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The Wedding Band Read & Download Ç 100 à ➠ [Epub] ➚ The Wedding Band By Cara Connelly ➪ – Fans of Rachel Gibson and Jennifer Ryan can rejoice in Cara Connelly's Save the Date seriesIt's the most secretive celebrity wedding of the year and Christine Case is going to be thereNo nonsense jour Fans of Rachel Gibson and Jennifer Ryan can rejoice in Cara Connelly's Save the Date seriesIt's the most secretive celebrity wedding of the year and Christine Case is going to be thereNo nonsense journalist Christine Case still believes a newspaper should inform not entertain But when Chris's biggest story blows up in her face she's out of. Since the day I read The Wedding Favor I've been Cara Connelly's #1 fan and I am thrilled to announce she's hit another one out of the park This author never struggles presenting us with characters that are so well developed and described I feel like I know them very personally by the end of the story and always hope to get another glimpse of them in her next book Her storylines have real direction and never give me frustration with clumsy meandering and sidetracking She is a master of sexy banter and hilarious human fumbles and family connections that are often humorous and sometimes painfulIn The Wedding Band we get to meet Hollywood's male superstar of action films Dakota Rain think Chris Hemsworth ladies His brother Montana Rain also a Hollywood star is getting married and the challenge is keeping the paparazzi out So what happens when a gorgeous female reporter sneaks in as part of the band A lot So to find out if a deceitful reporter and a savvy womanizing superstar surrounded by security and protective friends and family can explode into spontaneous combustion or if two people who are done with each other can share custody of a three legged dog named Tripod you just have to read the book and I 100% recommend it

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A job unless she does the one thing she's sworn never to do infiltrate a celebrity wedding and write an exposé on the happy coupleA list heartthrob Dakota Rain loathes the press The Wedding MOBI #233 So when he hosts his eually famous brother's wedding at his Beverly Hills estate keeping the vultures at bay is Dakota's top priority until h. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup posting to blog 51418 Wedding Band and I did not get along The Gist Dakota's brother is getting married and it's his mission to keep all reporters out of the celebrity wedding He's not fond of reporters At All Christine though plans to sneak into the wedding with her dad's band in order to get the gossip and spread it all over the gossip rags That's the plan So the GoodDakota is a pretty great hero for most of the book He has a way with animals and over the years has collected everything from 3 legged dogs to wild horses when they were in need and no one would care for them It was sweet and heart touching I loved watching him with the animals He's a good guy overall too Loves his family and friends talented has that whole sexy actor thing going for him I also liked Dakota and his brother together There's a strong bond and it was nice to see And that wasabout itThen there was everything else Yall this heroine I believe my exact words were oh damn me Another fucking reporter heroine They are the absolute fucking worst And yall she proved that to be a solid stance Christine was horrid She's whiny deceitful obnoxious She was constantly going on about how stupid he was How he couldn't have a brain cell in his head because hemade action movies I mean That was her only reasoning He's GOOD at action movies and makes millions but really he must only do it because he's too dumb to do anything else She complains about him manipulating her into staying for dinner one night when the heifer spent 75% of the book pretending to be someone else and hiding the fact she snuck into his celebrity brothers wedding and honeymoon in order to splash their personal family life all over the newspapersAnd the sex was weird She kept putting him off and then when she finally decided to have sex with him it was only because they'd stumbled onto his brother and new sister in law having sex on the beach and it turned her on So she had him fuck her against a tree so she could WATCH the brother while they went at it It was just out of place and awkward and in no way hot In the gross department there was a scene later on that had me going Nope Nope Nooope No Nope Nuhuh Nope Sometimes you just don't need a visual Hero having to unstick his dick from his leg because he zipped up and left without cleaning up Yeah Nope Her reasoning was moronic too Her mom was a world renowned journalist and she wanted to be a real reporter like her mom and make her proud And somehow sleezy tabloid reporting is gonna do thatAnd then when the hero found out he was rightfully pissed but did some way out of character things It didn't feel natural at all to who he was portrayed to be the majority of the bookAll in all a hot mess I've enjoyed Connelly in the past but The Wedding Band was such a miss The 2 stars were entirely for the hero and the animals

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The Wedding BandE meets the sultry singer in the wedding bandPosing as a singer is no problem for Chris but when Dakota talks her into a private island getaway the hot days and sizzling nights make it impossible to go on deceiving him But what will happen when the media hating movie star discovers the woman he's falling for is really an undercover reporter. Absolutely fabulous Hilarious sweet hot The only thing that could have made it better was an epilogue