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So Anyway The Autobiography eBook Ð Hardcover Read » John Cleese ☆ ➳ [Reading] ➶ So Anyway The Autobiography By John Cleese ➩ – „And now for something completely different“„Am 14 August 1940 bombardierten deutsche Flugzeuge meinen Heimatort WesEburten typischer Mittelschichtsneurosen sind aus dem Satirekosmos nicht wegzudenken 2014 demonstrierte der Erfolg der Tournee Monty Python Live Mostly die innerhalb von 435 Sekunden ausverkauft war und in Kinosälen weltweit gezeigt wurde einmal mehr dass John Cleese eine Ikone istWo war ich noch mal? erzählt auf unerreicht komische Weise seinen Lebensweg vom schüchternen englischen Schlaks zum gefeierten internationalen St Boy did this one suck to reviewTo clear the air I should start by saying I love everything Python And in interviews about the book Cleese always came off as kind and as witty as everSo I expected to find of that inside the book I assumed this was reasonable reuestLuckily I was also aware that John Cleese has been known to be difficult at times and as it turns out this is the Cleese I should have been expectingThis is the Cleese who seems to enjoy nothing than spending his time complaining about people This seems odd for a comedian and is very off putting to read since so many of these people are either in no position to respond read probably dead or people he worked with for many years and shouldn't be so dismissive of It is especially odd given how much John harps on how his Englishness prevents him from doing soIt was also jarring how often he attempted to apply his understanding of psychology to many unnecessary situations He will throw out the name of a book he has read comment on how something is a Freudian penis or just say what one of his many docs have thought about an event in his life In the end they just really felt forced and didn't contribute to the bookThis doesn't mean that the entire book was a flop and there were many enjoyable parts its just that all this detracted so much from the restIt is sad to say but I feel let down by one of the ministry's top officials

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Bombe?“ So beginnt John Cleese seine Autobiografie Wo war ich noch mal?Cleese war früh klar dass aus ihm einmal ein ganz Großer werden würde – schließlich maß er mit zwölf Jahren bereits über 180 Meter Nach ersten traumatischen Bühnenerfahrungen im Schultheater feierte er bald erste Erfolge im Londoner West End seiner Begegnung mit Graham Chapman verdankt die Welt das Phänomen Monty Python Seine Figuren meist Ausg I received an advance copy of this autobiography from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a very generous and unexpected autobiography I say that because most books of these types merely retell the scandals bask in the highlights and dish the dirt on the nasty habits of famous people Well we all love that and if we are being honest that is why we paid the price of admissionNot so this time While Mr Cleese does tell us what he really thinks of some of the famous and not so famous people in his life the book isn’t really about that Even when he does roast someone it is usually in terms that are so over the top and above all so damn funny that it is hard to see any animosity in it No lurid tales No hatchet jobs on celebrities What you do get is an extended tour inside the mind of a comic geniusMr Cleese is a very intelligent well read and introspective man who just happens to enjoy and be very good at absurd and farce For me though his brand of comedy is superior to the recent absurdist humor of say a Will Farrell or Seth Green because through it all it never loses its intelligence You don’t feel that you lost I points just by watching the movie uite the opposite actually I always felt that Cleese and the other writers that he worked with had a respect for their audience that I feel is lacking in some modern writers Give me A Fish Called Wanda every timeWriters This is a book about comedy writers That is a real distinction here Cleese points it out and that is something I took away from this book Cleese Chapman Idle Palin and Jones were first writers and only secondarily performers Cleese doesn’t focus on description of performances other than telling in hilarious and self deprecating detail as to how nervous he was before many important performances or how something got screwed up and why What he does do is describe his views on what is funny and even why we perceive it as funny As someone who might have been happy living the life of an academic he gives the reader a master class in comedy and human nature He also lets us in on what makes him tick both as a comedy writer and as a person which in turn shaped his individual mindset and from there his very original sense of humor It is almost as if a famous musician would explain what he was thinking as he wrote a iconic song which they seldom do I doubt they would want us to know Not so with Cleese who seems to enjoy the analysis as did IIf you are interested in hearing who had the drinking problems who cheated on who and who had the most sex with farm animals this is not the right autobiography If you are interested in an intelligent conversation with a comedy genius who doesn’t consider himself to be one about the nature of comedy and comedians the history of British comedy and his own place in the overall scheme of things then you will enjoy this very thorough yet lightly conversational book

