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Demanding His Brothers Heirs doc ´ Mass Market Paperback Read Ì Michelle Celmer È ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Demanding His Brothers Heirs By Michelle Celmer ➺ – Twins mean double the trouble Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Michelle Celmer Is HoStaking his claim on the kids means claiming Holly as his own he's game up to a point Because there's a time bomb ticking inside Jason that could blow his chances with Holly right out of the wat Slowly but surely Harleuin romances are moving into the modern age Yes they’ll still have unlikely Cinderella scenarios with poor girls meeting handsome but lonely billionaires However sometimes contemporary ideas will make their way into the improbable taleVasectomies adoptions miscarriages drug addiction statutory rape a heavily implied abortion and a physically compromised male lead are all part of this novel and I have to admit I found their inclusions to be startlingbut not objectionable Welcome to the 21st centuryThat being said well worn plot devices are firmly in place Holly Shay moves in with Jason Cavanaugh after only a token protest She accepts financial help from him even after she finds out he’s a billionaire They agree to stay in the friend zone guess how long that resolve lasts and she falls in love with him after only nine days Naturally it’s up to her to declare her feelings first since he’s a commitmentphobe Let me insert a few words about this oft seen masculine attitude Men who tell a woman up front about why they can’t be tied down aren’t being honest they’re preparing an exit strategy It doesn’t matter what the reason is It’s simply their way of getting sex without having to become serious about the person they’re trying to bed The excusesreasonsjustifications are wide and varied but the motivation is the same He can’t give anything than sex becauseHe’s got a wifefiancéegirlfriendHe’s got a job in another stateHe’s moving shortlyHe’s just passing throughHe’s an alcoholicHe’s a drug addictHe doesn’t have long to liveHe’s dangerous criminal vampire werewolf incubus what have you Yeah that chases off a lot of women but there are plenty of ladies out there who find bad boys so HOTJason’s excuse is poor health He looks in tip top shape but he’s had a heart transplant He needs to see a cardiologist once a month and take a load of pills to make sure his heart keeps working Well that is different But his stated intention of keeping Holly at arm’s length doesn’t last long especially after he catches her sunbathing and sees her in a towel Down boyMatters take a predictable road after that though not without some unpredictable twists What kept me from lapsing into discontent was the addition of Lewis and Miranda a couple struggling with fertility issues Miranda is a woman who’s been married four times but has decided that Lewis is the one she wants to keep A multiple divorcée who isn’t a gold digger or desperate housewife—another refreshing changeMiranda and Lewis are a counterpoint to Holly and Jason Their relationship isn’t perfect by any means and they have their sorrows and tribulations Miranda doesn’t play the role of the wise and knowing older woman or the chatty man obsessed BF who’s constantly poking Holly to go for the gusto They bolster each other yet sometimes find themselves at a lossjust like real peopleThis novel will put off people who prefer their H romances to be strictly about unsullied females and stalwart heroes For those of us yearning for adult fare however this is the novel we’ve been saving ourselves up for

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When he explains who he is she feels relief and attractionnot necessarily in that order When he hears that his troubled twin brother has died Jason Cavanaugh rushes in to help his nephews And if This is the 1st book I read by Michelle Celmer I loved this book's story line I loved the hot steamy scenes I loved how Holly Jason met I loved Holly's character My heart broke for Holly I thought Holly was very strong after all she went through I loved Jason's character I thought Jason was very strong for what he went through I loved how Jason stepped up to the plate My heart broke I was happy for Miranda I loved the ending I would definitely read books by Ms Celmer awesome job

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Demanding His Brothers HeirsTwins mean double the trouble Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Michelle Celmer Is Holly Shay seeing a ghost? The man on her doorstep is the spitting image of her baby twins' late father but Holly found herself with three month old twins and a deceased husband After Jeremy died Holly realized that Jeremy was very deep in debt His death was a suicide and Jeremy was terribly addicted to drugs The landlord allowed her to stay a month till she could afford a reasonable apartment but Holly was totally broke and had no family The twins had been premature and needed three hour feedings Holly was worn out and had lost a lot of weight She kept telling herself that she would make it somehowJason Cavanaugh had been informed that his twin brother had died when Jeremy did not pick up his allowance check The lawyer had given him the address and Jason hoped that they had not thrown out his personal effects as in spite of everything Jason wanted something to remember his brother by Jason had no illusions about the type of man that his twin had become but he still caredHolly answered the door and promptly fainted She had no idea that Jeremy had a twin Jason was in shock at the beautiful women who opened the door He was shocked to learn that she was Jeremy's wife and all the baby bottles sitting around told him That his brother had childrenAfter talking with Holly Jason realized that his brother had really told her a bunch of lies Things like being raised in foster care having an automobile accident and getting monthly checks Holly never knew anything about the drug addiction because she had been pregnant with morning sickness and then bed rest for premature labor almost their whole marriageJason did not want to reveal that Jeremy was from a wealthy family but he did want to help her back on her feet There was also the issue that the twins would one day inherit millions and be needed to know her better and provide a stable upbringing for his nephews Jason had health issues that would not allow him to have children so he wanted to be as involved as much as possibleBut Holly was beautiful How involved should he get with his sister in law