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Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 4At long last Subaru can finally enjoy a breatheruntil an envoy visits to discuss the royal selection Determined to help E. This volume comprises some events and elements that made me bail from the anime adaptation of this series a few years ago so I knew in advance it wouldn't be my favorite However the format allowed breathing room for some scenes that in the adaptation didn't shed enough light on the characters' motivationsAs usual we follow the misadventures of Natsuki Subaru a guy mysteriously snatched from Earth to a fantasy world where he expected to receive protagonist status However he ended up finding out he's powerless than virtually anyone there except for his sole special ability that of returning to a previous point in his fantasy world life whenever he dies That doesn't save him however from enduring the pain and torture of dying nor the scars in his mental stability and his resolve which become prominent plot points as the story goes on Until this volume the protagonist had had to deal with dying horribly in order to stop disasters from happening and save the people he came to appreciate but now his shortcomings as a human being beyond his abilities cause grief and shame in those he loves to the extent that he's left behindThe gang was chilling at the mansion when they receive a summons for some fantasy world politics thing the main heroine is a candidate for the throne along with other gals and she needs to attend some meeting at the capital The mostly powerless protagonist sees himself being pushed to the sidelines forbidden from attending important conversations and even treated like a bratty child by the woman he loves He pushes to be allowed to travel to the capital with his lord and the main heroine She wants to keep him in the mansion because she fears he'll overextert himself and end up dying which he will over and over to an extent that she's unaware of But the lord of the mansion a Littlefinger like schemer intends to use the protagonist for his theatrics so he allows him to accompany them to the capital There they forbid him from attending the royal meeting at the castle The main heroine addresses him like she would a child making him promise that he'll stay put and not cause all kinds of trouble for her He promises but like the unruly stubborn bastard that he is he immediately breaks that promise and spends the first half of the novel attempting to figure out how to sneak into the castleAt one point he saw that some hoodlums were accosting a high maintenance looking gal in an alley The protagonist driven to put his life on the line for women he doesn't know butts in and becomes a thing in that woman's mind Unfortunately she's one of the other candidates for the throne a volatile psychopath who had already usurped the domain of her husband whom she likely killed and due to her boundless sense of entitlement her explicitly stated belief that everything in the world happens for her benefit she tangles the protagonist whom she constantly insults to come along with her and her bodyguard to the royal summons As she also had learned that the protagonist was part of the main heroine's retinue she takes it as an opportunity to smear the heroine's face with the notion that anyone in her vicinity could be whisked away if this other candidate wanted to She also refers to the heroine as an imbecile due to the heroine's generally shy good natured demeanour For a series with prominently enjoyable banter between the many different characters this character was excruciating Every other character needs to walk on eggshells to avoid triggering her murderous intents Unfortunately she also has supernatural powers including likely some luck based blessing it's a magical world after all that has allowed her to believe that the universe moves for her benefitPictur

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DOWNLOAD é Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 4 Ý [Reading] ➻ Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 4 By Tappei Nagatsuki – At long last Subaru can finally enjoy a breatheruntil an envoy visits to discuss the royal selection Determined to help Emilia win the throne Milia win the throne Subaru accompanies her to the capital but Emilia herself stubbornly refuses his assistance As the te. Subaru was such a frustrating character in this one he was a spoiled brat and payed a heavy conseuence because of that we meet an intriguing and irritating character and someone with an usual connection to Subaru and for the grand and important piece of plot we get the topic of the Royal Selection and all that comes with it

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Nsion grows between the royal candidates so does the friction in the pair's relationship Has Subaru's devotion gone too f. The fun begins