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Download ´ The Mouse and His Child â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ ➽ [Download] ➺ The Mouse and His Child By Russell Hoban ➸ – What are we Papa the toy mouse child asked his fatherI don't know the father answered We must wait and seeA tin father and son dance underEst for dream of a family and a place of their own magnificent doll house plush elephant and tin seal remembered from a The Mouse PDFEPUBtoy sho. I picked up this book pretty much at random Frances the Badger was one of my constant and best friends as a child but I knew nothing about this one and had no expectations either good or badWow This is one of the best novels I've ever readI don't rate books on this site very often simply because I forget but I felt impelled to rate The Mouse and His Child You have to read this I don't care who you areHoban manages to reinvent the Classical epic genre instead of a hero trying to get home you get animals some of them toys others real looking for a homeland The author doesn't try to make the world less dark than it is There's violence double crossing eccentricity death and sorrow aplenty mixed with some of the most poetic prose in all of literature and a fair amount of genuinely funny humorThere isn't a scrap of cheesiness here I cried as I read the final page because it ended so beautifully This is a true work of artIs it for kids Not all kids certainly This is a dark book but it doesn't end dark and there's plenty kids will enjoy But whether you read it as a child or as an adult The Mouse and His Child needs to be on your list

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What are we Papa the toy mouse and His eBook #9734 child asked his fatherI don't know the father answered We must wait and seeA tin father and s. Russell Hoban is one of those authors I probably haven't given enough of a chance I've read one book of his I really loved Amaryllis Night and Day one I did not get on with at all The Medusa Freuency and bits and pieces of a third which while very very interesting would feel like an intellectual exercise than an entertainment no matter who was writing it Riddley Walker Over all of them looms the shadow of The Mouse and His Child an existentialist children's fantasy that I first encountered as an unforgettably dark and uncompromising cartoon before rediscovering it as an even darker and uncompromising novelYeah YeahIt's pretty clear to me at this point that Hoban must have been an exceptionally smart man and possessed of an exceptional mind to be able to think up even that handful of stories which regardless of whether I liked them or not are all pretty startlingly varied and original pieces of writing Based on that one fact you'd think it would be clear that I should read of his work Yet as I sat re reading The Mouse and His Child it occurred to me that there is an increasingly clear separation in my mind between great writers and great storytellers For a long time I've thought that there are many great storytellers L Frank Baum for instance being a wonderful example within the children's literature genre who are not particularly great writers They don't write overly memorable prose and may even have a tin ear for dialogue but their sheer ability to carry you along in a story renders them able to tell you sometimes roughly the same story again and again and again and you never get bored Now I'm starting to think that the opposite can be true there are great writers in the world commanders of language theme and style who are confoundingly so smart or so full of a need to communicate an idea that it gets in the way of telling an entertaining story I say this specifically because all the way through The Mouse and His Child I admired Hoban's actual writing He has a really ingenious way of putting across a fairly sideways point of view in a deceptively straightforward way There are some incredibly vivid images in the story both terrifying and beautiful and the uestions Hoban asks of the reader are vivid enough to have stuck with me than twenty years There's just one problemI did not enjoy reading this book I really really did not enjoy reading this book A large part of that admittedly is the tone This is for a large portion of its proceedings a very grim children's story It is about suffering pain loss of family pursuit torture and sudden death Perhaps importantly the uest for individual identity self winding that serves as the book's focus is so startlingly different from other children's literature so reflective and melancholy as to actually be haunting This is heavy heady stuff You can tell palpably that it is written by someone who fought in war Sometimes it just feels relentless Some of the novel's eccentricities though come off like the favored children of a first time novelist and those can just become annoying I can't for the life of me figure out for instance why Hoban stops the story dead for a prolonged satire of Waiting for Godot or why the Muskrat's peculiar much and little algebraic euations cog plus key euals winding are drummed uite so hard into the dialogue of the second half of the book The Last Visible Dog symbolism while certainly effective also feels incredibly heavy handed especially in the undersea seuence It's all there to support the existentialist theme in fact it's impossible to understand these elements any other way but in an already very depressing story that uncomfortable feeling that you are being lectured at by someone who desperately wants you to understand his message is just about enough to make me put the book down and walk away And I did Several timesSo where does that leave me with The Mouse and His Child I'm really not sure I respect it and I find myself respecting Hoban for his uniue vision I find it a nearly impossible book to recommend though Unlike many readers I wouldn't call it magical That's too light too pleasant too sweet I would call it a very original work that also happens to be overwhelmingly sad and wistful Hoban's world is not a world I want to revisit probably ever again I already know it's a world I can't forget

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The Mouse and His ChildOn dance under a Christmas tree until they break ancient clock work rules and are themselves broken Discarded rescued repaired by a tramp they u. This is another book in my desultory campaign to re read books that I liked in childhood and see if they stand up to adult scrutiny THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN CURTAILED IN PROTEST AT GOODREADS' CENSORSHIP POLICYSee the complete review here