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Off the RecordStrung out murderer of a father getting out of prison It's the story of a lifetime so when she unexpectedly meets Ryan Raine knows it's her chance to make a name for herselfRomance and heartache meet head on in this sexy gritty rockstar nov I liked itI really liked the character of Ryan He was conflicted and had a secret that he was hesitant to share with anyone until Raine came along The first part of the story eluded to a mystery surrounding Ryan's father and I was eagerly turning the pages to see exactly what the ambiguous mystery was When I first read what it was I was shocked It is definitely something I haven't read in a romance novel beforeThe inevitable conflict that would occur between Raine and Ryan inasmuch as her job conflicting with his trust was one I was eager to read and see how it got resolved The resulting conflicts in the story were low stress which made for a nice read The hot love scenes made for a nice read tooI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Read Off the Record eBook ¸ ç johnscyclingdiary ↠ [Epub] ➛ Off the Record By Karolyn James – Coming off the first leg of a major tour Ryan Rasoner plans to finish Gone by Autumn's new song take a shot of whiskey and then invite a woman over for a no strings attached one night stanComing off the first leg of a major tour Ryan Rasoner plans to finish Gone by Autumn's new song take a shot of whiskey and then invite a woman over for a no strings attached one night stand In that orderAfter he bumps into a beautiful woman Sooooo goodGuess I should have read the whole rock star series in order but I didnt Oh well Doesn't matter as long as you read them So now im catching up on what comes inbetween Chasing Cross Fallen Tuesday and The boys of Downcrash Haven't read those ya should

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At a local club the band is playing at Ryan assumes everything he wants is about to come trueRaine Meadow’s reporting career is at a standstill until news breaks that there's a hot story in town involving an even hotter lead singer and his First I want to say thank you to Karolyn that I had the opportunity to be an ARC reader my first time – so lucky And so gratefulOMG I love it It's a story you can lose yourself in The perfect rock star romanceI have to admit I started the “Brother of Rock” series in the second year and Luke´s book was my first one of Karolyn James and then I read the rest with no order and fall totally in love with all these guys And I got my sister addicted too So now it´s time for the third round of Karolyn James´ Brothers of Rock We will get five new hot musicians with their own uniue story how they find the love of their live Off the Record is the first book of Gone by Autumn and it´s about Ryan the lead singer Here the little introductionGone by Autumn comes home after a major tour through the country Now Ryan Rasoner only wants to finish the new song and spend the first night off with a woman in his apartment Then he meets a beautiful woman at a local club and Ryan´s plan might get messed up Enter Raine Meadow She is a writer and shall bring the newest news and gossip in time The new hot story around shall be about Ryan´s father free after year in jail for murder who will use his famous son to get back in the industry This might be Raines biggest chance to make a name for herself But is that what she really wants “Now what?” Raine asked “I want to finish the night” Ryan said “With you”So in conclusion Ryan is a lonely rockstar with a bad past and an asshole father who loves his band the fans and above all MUSIC He never expected to meet someone like Raine She is a writer and reporter under pressure and as lonely as Ryan That’s when all things startedSo I have to say this is my favourite rockstar book for nowalthough I love all the others eually but holy hell this one gets totally hot I mean of course Ryan knew how to flirt and seduce a woman but the one scene in the chair view spoilerspoiler alarm spoiler alarm hide spoiler