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Download ´ Led Astray The Best of Kelley Armstrong 102 À ❰Reading❯ ➽ Led Astray The Best of Kelley Armstrong Author Kelley Armstrong – Two brand new tales anchor this wide ranging collection from one of urban fantasy's most successful authors Here is the first time that bestThe Best MOBI #244 Two brand new tales anchor this wide ranging collection from one of urban fantasy's most successful authors Here is the first time that best selling fantasy YA and crime author Kelley Armstrong has had her Astray The Best of Kelley ePUB #9734 stories collected from Otherworld and beyond With her signature twists and turns Armstrong gives a fresh spin on city dwelling vampires werewolves and zombies while also traveling further afield to a post apocalyptic fortress a superstitious village a supernatural brothel and even to feudal Japan. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsRAKSHASHI 45Given the amount of Speculative Fiction that I read encountering a new to me supe is a rarity so it was a pleasure hanging with Armstrong's Rakshashi The lore was nicely fleshed out considering this short's length and Amrita was a very likable characterKAT 55I listened to the DARKEST POWERS trilogy a while back so KAT was a welcome trip down memory lane while also contributing something extra to the original series by highlighting a lesser known protagonist and adding another layer to the Edison Group experiment A HAUNTED HOUSE OF HER OWN 35Probably my least favourite story in this anthology It start out as a decent ghost tale but the ending fell a little flat for me and maybe I'm missing something; however slotting it with this author's 'best' is a bit of a leap in my opinionLEARNING CURVE 45I saw a lot of Cassandra Ducharme in Zoe Takano and the former just so happens to be my top vampire when it comes to Kelley Armstrong secondaries so the similarities were pluses and the bloodsucker hunting 101 lesson was cuteTHE SCREAMS OF DRAGONS 55A great series preuel—very dark and unsettling I enjoyed picking out some of the characters from the full length books but would recommend reading this short after at least the first installment and uite possibly the second as well THE KITSUNE'S NINE TAILS 55This short was a lot of fun The Emperor is betrayed by his most loyal friend tells his jailer that his prisoner will try nine things on the road to the Forest of the Dead Everything unfolds exactly as predicted down to the last with a twist of courseLAST STAND 455Told from the POV of the Infected a breed of paranormals previously seen in BRANDED I always love getting the baddies' perspective and this author's Dystopian stories are excellent Be prepared to be disgusted and enthralledBAMBOOZLED 45This is Armstrong's self proclaimed werewolf Western The heist plot line definitely delivered and Lily raised some interesting uestions about Elena and Kate's gender scarcity within the WOMEN OF THE OTHERWORLD universeBRANDED 35Speaking of BRANDED I'm not really sure why they put this one after LAST STAND as it makes sense to read them in reverse order But anyway an eye opener into what the Otherworld would have been like had the supes made their existence known to humansTHE LIST 45Zoe and Brittany's vampire hunting 101 lessons continue Fun times were had by allYOUNG BLOODS 45I can't really say much about this one without given too much away I enjoyed it and the twist made it worthwhileTHE DOOR 45This one was different In a good way I saw the ending coming but I still liked getting there because regardless of the length of the story Kelley Armstrong knows how to spin a taleDEAD FLOWERS BY A ROADSIDE 35This was just plain sad So far this author is 0 for 2 with her ghosts in this anthology Then again I tend to be fussy whenever this particular supe is involved thus there's a possibility that it's strictly a me thingSUFFER THE CHILDREN 455I've read some pretty disturbing stuff from Armstrong in the past and SUFFER THE CHILDREN is for sure up there Addie's a great character and for a short it packs uite the punch THE COLLECTOR 455The premise was entertaining I didn't really understand where the story was going at first; however I was 100% intrigued by the mystery of the puzzle boxes and it came together nicelyGABRIEL'S GARGOYLES 55I've made it my personal mission to learn about this character because he is rather baffling in the CAINSVILLE series and the author keeps teasing fans with these little shorts in between installments Keep 'em comingHARBINGER 45Another freaky one but this was also a ghost story and I actually didn't mind it I felt sorry for the heroine; although I can't say that I would have been able to put the pieces together before it was too late either V PLATES 55And the #1 spot in this collection goes to V PLATES This was the only title that featured known WOTO secondaries and it was hilarious in a super awkward only Nick Sorrentino could get himself into this type of situation kind of way Reese and Noah were awesome tooLIFE SENTENCE 45I was caught off guard by the assistant and couldn't figure out her deal for the life of me Of course it all came together is a fist pump worthy momentPLAN B 35I imagine that this story had a bit of a NADIA STAFFORD vibe to it but having not tackled those books yet I can't say for sure That point aside this was of a Mystery Thriller so not a genre that's in my wheelhouse THE HUNT 355The Wild Hunt is one of my favourite myths and the beginning reminded me of STOLEN; unfortunately it was lacking in the intrigue departmentDEAD TO ME 35Armstrong really poured on the creepy in this anthology This tale was kinda predictable and didn't do anything for me when compared to some of the other titles in this compilation DEVIL MAY CARE 55This one added a tidbit or two to my on going Gabriel research and confirmed the reason why Patrick is in CAINSVILLE The author revisits the story of Mallt y Nos Matilda of the Night in an interesting way

