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Ariella and the Blood Curse review Ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á [Read] ➯ Ariella and the Blood Curse By Owen Crane – OUT OF PRINT A NEW REVISED VERSION IS AVAILABLE UNDER THE TITLEARIELLA AND THE CURSE OF DAWNHAVENAriella Lightharbour is heir to the throne with a kingdom at her feet Herself to battle the deadly Ghost Raiders that murdered her father discover the identity of the elusive shadow and fight to end the Blood Curse and the Blood PDFEPUB #188 that threatens to overwhelm the lan. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSpoilers withinThis particular book was written by a father and daughter team so before getting to the book I would like to congratulate the daughter on writing It's good to see a father encouraging and helping his daughter out and regardless of how the review turns out I do hope she keeps writing What she writes at fourteen and what she writes at twenty four will be very different and skills can only be honed through practiceThat said I will be reviewing the book as it stands on its own because in the end no matter the age of one of the authors the product will be judged based on its uality Its what you have to prepare for when you publishThe basic story of this book isn't too unfamiliar It follows a young girl in a fantasy world as she joins a group of powerful fighters I've seen a few books like this Whereas most books like this spend half of the book just getting the main character into the group Ariella joins her group relatively uickly in this one and the plot revolves around a blood curse that is poisoning all of the cropsI do think the book missed some opportunities When Ariella first ended up in a Knot with Eleazar I thought it would have been cute if she had said that growing up with her brothers had prepared her for it especially since her brothers had been so over the top Eleazar isn't the first annoying boy that she's dealt withI also would have liked her to react to Micah's personality She thought he was cute which was fine She had a crush But no matter what he did that didn't seem to sway at all He's cute and therefore it doesn't matter what kind of personality he has This happens in a lot of novels I would have enjoyed it if she became disenchanted with him when she finally got to know him It doesn't matter how cute someone is if they're always frowning they aren't going to be much fun to be around I rarely see this done and it would have been nice especially to acknowledge that personality matters in attraction too Plus if she's been daydreaming about him it could really burst her bubble to see that he wasn't anything like she had imaginedIt doesn't even mean that she could never like him She could grow to like him for who he really is but that's a lot different than the simple He's hot routeThere was a part where Ariella first met Karlov and she woke up and told him to address her by her title As it is it seems like the only purpose for this is to cause tension and there's no real explanation for it Not long before she had been telling her captain how it was fine to call her Ariella because she wasn't going to have the title any soon so demanding that someone use her title not long after that seemed to contradict how she was previously This could have been easily fixed though She had just been 'drugged' or whatever and had just woken up If she had done it because she forgot where she was or was groggy and out of it that would easily explain why she was suddenly demanding him to use her title Left as is there's no real explanation for the sudden shiftRead the rest here

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She knows she’s meant to be Forsaking her throne and the destiny that Ariella and Epubothers believe is hers she chooses to become a Guardian As she embarks on The Journey she must find the courage within. I LOVED ITI'm getting crazy with fantasy and epic novels

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Ariella and the Blood CurseOUT OF PRINT A the Blood PDF #9734 NEW REVISED VERSION IS AVAILABLE UNDER THE TITLEARIELLA AND THE CURSE OF DAWNHAVENAriella Lightharbour is heir to the throne with a kingdom at her feet but deep within her. Fantastic debut novel Had me gripped from start to finish and anxiously waiting for the next instalment