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Chipped Black Nail Polish doc ´ Paperback ✓ johnscyclingdiary · ➜ [Epub] ❧ Chipped Black Nail Polish By Nicholas Tanek ➦ – A tribute to a different kind of Jersey girl In New Jersey during the summer of 1989 an awkward thirteen year old who was obsesseAlong yet held at a distance Nicholas fell in with the out crowd and loved every minute of Chipped Black MOBI #233 it He fell in love and got left behind but not before she changed him forever This is an irrational emotional love story for the teenager inside all of us The music is loud and you’re about to be pushed into the pitWhat some people are saying“I should have put you in therapy” I think Nicholas has become one of my favorite storytellers I don't mean this to be a simple compliment Great storytelling is an art form to me Nicholas paints pictures with his words She was chaos What better person to guide me through chaos than someone who is chaos themselvesHe takes us to a place in time as teens where we awkwardly debate whether to be our own person expressing our secret unpopular opinions out loud or just imitate what everyone else is doing and conform under layers of Auanet We were united by diversity we were a little different from each other but our rejection of popular culture brought us togetherHe sucked me into a world that was so crazy and exciting to experience as a reader It almost made me feel like a teenager again This book was than Nicholas losing his virginity and first loves He learned through Kim and her beautiful band of weirdos that being weird is the coolest

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A tribute to a different kind of Jersey girl In New Jersey during the summer of an awkward thirteen year old who was obsessed with weird music fell head over heels in love with the coolest post punk rock girl he had ever met Nicholas was insecure He was a daydreamer wishing for romance when he was told over and over that he could not have it He was a toy pulled and pushed wanted and used dragged I just finished reading a book about a 13 year old Nicholas Tanek and his experience of one summer in 1989 This story tells us about his first Love and how that Love changed him for the rest of his life I was taken on a journey that starts with a shy boy that has so many of the same fears and secrets that most teenage boys his age had But Nicholas was a special soul he loved music and movies I am not just talking about the usual big hair band music that was so common during that era but all the underground Punk Rock music that came from New Jersey and all over the world during that time Nicholas was and is a free thinker and didn’t follow the regular crowds I don’t think he followed any crowds for that matter But still he worried about the usual things a teenager did like pimples on his face and if that pretty girl would think he was a weirdo From a young age Nicholas knew he was different and wanted different things from life He had desires that most would find strange in his mind and he hide them from the world That is until he met Kim she found him in his favorite place a record store Nicholas was taken literally taken by Kim and she showed him things that obviously he will never forget otherwise he wouldn’t have wrote this book Kim was troubled crazy beautiful adventurous and daring Nicholas saw Kim as a Goddess someone that he loved from almost the very first moment he met her they had a connection Once again Nicholas has made me feel like he was on my couch telling me his story And then he touch my heart with this book it had me engrossed and I didn’t want to put it down unfortunately life made me stop a few times but I finally got to the end and I had to start writing my review right away The last half of this book was the best part in my opinion it was so sad and meaningful I just wanted to hug Nicholas and tell him he was going to be ok And then he surprised me and I literally gasped I loved the ending and I also understand his first book The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself a little better too If you are looking for something different to read I would say you need no you must read this book and then meet the real Nicholas and read his first book I will be telling all my friends about this one Of course I am leaving a 5 star review for this book what else is there to do My favorite uote “Never apologize for being weird” Kim once told me

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Chipped Black Nail Polish– my mother“I insist that you use my real name” – Kevin“Finally a title that doesn’t scare people off Not like the first book The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself” – Kim Gray publicistCHIPPED BLACK NAIL POLISH paperback is available now exclusively through Outskirts Press Soon it will be on and BN Eventually it will be on Kindle ‪‎CBNP‬ ‪‎TheCoolestWay‬ ‪‎NewAdult‬ As a teenager if you’ve ever looked around and thought ‘Where do I belong With whom do I most relate’ then you might want to pick this book up Nicholas Tanek takes us on yet another fascinating journey in this his second book and the preuel to The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself In his first book we got to know well everything there is to know about him in his late teen years and adult life He laid his soul bare in tribute to the love of his life Lynn; to the girl who thought no one would ever write anything about her But in this book we learn about how this shy kind of dorky thirteen year old boy becomes the assured confident young man we read about in The Coolest Way You might say it sounds like a predictable storyline But only a few of us in this life meet a force of nature like Kim Kim is the girl every parent fears their child will bring home from school one day Kim is the girl you walk on the other side of the sidewalk from when you see her approach And yet secretly when you look at her you wish you could be that cool Nicholas teaches us about Kim about how Kim helps Nicholas discover himself Through this book you come to realize that Kim is not who she appears to be and that perhaps we should all take a lesson in how looks and behaviors can be very deceiving This is a journey through the mind of a troubled teenager and the innocent boy who knows nothing else except that she needs to be loved And with all things Nicholas Tanek you will finish the book with a whole list of bands and songs to go look up and enjoy In fact I suggest you look them up and get them before starting the book playlists are included at the end of the book so that you can listen to them as you read about each one They are of particular significance and are not chosen at random See if you can find the meaning of each of the bands and the songs Nicholas chose to include in CBNP