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Download The Curse of Brahma kindle ´ 378 pages ¼ johnscyclingdiary ↠ ❰PDF❯ ✓ The Curse of Brahma Author Jagmohan S. Bhanver – The man who became a BrahmarishiThe curse that banished him to the hell of hellsAnd the revenge that threatens to destroy The man who became a BrahmarishiThe curse that banished him to the hell of hellsAnd the revenge that threatens to destroy the three worldsWhen Lord Brahma the God of Creation banishes his star pupil from Swarglok in a fit of rage he does not foresee that his decision will alter the fate of the three worlds Mortally wounded and anguished at Brahma's unfair punishment his pupil struggles Though the book is a part of Krishna Trilogy the main character of the first book is not the witty lord In steadit is the story of Amartya who was punished for others deed and transformed himself from a Brahmarishi to the feared Dark Lord it is the story of Kansa who was transformed from a noble prince to one of the most evil characters in Indian Mythology The book is about the fate and about our choices who in turn decide our fate It is a book which will arise uestion in your mindis the evil really evil Is the good really good It also provoke thoughts on the idea that the thing which is evil to us may not be evil to some one else The matter of good or bad lies on one's perspectiveJagmohan Bhanver is superb in his first fiction I loved the story behind Krishna's birth but a little disappointed that my favorite lord is a mere conception in the book However the book can be little tired and confusing in the long monologues of various characters Even the storyline sometimes get confusing when too many characters are giving their own perspectives But overall a fine experienceThe book can boast of its fine cover which is really catchy The price is also reasonable Anyone interested in mythology this is the book for you

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To survive in Tamastamah Prabha the hell of hells In time he becomes The Curse ePUB #9734 the Dark Lord the most feared figure in Pataal Lok who swears to destroy BrahmaThe power of the Dark Lord soon begins to make its presence felt in the mortal world Vasudev the brave prince of Bateshwar becomes the hunter of Asura assassins his closest friend Kansa almost dies while trying to save It would be too early to say but Jagmohan Bhanver has done a phenomenal job in penning down this first piece of Krishna puzzle This is a very well researched and very well written piece of mythological fiction that takes you on a different journey all together Like Amish's work this is not an easy read and the author hasn't increased the font just to make it a bulky one Indeed this one is class apart takes time to sink in and the way he has weaved the characters is just superb People have written that since it's Krishna's story so he should be in it from Page 1 GET A LIFE folks

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The Curse of BrahmaHis sister from a group of deadly monsters and the most valiant kings in Mrityulok turn over to the dark side driven by forces beyond their controlOnly one person threatens the Dark Lord's well laid plans Devki the beautiful princess of Madhuvan who is destined to give birth to the warrior KrishnaWill the Dark Lord allow Krishna the person who has been prophesied to destroy him to be bo A book very much in the mould of Amish's Shiva Trilogy so much so that it makes you wonder if it was inspired from the former From the title to the narrative to the fact that this book is the 1st of what is relatedly called The Krishna Trilogy it radiates a familiarity that we have been accustomed to in Amish's works Familiarity breeds contempt and though no actual contempt is felt here there are often times when you wonder if the attempt to put a spin on mythology by adding a human touch to it has been overdone It seemed innovative when the Shiva trilogy was first launched but not any with either Amish's Ram Trilogy or with this Krishna Trilogy I felt this particularly strongly towards the end of this story where everyone is with Vishnu and he is depicted as a rather comical genetic scientist Having said all this I do not want to belittle the author's attempt at telling what is an admittedly fairly entertaining story on its own As was said by me for Amish's latest work this Krishna Trilogy in a similar way can also serve as a modern light introduction to important characters events from Indian mythologyIdeal for a light read as a palate cleanser in between your Kafkas or Murakamis or what not