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Level Up Your Life review ✓ 104 ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Level Up Your Life Author Steve Kamb – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real world experiences tha Level Up Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real Level Up PDFEPUBworld experiences that are just as amazing and fulfilling as the adventures of comic book heroes and video game characters Learn how to design your own. Steve Kamb the creator of nerdfitnesscom offers behavioral games and community support to assist readers in becoming their best self It's the self help genre meets gamificationSteve was addicted to video games miserable at his job and disappointed with life I still love those games and movies and enjoy the entertainment they provide They're a part of who I am as a person The problem was that they had become a way to avoid the unhappiness in my real life while also allowing me to continue doing nothing about it pg xiThe game that had him hopelessly hooked was Everuest What had begun as a fun way to blow off some steam after school or work uickly became an addiction pg 5So Steve took what he loved best about the game the levels the endless uests the secrets and created an online community in which the members support each other to become the best whatever it is you want to be through just those thingsEssentially Steve takes the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell and crafts a way to implement that into your life through your own preferences Life is meant to be lived on your own terms pg 23 I picked this up because I recently read a behavioral game book and I wanted to see what the theory would look like in action Steve has done a solid job making his game completely customizableHe provides examples between the chapters of people who have used his game to level up their lives The results are impressive The truth is that most people fear change They themselves might want to change but don't want to put forth the effort and energy to make it happen pg 57With Level Up Your Life Steve gives readers the tools to make their lives into a game of their choosing Recommended for gamers and the young at heart

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Personal Epic uest of Awesome through advice on health fitness travel and financeAuthor Steven Kamb the foundercreator of NerdFitnesscom leads you on a journey to discover the kind of game you want to play including how to Develop a leveling structure Create a personal Origin Story every hero has a great origin story Determine what your Level ch. I once heard the story of a man who in the moments before he was to commit suicide decided that instead of ending his life he could instead treat his remaining existence as a big experiment without regard for the conseuences What's the worst that could happen He could die sure But that was his intended goal just a few moments agoLevel Up Your Life is a self development framework based around how computer games are designed to be addictiveWhat would it be like if you applied those very same tactics to make your life awesomeThe same sneaky tactics that get you to spend just another 5 minutes playing can also be used to build the life you actually wantThink about your typical role playing game you start off weak and through small battles build up your experience until you 'level up' and become stronger Now you can take on bigger challenges earn experience and continue to get better Sounds a lot like self development to meDon't expect this book to bring any ground breaking new self development ideas to the table But expect it to apply and explain those ideas in a way that lays out a framework that can motivate those interested in computer games and fantasy stories First we are going to rename Goals as uests much cooler And then we're going to chunk these uests down in to things that will earn us experience pointsuest Spend a day in Chile only speaking SpanishWe're going to need to be a level 20 bad ass to pull that one off So let's work out the challenges that will earn us experience pointsLearn one word of Spanish every day for 30 days 10 expPre book 10 lessons of Spanish 10expFind someone who speaks Spanish you can have coffee with once a week 20expRead a childrens book in Spanish 20expBook a flight to Chile 20 expSpend a day in Chile only speaking Spanish 50expLEVEL UP This simple gamification of life can have a profound effect One it chunks down big goals to a size that is manageable Two it has this interesting ability to remove self doubt When life is just a game you are free to fail and start againThe book covers many over elements like the Heroes Story Health Bar Multiplayer Mode build yourself a team Avatar Building Power Ups and returning home to teach others what you have learnedThere is a common thread of belief that run throughout the gamernerd culture and it works something like this I'm smarter than most other people I don't live up to my potential and the only reason I'm not successful is because I'm lazyThis belief system leads to a feeling of disappointment about how life has turned out Growing up on epic tales of adventure encourages an expectation that your life will naturally and effortlessly turn out the same Unfortunately it's easier to eat bad food form bad habits and escape in to fantasy land at the end of a hard day at work The drop in self esteem that comes from these behaviours further reinforces the cycleLevel Up Your Life gives you an opportunity to escape this pattern Learn the method join a community of like minded people then start small and build up those experience points And before you know it you'll be slaying dragons

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Level Up Your LifeAracter will look like Build your own uest lists Hack your productivity habits and willpower to build momentum Build in rewards and accountability Add members to your party expanding your community Find your own personal Yoda or Morpheus ie mentor to help you along the way Restart and earn Extra Lives how to keep going when you get scared or stu. I'm not generally a fan of self help books because I find that mostly the person they're really just out to actually help is the author's pocketbook But I've got several online friends that are fans of Steve Kamb's nerdfitnesscom site so I figured I'd give it a read and got a copy from the library It's a good core concept using gamification to achieve personal goals whether it be fitness or travel or what have you Breaking things down into a series of mini uests making walking for 5 minutes a day into the MMORPG euivalent of killing rats at level 1 and grinding xp to eventually take down dragons But even as short as the book is I feel like it spends a lot of its pages with filler repetition rather than building and expanding upon the ideas introduced in the 30 pages or so And maybe it's just me embracing excuses but some of the advice really seemed like a recipe for disaster Not happy with your job You should totally uit and just buckle down and work hard to do something you really like He acknowledges that some folks are playing the Game of Life at different difficulty levels and I have to think that his background colors his experience It's easier to take huge risks when you're single young and have a well off family you can use as a safety net When you're married with a kid your priorities should shift to security in my opinion So sure work towards your goals save and accomplish them but don't think it's as easy as he makes it out to be At the end of the day he's selling something and he tells you himself that he's a child of salespeople and one of his first job was as a salesperson The best salespeople find a need and learn to sell to that need which is what he does I leave it up to other folks to determine how altruistic they think his motives areStill I recommend the read it's goes some decent core ideas a good motivating read and I went and joined the forums over at his site I won't be buying into Nerd Fitness Academy the pay side of the site though