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Mistress A Million DollarsNd Briana had no choice but to turn to the Australian businessman But after one mind blowing night as his millionaire mistress how could Briana ever walk away. it started out good but the end was really rushed and everything got resolved in like two pages

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review Mistress A Million Dollars ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô ❰EPUB❯ ✼ Mistress A Million Dollars Author Maxine Sullivan – I'LL BE YOUR MISTRESS FOR A MILLION DOLLARSFor years model Briana Davenport fought temptation in the form of a six foot blue eyed seducer Jarrod HammI'LL BE YOUR MISTRESS FOR A MILLION DOLLARSFor years model Briana Davenport fought temptation in the form of a six foot blue eyed seducer Jarrod Hammond was h. From diamonds downundercom DIAMONDS DOWN UNDER is a six book series set in Australia and New Zealand against the billion dollar backdrop of the glamorous but ruthless gem trade The series focuses on a family split asunder thirty years ago over ownership of a fabulous diamond known as the Heart of the Outback The old feud is re ignited when a new generation is forced to deal with secrets and scandals – and deception and desire – in the aftermath of a tragic plane crash Mistress A Million Dollars is author Maxine Sullivan's entry into the Diamonds Down Under Series One of the things that I love most about Maxine's writing is her ability to really convey the underlying emotional need of the characters beneath their physical attraction to each other Jarrod Hammond has always desired gorgeous supermodel Briana Davenport but his perception of her is tainted by the uestionable character of her sister who was married to his brother When Jarrod makes an indecent proposal be his mistress for a month in exchange for a cool million Briana accepts She had just learned that her father had embezzled funds and was desperate to find a solution Giving herself to Jarrod while keeping her heart uninvolved seems the way to help her father However Jarrod takes than her body he steals her heart Jarrod is eually affected by Briana and the time he spends with her the he realizes that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside Intrigue deception mistaken impressions and the always fascinating world of the rich and powerful all combine in a satisfyingly sensual romantic read

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Er employer's sworn enemy and as such off limits to herand her bedThen Mistress A PDFEPUB or her father needed a cool million to bail himself out of trouble a. Completed this book over the weekend and the story was excellent I enjoy books that take place down under and this is a family saga with lots of secrets and plenty of romance my kind of reading This is the third book in a series so I now have to read books one and two and move on from there