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Esslemont – The returning mercenary Crimson Guard are sworn to oppose the Empire Some elite Avowed scheme to open paths to power Ascendants ancient powerful entities seek to exploit all sThe returning mercenary Crimson Guard the Crimson ePUB #9734 are sworn to oppose the Empire Some elite Avowed scheme to open paths to power Ascendants ancient pow. “Battle is for an army to win or lose; war is for a civilisation to win or lose”As you have probably known Steven Erikson and Ian Esslemont are co creators of the Malazan universe Firstly Mr Erikson and his Malazan Book of the Fallen took the fantasy readership by storm remember go for the throat and then Mr Esslemont joined him somewhat benefiting from the success of his friend Novels of the Malazan Empire complement or elaborate on the events and individuals mentioned and alluded to in the Malazan Book of the Fallen The Return of the Crimson Guard is a prime example of how these two series intertwineIf you wonder whether or not it is worth to invest your reading time here my answer is yes but skip the absolutely atrocious first instalment I pretend I did not read it at all You will lose nothing as the two main protagonists don’t even have their POVs in this novel and to fully appreciate the complexity of events and all the innuendos knowledge of Malazan proper will be beneficial The Return of the Crimson Guard takes us roughly to a point in time not long after the “Bonehunters” and so among the main cast you will see a lot of familiar faces including Laseen Mallick Rel and Korbolo Dom The biggest advantage of this novel lies in the fact that Mr Esselmont picks up the threads which were only briefly flagged up in the Malazan Book of the Fallen Nonetheless this is where the plot veers of so to speak and diverges into many parallel stories Among those the most important are ⚔️ the return of the Crimson Guard the Guard consists of four companies stationed on four different continents and we observe the struggles of every one of those; And excuse me for this little intermission here but can we have Iron Bars please ⚔️ Mallick Rel’s plotting to take over imperial throne some deaths are long overdue;⚔️ treason and divisions within the Crimson Guard;⚔️ wanderings of the Traveller and Ereko joined by a young and naive yes how could you have a book without a dash of YA Kyle a renegade from the Guard and a wielder of an interesting wand just kidding sword;⚔️ formation of the Talian league against the Malazan rule of Laseen meet Ghelel your second YA element female to keep the balance; ⚔️ a birth of insurrection on the continent of uon Tali orchestrated and led by the members of the Old Guard all those former companions of Emperor Kellanved we have heard so much about we have the chance to meet Urko Crust Toc the Elder Amaron Choss and others; ⚔️ fighting on the borders of the Wiccan plain featuring d'ivers Ryllandaras and the unconuerable city of Li Heng⚔️ various suads of the Malazan soldiers of whom some are loyal to the throne and some are not and some just do not careThe tale unfolds not from the vantage point of the VIPs but from the perspective of ordinary soldiers From the very beginning we are accompanying them and this places us at the very center of events It also affords us a wonderfully multifocal view we see those who defend the throne and those who want to overcame it We cheer for both sides and if somebody would ask us who are the good guys the answer would not be an easy one to give if possible at all In this respect the book reminds me a lot of Glen Cook’s Black CompanyGenerally when it comes to the storyline Malazan fans have nothing to complain about Events and the protagonists are as rich as in Malazan proper and this novel is an important complement to the motifs knowns from Mr Erikson’s series I must admit that Mr Esslemont has considerably improved conceptually and in terms of plot design; he created a truly epic work that does not have to pretend to be an impoverished relative of Mr Erikson’s books Admittedly all is still on an intermediate level but the basic plot line makes sense from the beginning to an end and is nicely construed At the same time apologies but this comparison with Mr Erikson is simply unavoidable a better writer would be able to change this not too bad book into a real masterpiece The heroes the action scenes the transition between the places protagonists and dimensions the personal reflections; all of this is dry and while infused with a modicum of imagination remains wooden Different sub plots lack a defining characteristic feature that would make them constantly recognisable there is not enough depth the reader is not able to identify individual heroes after two or three sentences the frisson of reading is still not there There are a couple of potentially amazing things scattered across the many hundreds of pages These include Ereko a research academy in a concentration camp and “Surely not” moment But as a reader I had the impression that Mr Erikson would be able to do with these My greatest relief nonetheless is the fact hat writing is better Soldiery conversations are particularly good only when Mr Esselmont is trying to be enigmatic or foreboding it still does not work that well and such dialogues read as if two different conversations were just mashed up for effect Also for no reason I can understand half of the cast has clawed fingers hands and feet and I find this a weird writing fetish In general thus what you can expect from the Return of the Crimson Guard is extension and continuation of collective and individual stories known from the Malazan proper And while you can read this series without the knowledge of the other this is not something I’d recommend doingAlso in the series1 Night of Knives ★★☆☆☆3 Stonewielder ★★☆☆☆4 Orb Sceptre Throne ★★★☆☆5 Blood and Bone ★★★☆☆6 Assail ★★☆☆☆

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Turned Old Hands generals and mages from the previous Emperor direct civil war But Empress Laseen may Return of ePUB #9734 draw out survivors for final eliminatio. Reading this the second time through and not during or immediately reading MbotF has me appreciative of ICE's writing In all honestly I hardly remembered any of this book and give the epic battle at the end it makes me wonder just how much i was paying attentionICE isn't SE and that needs to be remembered His delivery is direct but still has great chaacrter interaction I have enjoyed seeing a different approach to characters like Tayschrenn and I know there is of this in later books which I look forward toOverall a good solid read and I loved being back in this world

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Return of the Crimson GuardErful entities seek to exploit all sides for gain Traveller a swordsman and his companion Ereko confront successive enemies until the last from which none have re. Re read Even than the first time around the first two parts of this book were informative but a little bit slow and boring The last part however was perhaps even better on re read That last part is the best section of any of the Empire books in my opinion and we see the promise later fulfilled in Path to Ascendancy as ICE grows as a writer His brilliant imagery really made a few of the scenes I found myself comparing him to SE less but I still have to wonder how much better it would have been had SE written this series The first half of this books was mediocre at best and has me wishing SE was telling the tale not ICE There were a few moments in particular where SE would have had us weeping but ICE left me wanting It is so hard not to compare the two Then the second half of the book there was almost complete redemption Over 200 pages were an epic convergence to rival SE There were two head scratching almost anti climatic moments though view spoilerLaseen's death and Tayschrenn being sucked into the warren of chaos hide spoiler