was talented and knew how to entertain His academic writings are fascinating his professionalism and knowledge come through expeditiouslyAlthough this story is dated the view into an academic’s life in the late ’30s and early ‘40s gives us a new perspective on how difficult and close minded many of the universities were in America and still are in many aspects Much of the story is very relatable for those who work and live in these types of surroundings Yet there is proof of a sense of humor and a bit of naughtinessThe character of Gilda is not the typical library worker not even in 1042 She has a curious nature and a brian that is methodical and built for problem solving Yet she is a wonderful study in what makes a woman in a man’s world unforgettable Academics are as much her life as it is the professors at the university but she has a way of dealing with situations in a manner that is enjoyable and filled with intrigueThe Widening Stain is a true classic and although it does not fit in with the world of today it still holds a place in the heart of mystery readers and writers around the globe The wit and intellect are abundant the precision is indisputable and the humor is boundless For true mystery lovers this is a must read Whether you are a mystery fan or an academic the murder will have you uestioning the suspects right alongside Gilda to the end

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Here is much bibliographic lore as well as a sufficient amount of genteel gore as a professor with a fondness for limericks looks into a murder in the library stack A slight lighthearted academic mystery written in 1942 I didn't find it as comical as the blurbs indicated but it was certainly diverting