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A Gun for Sale review Õ 104 ß ❰KINDLE❯ ✿ A Gun for Sale Author Graham Greene – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Raven is an ugly man dedicated to ugly deeds His cold blooded killing of a European Minister of War is an act of violence with chilling repercussions not just for Raven himself but for the nation as a Raven is an ugly man Raven is an ugly man dedicated to ugly deeds His cold blooded killing of a European Minister of War is an act of violence with chilling repercussions not just for Raven himself but for the nation as a whole The money he receives in payment A Gun eBook #191 for the murder is made up of stolen notes and when the first of these is traced Raven becomes a man on the run As he tracks d. Good old fashion crime noir that still holds up today to the test of timeThis was my second Graham Greene and it was better than the first The Man Withinwhich is unfair to judge him by It was his first book and even he said it was poop I shouldn't have waited twenty years between the two This Gun For Hire is actually A Gun For Sale but whatever the title it has all the noiry hallmarks that defined the era formed the Hollywood version of crime noir and thus spread the good word back to the people en masse Hell I even read this stark thriller in black and whiteOkay The plot A hired killer gets double crossed and goes after the guy that stiffed him all while being chased by the coppers A woman accidentally gets swept up in it A little Stockholm syndrome later and now she's fully involved But the book is farther reaching than that War profiteers come into it Moral ambiguity abounds Plenty of bad people get theirs in unexpected ways It's all very surprisingly satisfying actually

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Own the agent who has been double crossing him and attempts to elude the police he becomes both hunter and hunted an unwitting weapon of a strange kind of social justice In doing so he sets the stage for Greene’s next novel Brighton Rock This Penguin Classics edition features an introduction by Samuel HynesFor than seventy years Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic. A Gun for Sale is a man on the run story from Graham Greene set during wartime Raven an assassin with a harelip carries out the murder of a diplomat which triggers a war like situation But when the men who ordered the killing cheat him on the agreed money Raven decides to take revenge Hot on the pursuit of the man who owes him money Raven attracts the sympathies of a woman whose boyfriend a policeman is trying to hunt Raven down It is obvious that Greene's sympathies are with the unloved lonely and ugly Raven He seems to favor this revengeful and ignored assassin over the bloodthirsty masses and policemen who are preparing for war The book has great evocation of wartime sentiments and the vigilante fantasies of the masses who are ready to sacrifice individual liberties in their uest for a feeling of victory The book also features some lovely scenes from small town England A small lit village came up beside his window and sailed away like a pleasure steamer hung with lanterns

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A Gun for SaleLiterature in the English speaking world With than titles Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors as well as up to date translations by award winning translator. I'm not uite sure what criteria Graham Greene used to draw the dividing line between his entertainments and his serious works In many ways this novel was uite similar to Brighton Rock which was his next novel and classified in the serious group This earlier work had a little bit gunplay and a little less focus on interpersonal relationships but I often found myself thinking that I was reading a rough draft of Brighton Rock A Gun For Sale is not an entertainment in the sense that it's light hearted and humorous like Our Man in Havana; the opposite it was so serious in its tone that I often thought it bordered on camp But is it fair to call a pulp fiction written in 1936 camp Probably not It's not stereotypical gangster fiction but rather prototypical gangster fiction I think I've decided that Greene called this one an entertainment simply because it's an inferior work Most of the Brighton Rock ideas are there a protagonist conflicted by his Catholic upbringing an eternally optimistic female foil or skirt to use the parlance of the times and violence as a means of conflict resolution The parallels are so extensive that both Pinkie from Brighton Rock and Raven from A Gun for Sale killed a man named Kite at some point in their backstory But whereas Brighton Rock was a complete and coherent novel some parts of A Gun For Sale just didn't work Greene was at his best in this book when he was writing about the characters' internal conflicts and motivations the brief interlude regarding the medical student was brilliant though it felt out of place in this story This kind of writing is what makes his serious works so great But Greene just couldn't uite pull off the hardboiled crime bits Even the first few sentences I found immensely awkward Murder didn't' mean much to Raven It was just a new job You had to be careful You had to use your brains It was not a uestion of hatred Greene is no Raymond Chandler when it comes to crime fiction It helped Chandler that he didn't make Phillip Marlowe a Catholic I've read enough Greene to know that Catholicism can really screw with your head