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The Devil's Advocate free read Ü 6 Ã [Read] ➳ The Devil's Advocate ➯ Vanessa James – The past stood between themTen years ago marriage to Julius Morrell would have promised Luisa a golden sunlit future she loved him so much Now it only guaranteed her sister's freedom and a future fill The past stood bR's freedom and a future filled with uncertainty for LuisaFor she was overwhelmed by memories too long denied of Scotland on an eternal afternoon of first love the stronge. Wow what a great little story It was a little much that his creepy brother kit kept trying to get with her Also how she was happy when he practically rapes her However for passion and obsession it get a 5 star The end were he says he want her to have his baby to feel it move Omg I am butter and I am melting Just a great original story

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The past stood between themTen years ago marriage to Julius Morrell would have promised Luisa a golden sunlit future she loved him so much Now it only guaranteed her siste. I’m a romance reader who doesn’t have a very romanticidealized view of relationships I read romance to see how conflict and problems are solved for one particular couple in a given set of circumstances Which is why I prefer the high dramaconflict of HPs over fluffy sweet romances This story has conflict in spades It is beautifully written seriously – those scenes set in Venice are gorgeous And it addresses an age old conundrum in sexual politics – the Madonnawhore dichotomy What I mean by a conundrum is that to become a Madonna you have to have sex only the original Madonna managed motherhood without sex How much a woman should enjoy sex or trade on it or use it to her advantage is where it gets confusing for women and men alike The author is overt with her religious imagery The Hh view two different Madonnas in the art gallery in Venice One looks just like the heroine The other is of a father a Madonna and suckling child seemingly at peace with lighting striking in the background The heroine in this story had a mother who broke up marriages – including the hero’s parents She is the whore and her bad blood ironically she died of leukemia flows through the heroine’s veins The heroine’s little sister at 20 is shaping up to follow in her mother’s footsteps – but she is pregnant and wants to marry so will she be a Madonna then The heroine is a virgin a martyr the author calls the bruise on her hand a stigmata and someone who has repressed a horrible memory of the hero and his brother for ten years In fact when she goes to the hero to beg for mercy for her little sister embezzling money from his family firm she thinks he is his brother I found that so odd since she had bright beautiful memories of the hero her first love when she was 15 and now ten years later she didn’t recognize himShe did and she didn’t She conflated him with his evil brother because of the repressed memory The last time she saw the hero the brother was trying to rape her and the hero jealously thought it was consensual Right after that horrible scene the heroine found out her mother had a few months to live and she came down with a terrible fever that left her delirious By force of will or self protection she forgot all about this incident She conflates him with the brother because he shows no mercy to her or to her sister Later on that night when she goes to the hero’s house to plead for her sister she realizes he had impersonated his brother When asked why he did that he said he was playing “Devil’s Advocate” Devil’s Advocate to what What contrarian’s point of view was he trying to figure outNeither the heroine or the reader understand what he’s saying until the very end when he explains that he wanted to finally listen to what really happened that day when the brother attacked her The hero is a prosecutor used to judging and condemning suspects in court Now he wants to play defense for the heroine but he isn’t clever enough to see that the heroine has suppressed that incident She doesn’t think she has anything to feel guilty about she never betrayed the hero with the brother so the hero thinks she is like her mother But he’s still crazy about her and he tries to put this supposed betrayal behi

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The Devil's AdvocateSt and the best and of things too painful to remember even nowAnd Julius was blinded by thoughts of revenge that seemed to overshadow the silent promise they'd once shared. justin n luisa were both very much in love wid each other but each time the evil other brother appeared n snatched their happiness away he hated them all n dat was his way of getting back at them justin also let their past taint the present i mean he too was bitter n hated luisa's mother but he fell in love wid their nemesis's daughter poor luisa never got over him n after 10years she was still a virgin or maybe it was the traumatic experience she had wid kit the book cud have been better a lil logic n some grovelling wud have made a world of difference gud one neway if u like ur books filled wid angst ;