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Down Under Read & Download ç 5 í [Epub] ➟ Down Under By Bill Bryson – A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ONE SUMMER Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door memorable travel literature threatens to break out His previous excursion along the Appalac A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELRts Bill Bryson adores the place and he takes his readers on a rollicking ride far beyond that beaten tourist path Wherever he goes he finds Australians who are cheerful extroverted and unfailingly obliging and these beaming products of land with clean safe cities cold beer and constant sunshine fill the pages of this wonderful book Australia is an immense and fortunate land and it has found in Bill Bryson its perfect guid. Having travelled briefly through parts of ueensland and New South Wales several years ago I'd been waiting to catch up with Bryson's book ever since I now wish I'd read it before I travelled or even during the trip itself It's full interesting information and ideas for places to visit and gave me loads of laughs A really good read whether you're planning a trip or just looking to enjoy BB's hilariously entertaining anecdotes I've read a few of his books in the past and I do find him to be an interesting companion as I've travelled with him His books on visits to the UK in particular are great fun even if he pokes fun at some places uite close to my heart I'm not sure how accurate some of his adventures are they seem a bit tuned for laughs to me but that's ok it's what you pick up a book like this for I think I'd recommend this book to anyone thinking about a trip to Oz or readers who just enjoy tales of travel and amusing things that can happen when you're in the hands of a natural raconteur

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A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ONE SUMMER Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door memorable travel literature threatens to break out His previous excursion along the Appalachian Trail resulted in the sublime national bestseller A Walk in the Woods In A Sunburned Country is his report on what he found in an entirely different place Australia the country that doubles as a continent and a place with. I love Bill Bryson Yep it's a full blown one sided bromance Bryson could write a book about the history of the individual rooms within the typical house and I would love it he did and I did So when I discovered he'd written about his experiences while traveling Australia I knew I'd found my next good read In a Sunburned Country takes in the Land Down Under from today traveling all the way back to its earliest historical findings You expect and get a look at modern Australia its UK convict days Sydney and other cities the bush the outback and the plight trials and importance of the aborigines All of the above also comes with a healthy dose of Bryson humor It's self deprecating it's consciously delusional for comedy's sake it's honest and it gives me the chuckles I appreciate that he puts himself in awkward situations and really enjoy his description of scenes in which he is a participating victim Australia has countless ways to kill a person what with all its deadly animals so there's plenty of opportunity for hair raising hilarity especially considering Bryson's the sort of guy who could get himself savaged by a hedgehog Fun is fun and all but in the end this book is about the knowledge so if you have an interest in learning about Australia I couldn't recommend another book highly The author is a full on philomath and he loves this country so the reader is treated to a veritable love fest spewed all over the pages of In a Sunburned Country

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Down UnderThe friendliest inhabitants the hottest driest weather and the most peculiar and lethal wildlife to be found on the planet The result is a deliciously funny fact filled and adventurous performance by a writer who combines humor wonder and unflagging curiousityDespite the fact that Australia harbors things that can kill you in extremely nasty ways than anywhere else including sharks crocodiles snakes even riptides and dese. Ok First of all I'm here to tell you that non fiction is normally not my bag I think I got this book because I forgot to send in the do not send notice in a book club That said I'm soooo happy that I didn't and I made myself read this OMG I lost track of how many times I laughed until there were tears running down my cheeks and how many smiles and chuckles it rang out of me This is a book about Bryson's trips I believe he combines a few trips to Oz into this one book to the really undiscovered island of Australia and his impressions of what he sees and who he meets There is history wonderfully funny and horribly gruesome and sad stories lodging and traveling tips and a long list of places there that I really now want to see His wit and sarcastic humor is what did it for me I will look for of his books and hope that he goes on journeys to share with his reading audience