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N an ever wider range of industries and organisations As a mainstream skill critical to business success and under closer scrutiny for the benefits it delivers it’s important the students of today – and practitioners of tomorrow ?. Good content but most of it was just from PRINCE2 May as well jus buy that

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Project Management?? can rely on a comprehensive and contemporary text to support their learning Drawing on the author’s years of teaching research and consulting experience Harvey Maylor’s latest edition of Project Management delivers this in styl. gfuyi

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Project Management review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã ❰Reading❯ ➿ Project Management Author Harvey Maylor – Project Management is a fast growing and increasingly ‘professionalised’ discipline with record numbers of practitioners now gaining the PRINCE ualification The formal Project Management is a fast growing and increasingly ‘professionalised’ discipline with record numbers of practitioners now gaining the PRINCE ualification The formal tools and techniues of project management are being applied i. Takeaways from reading the bookPart 1 Define the project Pages 33 35 76 297 340 What is the goal of the project What is to be done Example Make a lunch pill Why is this to be done What is the purpose Example To save time preparing and eating lunch Who has which needs Example Users may need to satisfy hunger save time andor reduce weight keep weight down Measure expectations as precisely as possibleProject phase 2 Design the project process Pages 33 35 80 86 107 110 136 138 159 254 393 What concrete tasks will be done Simplify tasks as much as possible Who will do which tasks The fewer people involved the less complex When people come together to form a team try discovering the values of each person When can which tasks start How long time will which tasks take to do By simplifying tasks duration of sprints can be shortened Which tasks can first start when which other tasks have finished In other words to what extent does the start of one or tasks depend on the finishing of another of other tasks Which tasks can be done in parallel during the same period What does it cost to do the project How much money can we save earn by doing the project What is the shortest possible project duration What is the lowest possible cost What is the highest level of uality that can be achieved Which of these time cost and uality has the highest priority whenProject phase 3 Manage the project on a daily basis Pages 33 35 86 164 167 209 257 271 273 293 300 340 368 Set goals with people Say no to non goal achieving tasks tasks that do not add value Continuously keep project plan up to dateUse for example andor Continuously communicate openly about what is going on including results of sprints Use for example Twitter blogs andor other social media Constantly do what is most important That includes continuously prioritizing between time uality and cost If a mistake is made fix it immediately and move on Look ahead Continuously serve project workers as well as possible Listen to what people need Continuously give people who are involved feedback Learn constantly the way you learn the best Facilitate meetings when needed When problems happen find the reasons and solve them Solve conflicts Celebrate reaching goalsProject phase 4 Improve products and processes continuously Pages 33 35 162 293 340Examples of uestions to ask What products do users like What do users and other project participants like about the process What should we continue to do What is getting in the way from doing the project faster What do we need to stop doing to create value for people What do we need to start doing start testing start trying out