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Stories Of An Awkward Size Read & download µ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ö [Reading] ➸ Stories Of An Awkward Size By Jonathan Swords-Holdsworth – Swords Holdsworth has a lot of talent The stories were well written and I couldn't put them down San Francisco Book ReviewThe stoRealism Virtual Reality directly interfaced to the nervous system But one of the team discovers that when push comes to shove reality isn't what we expect• Come Silent Winged SleepTwo homicide detectives are drawn into an investigation following a shocking incident They soon find what lies behind it is far frightening than random violence or terrorism And to make matters worse now their supposed allies seem to be keeping secretsHere are five 'long' stories by Australian author Jonathan Swords HoldsworthThese tales embrace both the new genre of 'Slipstream' and of hard near future Science Fiction They speculate on subjects from electronics and bio tech to deep metaphysics and cover locations from Australia Europe and Asia to beyond our world as they pull you into the unexpect. I was Privileged enough to get my hands on this in the final stages of editing and was simply amazed at the variety of content yet all fitting under the Slipstream genre The Black Prince was definitely my fave but I enjoyed the author's style across all stories Very Australian very readable and very well written Can't wait to see what JSH does next

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N things move too fast he thought and looked back at the wallThe shadow was still thereHe looked back at the fence then again at the wall in a doubletakeStill there was no cat anywhere And now he realised – there was no angle Of An Awkward eBook #180 that could have put a cat’s shadow on the wall Not in that wayFear A pulse of it hit him surprising him and leaving him breathless An icy chill had crept down his back and he felt his hair standing up his heart pounding In the back room of his mind a voice had whispered • Black PrinceA disillusioned man's life is turned upside down when he walks out his back gate one night What he finds cannot be there cannot have stayed hidden for so long and cannot be so smart • The Ghost Of René MagritteA team has nearly achieved full. This is a great read uite surprising that this is the authors first that I know of full release the concepts and narrative in this book are excellent Swords Holdsworth is definitely 'onto something' here with his gritty futuristic sci fi set in the backstreets of Melbourne Australia Swords Holdsworth paints a wonderful just exactly over the horizon future with a healthy small dose of Aussie cynicism and takes you along for a great ride Highly recommendedCome Silent Winged Sleep and The Ghost of Rene Magritte were definitely a hit for me

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Stories Of An Awkward SizeSwords Holdsworth has a lot of talent The An Awkward MOBI #183 stories were well written and I couldn't put them down San Francisco Book ReviewThe stories were varied captivating enthralling and uite immersive in one notable case and it was not uncommon for my legs to fall asleep because I sat reading too long and lost circulation KIWIreviewsnzVolume One of the Awkward Stories collectionYou can read most of the story 'Black Prince' for FREE Just click 'Look inside' on the Kindle edition book coverAn excerptHe noticed a movement out Stories Of eBook #218 of the corner of his eye He looked down and beheld the shadow of a cat moving on the white of the wall“Heh Kitty” he said aloud turning and searching for the original He scanned along the top of his fenceThere was no catDam. A great set of lean taut and compact near future SF stories with a cynical Australian worldview Including Some hard boiled cops in a NoirSF crime story with drones no UAVs as the delivery method A story of unintended side affects of a new VR technology being developed by a scrappy new start up that delves into the nature of perception Meditations of the effects of anti aging technologies on society wrapped in a corporate intrigue story A mysterious active graffiti concealed in an alley turns out to have even hidden depths A dreamy post death experience that looks at the nature of consciousnessI'm a great fan of Permutation City by Greg Egan and other similar books of that ilk and uite enjoyed this volume Let's hope the author can extend out to longer books in future