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Kissinger Vol 1 The Idealist 1923 1968 reader × Hardcover read à [Reading] ➽ Kissinger Vol 1 The Idealist 1923 1968 By Niall Ferguson – No American statesman has been as revered or as reviled as Henry Kissinger Once hailed as “Super K”—the “indispensable man” whose advNo American statesman has been as revered or as reviled as Henry Kissinger Once hailed as “Super K” the “indispensable man” whose advice has been sought by every president from Kennedy to Obama he has also been hounded by conspiracy theorists scouring his every “telcon” for evidence of Machiavellian malfeasance Yet as Niall Ferguson shows in this 2 volume biography drawing not only on Kissinger’s hitherto closed private papers but also on documents from than a hundred archives around the world the idea of Kissinger as the ruthless arch realist is based on a profound misunderstanding The first half of Kissinger’s life is usually skimmed over as a uintes This book's greatest strength was also its weakness Ferguson is a master of historical detail weaving discordant threads of things together to paint a coherent picture Reading this I feel like I learned a ton about the United States in the early and middle stages of the Cold War The only problem is that I felt like as a biography I lost the subject in the haze Ferguson vividly paints Kissinger's upbringing military career during and after the war and Harvard years But after this initial formation Kissinger seems lost in a haze of details Ferguson is clear that he wants to avoid psychologizing or hagiography but it's never clear exactly what Ferguson is trying to do with his subject other than inserting him into a general history of the period Still a worthwhile book for combatting common misperceptions of Henry Kissinger As official biographies go Ferguson would benefit from studying the way the late Martin Gilbert his fellow Maudlin college professor placed the subject in the foreground first and foremost even in dealing with daunting amounts of detail Overall a good if often saturated reading experience

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Sential tale of American ascent the Jewish refugee from Hitler’s Germany who made it to the White House But in this first of two volumes Ferguson shows that what Kissinger achieved before his appointment as Nixon’s national security adviser was astonishing in its own right Toiling as a teen in a New York factory he studied indefatigably at night He was drafted into the infantry saw action at the Battle of the Bulge as well as the liberation of a concentration camp but ended his army career interrogating Nazis It was at Harvard that Kissinger found his vocation Having immersed himself in the philosophy of Kant the diplomacy of Metternich he shot to celebrity by arg This volume looks at Kissinger’s life from birth to age 45 about to begin his first stint of full time government service This is supposed to be the “official biography” but it looks to me like it is also an effort to revise the revisionist I believe this will be a controversial biography some people will claim it is a hagiography others will claim it is not In my opinion it sits on the borderline but Ferguson is uite critical of Kissinger’s theory of limited nuclear war Therefore one cannot say Ferguson whitewashed Kissinger and makes Fergusons praise all the creditable Ferguson is a British historian from Scotland He is a senior research fellow at University of Oxford; he also holds fellowships at Harvard and Stanford UniversitiesFerguson had access to every part of Kissinger’s vast archive at the Library of Congress which is enormous; he also combed through 111 archives all around the world Ferguson also had access to Kissinger’s personal papers diaries and letters Ferguson spent many hours interviewing Kissinger and many of his peers and family The author said it took him ten years to do the archive research and interviews The book is well written and easy to read for a non historianFerguson covers the Kissinger family’s experiences under the Nazi before they immigrated in 1938 He also covers their experiences as Jewish immigrates in New York The author covers Kissinger’s life in the United States Army during World War II He tells about Kissinger witnessing the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp Kissinger saw action at the battle of the bulge and the liberation of a Belgian town Ferguson tells of his service after V E Day as a Nazi hunter with the Counter –Intelligence Corps The author tells how Kissinger earned the Bronze Star Fergusson covers his education on the GI Bill to Harvard and becoming an associate professor The author goes into depth about the papers and books Kissinger wrote while at HarvardI was interested in the letter Kissinger wrote to his parents explaining why he would no longer adhere to their strict orthodox Jewish faith I also was interested in the essay Kissinger had written “The Eternal Jew” when his was age 22 and an Army Sergeant after witnessing the liberation of a Nazis concentration camp It shows a different view of Kissinger from the political one I have heard so much aboutMalcohm Hillgartner did an excellent job narrating the book I am looking forward to volume Two The book is very long at about 1000 pages and 35 hours long

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Kissinger Vol 1 The Idealist 1923 1968Uing for limited nuclear war Nelson Rockefeller hired him Kennedy called him to Camelot Yet Kissinger’s rise was anything but irresistible Dogged by press gaffes disappointed by Rocky Kissinger seemed stuck until a trip to Vietnam changed everything  The Idealist is the story of one of the most important strategic thinkers America has ever produced It's also a political Bildungsroman explaining how “Dr Strangelove” ended up as consigliere to a politician he'd always abhorred Like Ferguson’s classic 2 volume history of the House of Rothschild Kissinger sheds new light on an entire era The essential account of an extraordinary life it recasts the Cold War world This 900 page tome is the first in a two part profile of the uintessential American foreign policy maker for better or worse With characteristic wit and erudition Niall Ferguson gives a hugely detailed portrait of the development of Henry Kissinger's intellect from fleeing Nazi Germany service in the second World War his education and discomfort and ironic rejection of the college atmosphere and his first forays into political life with Nelson Rockefeller and Presidents Kennedy and Johnson I won't say the 900 pages fly by there is almost too much information to be digested but I can say you will be left with a much different and much clearer picture of the young Kissinger before the world got to know him as Nixon's National Security Advisor That is a much public tale and one which will have to wait for the next volumeThis one is highly recommended but realize you're in it for the long haul