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Five Days at MemorialIn the tradition of the best investigative journalism physician and reporter Sheri Fink reconstructs days at Memorial Medical Center and draws the reader into the lives of those who struggled mightily to survive and to maintain life Five Days Kindle amid chaosAfter Katrina struck and the floodwaters rose the power failed and the heat climbed exhausted caregivers chose to designate certain pat. Harrowing Unapologetic and HeartbreakingThe events described in this book are thought to be true and may account for what took place five days following Hurricane Katrina in Memorial Hospital New Orleans What happens when a hospital runs out of supplies oxygen and resources How is a twisted lottery system configured to make life and death decisions Ethical uestions abound seek answers in this troubling reconstruction of the events that took place in Memorial Hospital five days following KatrinaThis is a highly controversial book and if I don't get all the facts correct I apologize There are a myriad of ethical uestions that are pondered in this book ie euthanasia and how to triage patients in a disaster situation The focus of this piece surrounds Memorial hospital's doctors and nurses specifically those that decided to stay and help or hurt the patients in the evacuation The focus of the narrative concerned Dr Anna Pou specializing in ENT The events described within these pages are extremely troubling if they are in fact non fiction Euthanasia was discussed in addition to how to triage the patients The sickest patients were going to be evacuated last In what cruel and unusual world does that make sense The events highlighted within these pages are extremely controversial and may or may not have been the absolute truth A number of rebuttals about the events taken place have been recorded Some of these include The Time magazine article with the headline It was Heroism Not Homocide During Katrina A link to this story can be found are also some that agree with Sheri Fink This article from the Guardian discusses the staff that were accused you think this book is a work of fiction or not it is certainly worth a read I can't imagine being a doctor faced with such dire circumstances I don't know if we will ever know the truth about what happened within the walls of Memorial but I have to believe there were nurses and doctors that acted heroically And those that didn't will have to answer to their conscience night after nightFor an interview with the author of this book please click here

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G form of health care rationingIn a voice at once involving and fair masterful and intimate Fink exposes the hidden dilemmas of end of life care and reveals just how ill prepared we are in America for the impact of large scale disasters and how we can do better A remarkable book engrossing from start to finish Five Days at Memorial radically transforms your understanding of human nature in cris. Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans did not have the resources to adeuately care for patients following the flooding and power loss caused by Hurricane Katrina In addition evacuations were slow and difficult and people feared potential violence from looters and desperate citizens Memorial Medical Center was surrounded by water after Hurricane KatrinaA nurse fans patients awaiting evacuation in the Memorial Hospital car park after Hurricane Katrina Some patients were evacuated from Memorial Hospital by boatAfter a few days the air conditioning failed and temperatures soared toilet facilities were inadeuate and the building reeked halls and stairways were dark and the staff was sleep deprived and exhausted In short conditions were unbearable Conditions inside Memorial Hospital became unbearableIn this book Sheri Fink describes the difficult decisions of several healthcare professionals to over medicate euthanize a number of patients who they believed would not make it out in time Afterwards state authorities initiated a murder investigation with plans to prosecute Dr Anna Pou and two nurses Sheri Landry and Lori Budo who allegedly administered the fatal injectionsNurse Sheri LandryNurse Lori BudoThere's plenty of blame to go around for the calamity at Memorial including the hospital's inadeuate preparation for disaster poor government planning and response chaos and violence in the streets and the foibles of human natureThe families of the deceased were angry and wanted justice but many people were outraged at the charges leveled against the women and accused Charles Foti the Attorney General of Louisiana of attempting to further his own career at the expense of the healthcare professionals Charles Foti Attorney General of LouisianaSheri Fink does a masterful job of describing the situation at Memorial during the crisis and the legal maneuverings of all parties prosecution and defense afterwards It's hard to say I enjoyed the book since the subject matter was so depressing and horrific but it was a compelling read Highly recommendedAuthor Sheri Fink You can follow my reviews at

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Five Days at Memorial characters ↠ 7 Î ☉ Five Days at Memorial PDF / Epub ❤ Author Sheri Fink – In the tradition of the best investigative journalism physician and reporter Sheri Fink reconstructs 5 days at Memorial Medical Center and draws the reader into the lives of those who struggled mighti InIents last for rescue Months later several health professionals faced criminal allegations that they deliberately injected numerous patients with drugs to hasten their deaths Five Days at Memorial the culmination of six years of reporting unspools the mystery of what happened in those days bringing the reader into a hospital fighting for its life and into a conversation about the most terrifyin. THE UESTION did this doctor and the nurses working with her intentionally murder patients The facts are all laid out here for you to decideToday is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina the storm that ultimately killed than 1500 of my neighbors This particular book is an OUTSTANDING choice for book clubs and for those who might be interested in seeing how a bad situation can be bent worse and then murderously deadly I am a New Orleanian who spent four months in this hospital in the year 2000 It broke my heart to learn what shocking things happened at this very place five years later but this thorough and intoxicating work of non fiction puts misery into perspectiveWhile drowning and mortal heatstroke killed 1500 souls in our community it was lethal injections that stole the lives trapped in a dark fetid hospital Did the kind caring women who injected the supposedly soon to be dead act as angels of mercy or were they so intent on escape that they put these people to death so that they the caregivers could finally board helicopters and escape At the time with the coverage on our local news I did not believe they intentionally murdered people You'd have to ask me in person what I believe nowGranted we were all a bit whacked out psychologically during and after Katrina and we didnt want to face some of the ugliness that went on In hindsight there have been so many instances of good people cracking and going off their nut a newspaper photographer trying to commit suicide by cop a WWL radio broadcaster dressing like a homeless man shooting his wife cops burning a body to hide their mistake etc that for these upstanding women to execute patients is not that unbelievableY'all this is THE best of all the Katrina books It describes some of the political and corporate pit falls that lined up creating giant chasms of chaos You'll think twice before leaving your sick or elderly loved ones in the care of others when a storm looms Getting away with murder is the uestion at hand did they or didn't theyTo be frank I generally hold most Katrina books in disdain Capitalizing on the loss of life the washing away of belongings and property the horrible anxiety and the dispersion of our population bothers me The only thing worse than dancing on a grave is making money doing it That said this author Sheri Fink wrote instead an expose an investigative report on not just what happened at Memorial but tracing the root causes of the failures that ended in horrific deathsOn a personal note both my children were born at Memorial and one of them was seriously pre term so much so that it is why we spent four months there in the hospital's NICU One of the doctors who plays a role in the book was my primary care physician during my hospitalization and for years before and after I knew other characters in the story as well and can verify the accuracy with which their personalities and attitudes were portrayedat least as much as a patient can know themFink did an outstanding job conveying the confusion the history and the red tape that bollixed up not just Memorial but our entire city Before we evacuated I was tied to the local radio station WWL every waking moment and heard our much maligned mayor repeatedly plead people to leave The Superdome was not supposed to be a storm shelter but was a last resort site for families of the disabled who might have run out of power for battery operated respirators Baptist Memorial Hospital was not supposed to be a shelter either yet all the coverage that the nation saw on CNN and Fox News about the Superdome could easily parallel what was going on at Memorial I did not see any such coverage we lost power in the place we evacuated to but heard live desperate call ins on the radio from mothers trapped in attics with their children the levee brea