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The Bees epub ´ Paperback õ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Bees ✍ Author Laline Paull – Enter a whole new world in this thrilling debut novel set entirely within a beehiveBorn into the lowest class of her society Flora 717 is a sanitation bee only fit to clean her orchard hive Living to Enter a whole new wWest class of her society Flora 717 is a sanitation bee only fit to clean her orchard hive Living t To Bee or not to BeeDid your fate and role in life should be ruled by your birth heritage?Is it advisable to uestion your religious beliefs?Nowadays those are odd uestions since we are living in an era where you are not longer classified due your ethnics and even you can choose not believing the religion of your own family However this is not the case for the entire worldEven in the 21st Century it's clear that while there are many countries enjoying freedom to express your opinion still there are several ones where this is only a wild dreamThat's why that stories like The Bees is still relevant and always is necessary to take on again the topicFlora 717 the main character a bee due her birth cast she is a member of the lowest cast in the entire hive the Sanitation Bees where even the skill of speak is negated by biology However nature finds the way to restore balance to name a champion and in this case Flora 717 is a deformity to her cast she can speak she can think and most of all she wants Flora 717 is favored initially by a leading member of one of highest casts in the hive considering her as an experiment but this was the only chance that Flora 717 needed to begin her journey to understand the entire working system established on the hiveNormal What's normal? It seems that the masses always are looking that everybody should be normal but in past centuries or even in this very same era but in a different country persons such as Stephen Hawking could be treated as a failed deformity and killing him barely seconds aways from his birth and humanity would be deprived of one of the best intellects ever in the history of humankindGod created faith to unite the humanity but the man created religion to separate it Usually people with issues against religion involve God in the struggle without realizing that the religions are managed here on Earth by imperfect and fallible human beings that sometimes they really think that they are doing the God's work and sometimes they know inside of themselves that they aren't And what would happen when you are living in a society in this hive where the ueen is a holy being and even you are unable to think different? The Bees is a powerful and dark tale showing the dangers when a government fusions state and religion in one single concept In this scenario when you are committing a crime it's not only a crime it's a mortal sin So you are not only a traitor to the state but a sinner to your ueenAfter reading this book certainly the next time that you meet a beehive you will stare at it and wonder

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O accept obey and serve she is prepared to sacrifice everything for her beloved holy mother the uee Thoroughly disappointed with this book I was recommended this by a Waterstone's employee and the story looked to be uniue and captivating Sadly within a few pages I realised that Laline Paull's writing lacked clarity and hardly anything about the hive in which the book was set was easy to envisionI also agree with other critics of this book this is not merely about bees but seems to be a poor metaphor of humanity The bees have many kins clearly trying to represent the classes within our society and a religion if you are going to write a book about humanity USE HUMANS It will save a lot of confusion and time wasting

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The BeesEnter a whole new world in this thrilling debut novel set entirely within a beehiveBorn into the lo I'm not even sure how to review this it's certainly one of the strangest things I've ever read But I really enjoyed it I listened to the audiobook as narrated by Orlagh Cassidy and the narration was very goodIn this story we follow Flora 717 a lowly sanitation bee from the moment she emerges from her cell as a fully formed bee through her life cycle This reads a lot like some of the dystopian YA fiction that's so popular right now as Flora 717 manages to find herself in some rather uniue situations that allow her character to show us many different parts of the workings and politics of the hiveI did find the pacing a bit weird at times Starting as early as about the 25% mark I was repeatedly surprised to realize I was not heading into the final stretch of this book I know I know my mathtime skills suck It kept feeling like the story was entering climax territory but then it just kept chuggin' along Some bits were also a bit repetitive; alas I suspect the life of a bee is rather repetitive ;Overall I really liked this book and I would recommend it to anyone who would like a different spin on the typical YA dystopian fare with the added bonus of no romantic entanglements45 stars for this one because I still miss it a full week laterBadass Female Character score 55 those bees kick some serious butt Almost all of them They're brutal Don't be messing with bees