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Her Masters Redemption Masters #3 Free read µ 102 ´ [BOOKS] ✭ Her Masters Redemption Masters #3 By Lily White – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk THIS BOOK IS A STANDALONE WITHIN THE SERIES READING THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES IS NOT NECESSARY BEFORE READING THIS NOVELI was a MasterTo understand me you must understand my pastTHIS BOOK IS Redemption Masters ePUB #180 A STANDALONE WITHIN THE SERIES READING THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES IS NOT NECESSARY BEFORE READING THIS NOVELI was a MasterTo understand me you must understand my pastMy father was a Master My mother his CourtesanI was raised in a business that trained women to become whores for the men that owned them I was taught to train with a strict handbut to Her Masters PDFEPUB or seduce with a kind heartAlthough my mother was one of those golden. Genre Dark Romance Type Standalone book 3 of Masters SeriesPOV First Person DualRating Anthony Bernal was once a well respected Master in the Society But a personal lost took away his desire to remain in the lifestyle However when faced with another broken soul he couldn't help but wanting to save herAs a courtesan Seraphina Ashland was supposed to be the pride of her owner But from the beginning of her servitude she was stripped of her humanity and forced to endure traumatic existence She thought she needed an escape not realizing that freedom could come in a different wayFrom last book I knew Anthony is going to be different I was intrigued by the idea of how the dynamic would work He didn’t fool me with his soft voice and exotic accent Behind his eyes lingered the shadow of a monster of a person that had no ualms in stealing a woman away Anthony was the type of Master who preferred to demand submission in the form of seduction instead of a heavy hand But that doesn't mean he was soft which I appreciate What good is my life if my soul no longer exists Seraphina was not what I expected her to be which is a good thing She has been through a lot but there was still fighting spirit in her when pushed enough It wasn't like a Master to shatter along with the courtesan he trained And although she wasn't technically mine I would shatter nonetheless When it comes to Ds stories what I enjoy the most is seeing how characters break In this case they were already broken to start with so that made it interesting in how they'd respond to situations I also love the manipulation aspect of the story even though a lot of times I feel those scenes stole the spotlight from anotherHer Master's Redemption follows two broken souls who learned to heal each other It would appeal to readers who enjoy the psychological aspect of BDSMBooks in the series 🔥 ✨ 🔥 FBR With Twinsie Mistress CC 🔥 ✨ 🔥 For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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S gainedUntil I found SeraphinaShe thought she could deny me She thought she could choose her fate or determine the course her life would run She thought she would never love another because she couldn't love herselfWith a shattered heart and rebellious mind she believed her life was broken She chose death as an avenue to escape the life she was given and she believed there was nobody who could stand in her wayAs her Master it was my duty to show herthat all her beliefs were wron. This was my first venture into Lily White's Dark Romances and while this one wasn't an out of the park homerun for me it does have me wanting to read of her work I enjoy a good dark read and that is exactly what we have here If you are looking for butterflies and sunshine this is not the book for you but if you enjoy Dark reads you should give this story a goThis story had me feeling a bit nauseous at times with the way the women were treated but I was in the right mindset for the DARK read thankfully I have to stress that this is a DARK read there is nothing Light and Fluffy about it So if you're up for a good dark read I would recommend this bookYou can see my full review here

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Her Masters Redemption Masters #3Whores the women broken and rebuilt to become everything their owner could desire my mother in her wisdom and beauty trapped the heart of her MasterThrough her perseverance she never let the man goNaturally I followed in his footsteps not once finding love but almost gaining a sonMy heart was destroyed on a clear summer day Masters Redemption Masters PDF #180 when my child was stripped from my hands Redemption for my crimes was lost and loneliness like a man should never know wa. 45 StarsAnthony Bernal is an exacting and mature Master that lost his edge due to a tragedy; but when a second chance is offered Anthony immediately acts in an attempt to find closure Due to the logistics Anthony seeks refuge in a fellow Master’s home but is surprised to discover that the Society’s rules dictate how to handle this unusual situation “What you would have so easily thrown away I have acuired Your life is no longer yours but mine” While suffering at the hands of monsters Seraphina Ashland exhibited incredible fortitude and is desperate to control her own destiny In making certain choices Sera’s life comes full circle when she realizes the identity of her rescuer and how she must fight yet again and confront her biggest demon “How much did the universe hate me to pluck me from the moment I thought it all would end just to plant me back at the beginning” What ensues is series of events involving Anthony and Sera that test their own limits For Sera she has been tortured using unimaginable methods and while she is broken in many ways her last bit of resolve is centered toward someone that has the ability to ultimately break her By cracking into tiny little pieces it also gives Sera the opportunity to rebuild but only if she can truly submit “Your life is no longer yours but mine” The emotional pain these characters experience is profound but when adding the psychological and physical elements the gravity of their situation is compounded and it’s palpable Neither has an easy situation and regaining their wholeness comes with a price “I’d been stripped down to the bone every bit of my pride and self worth peeled away until all that was left was an empty husk” While on the surface Anthony may seem like a Master with a big heart he is also serious and demanding Seeing him as calculative while also being compassionate endeared his character When it came to his dealings with his good friend those moments tested the tenacity of both men and feeling such intense emotions ultimately propels Anthony into thinking like a Master again “Once I was secured he tucked his palms beneath my ass cheeks and buried himself inside me so deep I was barely able to take him in My chest arched up my breasts hungry for touch as he moved inside me like a man gone mad” From the beginning Sera won my heart due to her ability to carve out a protective shell to survive The most satisfying moment for her character growth was when she was willing to confront her fears despite knowing the depths of hell she would have to experience againWith some twists and characters from the previous books the plot takes the reader down a dark path of redemption where the characters become broken than they were from the start While it is cruel and evil at times it is also the way the world functions for Masters and courtesans in the Society Is it depraved Is it wrong Is it manipulative Is it intriguing as it pertains to the human condition The answer is yes to all Overall I thoroughly enjoyed and painfully at times the chosen path for Anthony and Sera I also welcomed the inclusion of Aiden as a strong secondary character and was relieved to see he hasn’t softened in any way For those who truly appreciate psychological manipulation and can survive in the most sinister of environments I highly recommend Her Master’s RedemptionMasters series Side noteEven though this book can technically be read as a standalone this series should be read in order If book one seems too dark then please start with book two Her Master’s Redemption has spoilers for the previous books and to fully understand the depth of the plot and how it affects all characters it’s best enjoyed in order An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review This was a FBR with Twinsie Hawkey For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit