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read reader ì Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Blackcastle #4 Paperback Þ johnscyclingdiary ð ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Blackcastle #4 By Olivia Gates ⚣ – Richard Graves haD destroyed his family walking away from her was the hardest thing he's done Now he's learned the truth about her son and he won't walk away again Richard's mission of vengeance nearly cost Isabel I've eagerly anticipated Richard's story for a long time; partly because I've found him so fascinating and partly because I was intrigued as to how this anti hero could have a real love story and how some of his uestionable activities and decisions would be explained My expectations were high and the book didn't disappoint Richard is everything I thought he'd wind up being and He begins the story as inscrutable cold and even cruel as ever especially to Isabella and even after their first bout of passion ensues yet as events progress and his backstory is revealed so many nuances of the man and his motivations come to the fore It became easy to feel sympathy and admiration for him which only softened his edges it didn't eliminate them by any stretch of the imagination and when Gates' trademark all encompassing focus by the hero on the heroine kicks in the story becomes even emotional and compelling For her part Isabella is a wonderful heroine Like Richard she's faced and overcome horrors traumas and impossible odds in her life but has become all the stronger and selfless for it Even when she's caught up in an extreme case of lust she doesn't lose her strength and presence of mind She complements Richard perfectly even as she challenges him and refuses to cave in to demands made of her Adding a highly intelligent and perceptive child into the mix really served to peel away so many layers of Richard's past and personality It was fascinating and evocative to watch him evolve as a man; as a lover and romantic partner; as a member of a family; and ultimately as a father Of course an Olivia Gates book isn't complete without a large measure of combustible chemistry and heat and I think she outdid herself in this case The sexual tension rears its head immediately and the passion that pervades Richard's and Isabella's earliest interactions and then the story as a whole is all encompassing and scorching The story isn't just one of romantic love it also has a great deal to do with family both biological and otherwise As such the emotionality of it all is off the charts as the story progresses The reader is really put through the emotional wringer right along with Richard and Isabella and others which makes this story one that really stays with you even after the last page is turned With this book Olivia Gates has taken all of the things that make her stories so wonderful and memorable a strong conflicted hero and heroine; a real emotional punch; and incredibly strong chemistry and has amped them up several notches This one is entertaining emotional and hot beyond the telling of it It's truly a wonderful story and a fantastic read

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La her life But she can't resist rekindling their dangerous passion Can she protect her child from the man sworn to claim him and herself from the desire she can Claiming His PDFEPUBno longer figh Simply fantastic The best yet in what was a magnificently passionate and emotional series so far Richard was my favorite from the moment he appeared in the first book From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride and I kept wondering what was his story Olivia Gates has delivered an even better story than I hoped for and it does him justice and it also gives him a much deserved happy ending I am very much Team Richard I wish there were books starring him He's the kind of hero a whole series is built around an ongoing one so you can get and of his luscious complexity and the incredible ways he loves his own

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Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Blackcastle #4Richard Graves has long battled his dark heritage Secret Son PDFEPUB #193 and only one woman nearly shattered his elegant facade Though he seduced Isabella Sandoval to take revenge on the man who' 35 stars