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Herworld universe Zoe Young Bloods Otherworld Astray The Best PDF #205 universe non series narrator The Door standalone original to this collection Dead Flowers by a Roadside standalone Suffer the Children standalone The Collector standalone Gabriel’s Gargoyles Cainsville universe Gabriel Harbinger standalone V Plates Otherworld universe Nick Life Sentence Otherworld universe non series narrator Plan B standalone The Hunt Cainsville universe non series narrator Dead to Me standalone Devil May Care Cainsville universe Patrick original to this collectio. The first time I read Omens I will admit I was slightly confused This short and creepy short helps give a little bit of insight into the town of Cainsville I highly recommend checking this out prior to diving into the seriesThe best part It's free

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Led Astray The Best of Kelley ArmstrongWith tales that Led Astray PDF or range from humorous to heart stopping these are the stories that showcase Kelley Armstrong at her versatile best Rakshashi standalone Kat Darkest Powers universe non series narrator A Haunted House of Her Own standalone Learning Curve Otherworld universe Zoe The Screams of Dragons Cainsville universe non series narrator The Kitsune’s Nine Tales Age of Legends universe non series narrator Last Stand standalone Bamboozled Otherworld universe non series narrator Branded Otherworld universe non series narrator The List Ot. Arc provided by Tachyon Publications through NetgalleyAs someone who has read and loved the entire Women of The Otherworld series as well as the Darkest Powers trilogy and lets not forget The Darkness Rising series I am a big fan of this authorAnd there's a reason to that Kelley Armstrong's writing does not disappointThis book is another good example of that If you want an anthology filled with stories that will leave you shock surprised this is just the thing for youHave fun and don't be scared by the ghostsor the werewolf's or just the nice friendly zombies Rakshashi standalone 25 Stars Honestly I didn't start as a big fan of this one I had no idea of what I was reading at the beginning For that reason alone I could have done with a little background since I had no idea which sort of character Rakshashi wasThe best thing about it was how it ended with a bang Nice plot twist Kat Darkest Powers universe 35 StarsI actually had already read this short a while back but since I practically didn't remember anything about it I decided to re read itIt was still pretty good Dark Powers uality good A Haunted House of Her Own standalone 4 StarsBe careful what you wish for Now that is what I call a plot twist Definitely didn't see that one coming Also people should just get cats to live with because humans are just too murderous Learning Curve Otherworld universe Zoe 3 StarsAt first I was like Who the well is Zoe Like I mentioned at the beginning I did read the Otherworld books but I honestly couldn't remember anything about the girl after checking some booksOh okay I now have a vague idea about who Zoe is The Screams of Dragons Cainsville universe non series narrator 4 StarsIf this is what I've been missing on the Cainsville series I definitely have to start it as soon as possible Creepy creepy The Kitsune’s Nine Tales Age of Legends universe non series narrator 4 StarsAnother Kelley Armstrong series that I still haven't startedwhyI do not knowJudging from this short it seems to be pretty goodAnother one for my list Last Stand standalone 45 StarsA great twist on a zombies story People let's not forget Zombies have feelings too Bamboozled Otherworld universe non series narrator 3 StarsWerewolfs also made it into the wild WestAlso apparently Elena wasn't the first female werewolfI wonder if Karl is related to this guy Branded Otherworld universe non series narrator 25 StarsThis felt a little distopian to me just with super naturals in it The List Otherworld universe Zoe 35 StarsThis was cute with a twisted vampiristic sense of humour Young Bloods Otherworld universe non series narrator 25 StarsOn the importance of respecting one's elders because if not bad things may happen The Door” 3 StarsThis one made me think of Gaiman's Coraline Dead Flowers by a Roadside standalone 45 StarsOne of my favourites in this anthology It was heartbreaking to read Suffer the Children standalone 45 Stars This one reminded me of a movie by M Night Shyamalan The villageNot so much the plot but the settingAs for the story in it it is one of the longest in this anthology and don't worry It is also creepy as hell The Collector standalone 2 StarsIt was okay Maybe the one to which I connected the least Gabriel’s Gargoyles Cainsville universe Gabriel 45 StarsI liked this one Made me want to start with the Cainsville novels right away Harbinger standalone 3 StarsWhen dead girls start haunting Jenna she just wants it to stop Unfortunately their warnings may just come to late V Plates Otherworld universe Nick 4 StarsAh Zombies in a unexpected place lolThat will teach Nick Sorentino for life Life Sentence Otherworld universe non series narrator 25 StarsThis one takes place in the world of the CabalsOne of its members upon finding out that he's dying decides to do everything he can to reverse the situation vampires and zombies are then taken into account Plan B standalone 45 StarsDamn it I was expecting one plot twist Instead I got two And that one I did not see coming Very clever The Hunt A Cainsville Universe Story 2 StarsHey what was that It took less than a minute to read And I definitely wanted Dead To Me Standalone 35 StarsAnother mess with the readers heads kind of storyyeGods doesn't anyone do nothing else besides assassinate each otherDevil May Care A Cainsville Universe Story 45 StarsAnother very tempting insight into the Cainsville universe I really can't wait to start reading itThis Patrick character seems very interestingIn the end as you can read for me this ended up being a really successful combination of short stories Thumbs up