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So Anyway The Autobiography„And now for something completely different“„Am 14 August 1940 bombardierten deutsche Flugzeuge meinen Heimatort Weston super Mare Die meisten Einwohner waren überzeugt es müsse sich dabei um einen Irrtum handeln Schließlich waren die Deutschen ein für seine Effizienz berühmtes Volk warum also sollten sie absolut einwandfreie Bomben auf Weston werfen wo es nichts gab was annähernd so wertvoll war wie eine deutsche R handed me the package with a wry smile and an apologetic twist of the mouth I know it's not your usual style Mum But it's not the run of the mill celebrity memoir I'm sure Celebrity memoir??? Sheesh But then I opened it Ha The best presents are the ones you never knew you wantedFor yes I have long nurtured a secret what shall I say? idolization esteem? fondness? for Mr Cleese For one thing he makes me laugh uite helplessly and uncontrollably and for another he dreamt up Archie Leach Archie Leach in A Fish Called Wanda A man who can transport Wanda by speaking a foreign language now there's an intriguing idea for a polyglot I like to think there's some resemblance Just a bit So anyway the bookIt takes us from his beginnings in Weston super Mare to the point where the Monty Python team got together some of the dynamics between them and a very swift skip forward to the O2 reunion in 2014 Very little about his private life only Connie Booth puts in an appearance not the three three following wives Unless your early years were spent with The Goon Show I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue The Frost Report and Monty Python's Flying Circus then the name dropping and inevitably there has to be some probably won't mean much to you but there is some pretty astute analysis of how comedy works and ideas for getting the creative juices flowing When he and Graham Chapman decided to approach the other Pythons on the strength of the children's show they were doing Do Not Adjust Your Sets Michael Mills head of BBC Comedy told them to go away and make thirteen programmes without any kind of pilot or presentation or even a clear idea of what they were intending to do So So the next morning Chapman and I sat down and stared into the distance for a bit before as usual I picked up Roget's Thesaurus and started reading out words at randomButtercup Filter Catastrophe Glee PlummetAh said Gra I like plummetA couple of minutes passedA sheep would plummet wouldn't it? one of us saidIf it tried to fly you mean? said the otherI should explain that when you've written a piece with someone you can never remember afterwards who exactly contributed whatBut why would it want to fly?To escape? I like plummet tooSo anyway Naturally as one might expect the laughpage ratio is excellent Just one Weston super Mare was bombed on August 14 1940 The Germans were a people famous for their efficiency so why would they drop perfectly good bombs on Weston super Mare when there was nothing in Weston that a bomb could destroy that could possibly be as valuable as the bomb that destroyed it?The Germans did return however and several times which mystified everyone Nevertheless I can't help thinking that Westonians actually uite liked being bombed it gave them a significance that was otherwise lacking from their lives But that still leaves the uestion why would the Hun have bothered? Was it just Teutonic joi de vivre? Did the pilots mistake the Weston seafront for the Western Front? I have heard it uite seriously put forward by older Westonians that it was done at the behest of William Joyce the infamous Lord Haw Haw who was hanged as a traitor in 1944 by the British for making Nazi propaganda broadcasts to Britain during the war When I asked these amateur historians why a man of Irish descent who was born in Brooklyn would have such an animus against Weston that he would buttonhole Hitler on the matter they fell silent I prefer to believe that it was because of a grudge held by Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering on account of an unsavoury incident on Weston pier in the 1920s probably involving Noel Coward and Terence RattiganMy father's explanation however makes the most sense he said the Germans bombed Weston to show that they really do have a sense of humour So anywayYou can probably detect from that uote that a certain tolerance is needed superciliousness and rejection of pc language do bubble through sometimes but wry self deprecation than makes up for the odd lapse A nice bit of comic relief