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CHARACTERS ´ Orchestrating Docker í [Download] ✤ Orchestrating Docker ➸ Shrikrishna Holla – Manage and deploy Docker services to containerize applications efficiently About This Book Set up your own Heroku like PaaS by getting accustomed to the Docker ecosystem Run your applications on devel Manage andLlation of Docker before gradually taking you through the different commands to start working with Docker containers and their services You will learn to build your own Docker containers along with instructions to fine tune the resource allocations to those containers You will then learn to manage a cluster of Docker containers The book demonstrates the processes related to the automation and orchestration of Docker It then covers the compatibility of Docker with other technologies such as Puppet and Chef Finally it prepares you to ship your applications without taking strain for deployment By the end of the book you will be able to orchestrate and manage the creation and deployment of Docker containers. Apparently Learning Docker by packt has set a relatively high standard First the title is misleading from the title one could deduce that it's already a pretty advanced book but still it starts with just the basics whilst sometimes even taking a deeper dive into certain topics But there is really little about real orchestration only in the last subject topics like coreosetcdfleet are introduced where a 'high availability example' is set up but the high availability example stops as soon as three nodes are running That's not high availability that's creating a three node cluster The most ideal combination would consist out of extracting the 50 pages of added information and merging this in 'Learning Docker'


Manage and deploy Docker services to containerize applications efficiently About This Book Set up your own Heroku like PaaS by getting accustomed to the Docker ecosystem Run your applications on development machines private servers or the cloud with minimal cost of a virtual machine A comprehensive guide to the smooth management and development of Docker containers and its services Who This Book Is For If you are a competent developer or DevOps with a good understanding of Linux filesystems but want to manage and orchestrate Docker services images and products using a multitude of techniues then this book is for you No prior knowledge of Docker or container virtualization is reuired What You Will Learn. I'm through it Unfortunately this book is neither what its title promises nor is it a good introduction to docker It fails to go into any detail regarding orchestration and its overly long introductory part is useless without having read about the technology from other sources It just failsWell I realize it must be hard to write a book about someone else's rapidly evolving technology You're bound to be out of date You're bound to be irrelevant over and again Actually the second half of the book was better than the first especially its security related content It made the book not a complete waste of money and time Still I can't recommend it and the time passes the worse it only can get

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Orchestrating DockerGet familiar with the processes related to the automation of Docker Get to grips with various Docker commands and techniues that help you manage containers Create your own Docker image and package your web application in the image Use Dockerfile DSL to make your Docker images repeatable Deploy a high availability service on a cluster using CoreOS and fleet Build your application in sandboxed Docker containers In Detail Docker is growing in popularity by day because of its great utility the fact that it's user friendly and the vibrant communityThis book will help you transform the way you build test and deploy your applications with Docker making it easier and enjoyable The book starts off with the insta. Docker has undoubtely been one of the key technologies of this 2015 This deserved spotlight resulted in many companies ranging from huge giants up to hordes of start ups investing on it slowly trying to move their microservices to containers This also resulted in a huge spike in the demand of professionals able not only to create and deploy images but also to get complex distributed systems based on containers up and running working in synergy While the basic concepts are well covered both by the official documentation and the many titles that were released this and last year experienced users are suffering the lack of material covering mid to advanced topics such as orchestration With such a title Orchestrating Docker definitely looks appealing to any DevOps that is seriously interested in deploying and managing complex distributed solutions through containers Unfortunately it delivers nothing of that it promisesI must confess that I was very excited about this book Mesos Terraform Docker Compose Kubernetes Consul Like most of the people that had this title on their hands I was really looking forward to get some serious material about deploying and maintaining some serious self jealing distributed environment based on containers The technologies are getting mature and ready for this step We just need documentation And some training Unfortunately despite the title this book does not cover at all any of this But let's dive a little into the detailsOrchestrating Docker is a two hundred pages book distributed through five chapters uite a thin book yes but two hundred pages can deliver a lot if they are filled with the right uality of content After a uick first chapter that chit chats about several topics including OpenStack the author takes us into a long review of each and every command supported by the Docker daemon and through which we are magically able to create and run containers Yay A couple of notes on this first of all this does not provide anything that the official documentation doesn't already But official documentation apart there are other introductiory texts that are both exhaustive and user friendly And second wasn't this a book about orchestration That is wasn't it supposed to be about an advanced topic suggesting the basics were already known to the publicThere is not really much to say about it The other chapters briefly touch the topics of security I must honestly admit that keywords like Consul and etcs do indeed appear throughout the book but the lines dedicated to them are less than five Technologies such as Apache Mesos Kubernetes and Terraform are not even mentionedOverall a misleading title But even if the title were correct as an introduction to Docker the book does not deliver There are by far better choices available I still have a doubt though how could this title have so many five stars reviews immediately after its release Not really worth it DevOpsSuggested readingsThe Docker Book an user friendly concise introduction to Docker While it does not cover many advanced topics it’s by far the best covering the basicsDocker Hands on while not helpful to beginners it offers the reader many advanced topics that can’t be found anywhere elseDocker Up and Running a very good text that focuses on advanced topics mainly containers securityAs usual you can find reviews on my personal blog Feel free to pass by and share your thoughts