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Free read ò Das Schloß 108 ´ [Reading] ➾ Das Schloß By Franz Kafka – Translated and with a preface by Mark HarmanLeft unfinished by Kafka in 1922 and not published until 1926 two years after his death The Castle is the haunting tale of K’s relentless unavailing strug Translated and with a preface by Mark HarmaArsely punctuated original manuscript Mark Harman’s new translation reveals levels of comedy energy and visual power previously unknown to English language reade. “Now what could have attracted me to this desolate land other than the desire to stay” In The Castle Kafka’s protagonist ludicrously struggles to gain entrance to and make sense of the Castle an entity which is effectively unattainable and incomprehensibleReading the book felt like coming home one day to discover that all of your belongings have been shifted 5 centimeters to the left with the exception of one lone grimy spoon Nearly everything was askew to some degree This book was so painfully well done that reading it often made me ueasy My brain got itchy and suirmy and fussy It set my teeth on edge It was like wading through molasses of dubious origin and hue It was claustrophobic and smeary That said it managed to make me laugh uite a bit too It seemed to fit the definition of grotesue rather well comically or repulsively ugly or distorted See also many of the synonyms for grotesue malformed deformed misshapen misproportioned twisted and gnarled Bottom line In my opinion The Castle was conceptually brilliant but the actual reading of this intense novel was often than not a vividly dreadful experience as was no doubt intended I was awfully fond of those assistants though

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Translated and with a preface by Mark HarmanLeft unfinished by Kafka in and not published until two years after his death The Castle is the haunting tale of K’s. I have loved this superb novel for a very very long time Perhaps you too have shrouded yourself in the endless folds of its inner mystery and adventure and lost yourself within itBut WHY does it always seem to us so frustrating So unsatisfying in the end Is it because the Land Surveyor never gets to his CastleWell maybe there’s a DEEPER reason why he never arrives something endemic to the functioning or malfunctioning of our ordinary mindsLet’s try to FIND OUT what it isNow some writers and Kafka is one of them seem to catch us unawares as if they’re calling out to us from a higher plane of existence Edwin Muir the Scottish expatriate poet who first ´discovered’ Kafka for us anglophones in the 1930’s was sure that the dear misunderstood Franzel had an armlock on some Hidden TruthBut what if this key to Kafka is that he was caught in the complex to and fro ing of Hegel’s Contrite Consciousness the tempestuous Ethical Plane of existence according to Kierkegaard And what happens when the human mind morphs from the everyday sphere of living for the day to a scary Moral SphereIt can be like Freud’s The Schreber Case After all there’s no justification for moral judgements in an amoral world is there So we’re automatically viewed as a stranger Once you take sides Sonny you’re on your own The mind tends to play tricks on us at that pointAnd once challenged and stopped dead in its tracks the mind starts to replay its key judgements and obsessions ad infinitum as Kafka does here almost in anticipation of Freud’s example Schreber but only neurotically and not psychoticallyBut hey you rise above the herd and it ain’t gonna be easy Let me put it from another angle did Frodo chicken out from his uest Not on your life Though like us he retreated to the false comfort of his Ring now and then and paid for it heavilyJust as Kafka and Schreber take comfort in their obsessive disorders Though Frodo’s fix is a VERY dangerous narcissism PowerBut Kafka IS calling us from a higher plane because the Castle itself is theologically symbolic of a Higher RealityJust as Mordor is the hobbits’ Armageddon and Gandalf is their Guardian Angel along with the elfin folkEven though that wonderful symbolic reality has now become shadowy and ungrounded in the crass garish light of the daily news and though heads of state now seem utterly self seeking making our Land Surveyor’s reasoning utterly nonsensical to them we now all have to live in an Upside Down Kingdom the postmodern mindsetThat’s a fact of our lives for us modern ethically minded seekers for we uixotes are now hopelessly pitted against powerful electronic windmillsOkay then Had Kafka lived longer would he have written in a HAPPY ENDING for the poor Land Surveyor Would he have entered the Castle finallyI think soBecause all it takes is that one unforgettable moment when at the end of all our wanderings we hear the magical voice of the “Woodthrush calling through the Fog”That moment when it finally dawns on us that there’s a much BIGGER story going on here than our own tiny story of dazed frustration as we trudge endlessly with the Land Surveyor through the snowdrifts of an Eastern European villageLike in Kafka’s AmerikaThe bigger story of RedemptionFor it’s not about us It’s about something BiggerKafka made this clear in a short story called Before the Law only once surreptitiously published in his lifetime In Before the Law a man ceases to believe because he can’t even believe in the Law So if he can’t believe in the Gospel he loses the right to enter through the Gate of HeavenSo the man always starts again And TRIES again And continually starts again at the beginning simply because he now no longer believesWhen it’s time for him to die the Gate is Closed WhyBecause he has given up trying believing AND BEGINNING AGAIN And accepting the Law as absurdly God’s willIn Amerika though Kafka comes to see that Salvation is a Free GiftAnd it’s only because he has given up hope completely that the Gate the Castle or the Gift of Grace of the Law is Now closed to himUntil he starts over but NOW it’s too lateOr WOULD be too late WITHOUT GRACEOr without the LAWFor to Kafka himself at the end Grace now ABOUNDEDHe now had kept his part of the bargain always trying unlike the Land Surveyor no matter how hard it became to believe and BITE THE BULLET OF THE HARD AND FAST TRUTH of the LAWAND SO THE CASTLE GATES SWUNG OPEN

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Das SchloßRelentless unavailing struggle with an inscrutable authority in order to gain access to the Castle Scrupulously following the fluidity and breathlessness of the sp. I'm re reading The Castle 10 years later with older patient eyes and it's proving to be a wonderful time especially with the new translationThe Eighth Chapter of The Castle is perhaps some of the most beautifully composed writing in all of modern literature The new translation adds a dreamy sudden stillness and frightening sense of desolate open space in Kafka's work which is better known for his breathless claustophobic style of writing and description This feeling was lost and never captured in the previous original translations which used archaic even for kafka's time english words from Kafka's odd german Punctuation and syntax and grammer and phrasing that Kafka never used or put in were added in the old translations All of that has been stripped away and the purest form of Kafka's German in English is now available While still not the same as the actual German it's very close and very true to his real style Kafka is without argument regarded as one of the greats of 20th century literature and The Castle the third installment of Kafka's alluded brothers trilogy with Amerika The Trial being the other two is the purest example of what makes him great Within this amazing book that was never finished and thus has no ending is The Eighth Chapter a small chapter so heart wrenchingly beautiful I had to read it twice before moving on to the next chapterIt is a hard book to begin as a starter into Kafka and perhaps not even suggested as a starter regardless Following his own writing path would be highly valuable reading through the new critical translations of Amerika and The Trial as well as his short stories the hunger artist the sons the penal colony the metamorphosis will grant a greater appreciation when undertaking The Castle