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Read & Download Rivers Run Back ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Rivers Run Back By Joyce Yarrow ➮ – Rivers Run Back is a story of many lives spanning different continents weaving together a fascinating tapestry Shankar Chatterjee born in a wealthy BengalRivers Run Back is a story of many lives spanning different continents weaving together a fascinating tapestry Shankar Chatterjee born in a wealthy Bengali family Marilyn Benson an artistic but emotionally unstable girl struggling to find her balance in New York City and Narsimha Sastry. This book took a while to grab me It seemed like the writing got a little better as it progressed or maybe it was the added dimension of intrigue that was better able to hold my attention So overall I liked the book

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The search for the American dream and finally a story of diverse cultures connected in such a manner that we realise that what finally does matter are universal humane principles and valuesThe book is driven by both mythological and psychological themes that intersect and merge at the en. Rivers Run Back made this reader race ahead to learn what happens to the fascinating characters featured in this cross cultural tour de force These characters’ lives span several generations and two continents Their meaty family histories are enriched by myth and moral and spiritual renewal and complicated by social class marital discord and murder The novel’s two authors American novelist Joyce Yarrow and Indian journalist Arindam Roy whisk the armchair traveler from a posh private school for the sons of India’s elite to the drug infested streets of a Vancouver slum and from a famous New York art school to an art smuggler’s Canadian lair The dialog is credible and the narrative sections both poetic and cogent When I finished reading Rivers Run Back I was ready for the movie The panoramic scope and emotional depths that make this novel a terrific read would also make it a splendid film

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Rivers Run BackAn outcast born in a small village in India despised by the grandparents who raise himInto this fray are drawn the beautiful sisters Padma and Leela whose lives entangle with Narsimha’s until it becomes a uestion of life and death It is a story of Rivers Run PDFEPUBthe Indian Diaspora. ivers Run Back is my recent read It’s a “cross cultural saga of love crime and intertwined destinies” The book is an engrossing read since the beginning I immediately got hooked onto the lives of Marilyn Shankar and Narsimha I love the subtlety with which each character along with their follies vices and special traits are introducedThe novel moves between time and spaces taking you from Kerala to Allahabad to Dubai to Bombay to New York and Vancouver All the cities are described in their authenticity and the way the narrative moves between cities keeps you hooked The way each chapter is laid out leaves no room for confusion about what’s happening where and whenThe story has some beautifully etched out characters Some characters don’t go beyond a few chapters and hats off to the two writers who sketch the characters beautifully and let us know their inner mechanics even if they be present only for a few chaptersI loved the duality expressed through the characters of Padma and Leela I still wish to hear some about them May be a seuel could be in making ; Padma and Leela make for the two ends of a pole or as the novel suggests two poles of the same magnet One is calm like the water of Ganges flowing through towns the other is turbulent like Bhagirathi emerging at GangotriThen there’s the various underlying themes in the novel For instance the repeated reference to making up stories or storytelling Victor makes up stories about people he and Marilyn encounter at the beach then Marilyn makes up stories about people she and her daughters encounter in the train to Carol’s house The fathers in the story too bond with their children through stories Uttam babu tells stories to young Shankar and one can easily detect the bond they both share Again Shankar tells stories to Padma and Leela and the camaraderie is evident But this bond is absent in case of Narsimha who has been brought up in an abusive home away from her mother and an unknown father Read full review here