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review Ted Hughes Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB í ❴Epub❵ ➟ Ted Hughes Author Jonathan Bate – A captivating life of Ted Hughes told with great depth by the prize winning author of The Genius of Shakespeare and biographer of John Clare Jonathan BateTed Hughes Poet Laureate was one of the greate A Years in his archives unearthing a wealth of new material Here for the first time is the full story of Ted Hughes's life and work At its centre is Hughes’s lifelong uest to come to terms with the suicide of his first wife Sylvia Plat. Great poets like Ted Hughes deserve great biographies This is a very good one if not great The ualifier seems necessary because there were limitations placed on the biographer Jonathan Bate The first to be given access to the huge archive of Hughes's unpublished writings permission was later revoked by the widow Carol Hughes ostensibly because he was uncovering too much of the libertine and not enough of the literary Hughes famously or infamously was a womanizer and had many affairs some with writers whose names are well known and some whose names can only be hinted at Bate provides enough detail to satisfy the voyeur in us while at the same time being an intelligent critic gives us a full and fascinating portrait of the poet and his workHughes as we all know was the husband of the suicidal poet Sylvia Plath Their marriage was one of the most interesting unions and collaborations in literary history Hughes's love for her and his loss of her were the defining events of his life Bate isn't able to add much to a story already so well known It's all covered by him rather uickly considering the importance of those years to Hughes and their impact on the poetry to follow Still there's much story left many sides to Ted Hughes outdoorsman eco warrior Poet Laureate Shakespearian scholar expert on myth and the shamanistic and the biography makes a full man of himIf this isn't the biography Bate wanted to write it's still an excellent one I doubt there will be a better one until Carol is gone

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With an eual gift for poetry and prose he had a magnetic personality and an insatiable appetite for friendship for love and for lifeBut he attracted scandal than any poet since Lord ByronRenowned scholar Sir Jonathan Bate has spent five. Fascinating and clearly well researched from the biographical point of view But the thing that really excites me for the rest is Bate's obvious scholarly and literary understanding of Hughes' poetry and why and how he wrote it Sadly I had to sit with my Collected Poems of Ted Hughes as Bate wasn't allowed to uote from Hughes' poetry directly except in a few careful sections using fair dealing He's paraphrasing This is a huge shame and the Hughes estate has made uite a blunder in refusing uotations Bate wanted to write a literary biography closely examinging the work with reference to the life I hope he hasn't been forced to flip it the other way and look too closely at the life which was sensationalReading deeper in to this biography and one of its great joys is Bate's understanding of Hughes' individual creativity and his lifelong fascination with the creative process I'm almost dreading the Plath marriagesuicide section to come; the creative process and how it evolved with Hughes is so carefully and intelligently discussed and described and I'm not a blind fan of Plath Her poetry was extraordinary but reading her journals I'm worn out at times bored by her and often find her vicioiusly nasty Hughes' letters on the other hand are always fascinating on so many subjects ok the occult stuff is a bit bonkers though mostly he kept this to himself but he's much illuminating and enjoyable to be with on the page than Plath I almost dread him meeting her in the biography about to get to thatContinues to be superb For once as I read I feel I'm getting to hear Ted's side of the story Though his love crimes do stack up considerably at least in this version you can appreciate what he was up against dealing with Sylvia Plath If you've lived through a marriage like theirs not the poetry collaborative part which was worthwhile for both but the personality disorders you'll appreciate why things went the way they did And I had always suspected Al Avarez who previously seemed to me to protest too hard on Plath's behalf thereby expressing his own sense of guilt had to do with it all than he let on though one revelation in this biography was a surprise but explains the rancour directed against Hughes even as recently as 2010 in The Guardian Hughes' literarypoetic life was hugely affected by his personal life and Bate does a terrific job of showing that inter relationship even though he's largely handicapped by being unable to uote from most of Hughes' writing A literary biography well worth reading for so many reasons and gets 5 stars from me because Bate has managed to overcome a lot obstacles and still make this a fascinating read

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Ted HughesA captivating life of Ted Hughes told with great depth by the prize winning author of The Genius of Shakespeare and biographer of John Clare Jonathan BateTed Hughes Poet Laureate was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. I have just finished this book in the last twenty minutes or so and am still in the throes of reading it This was a glorious read for many reasons but perhaps the most important one is that it has given me a brand new and utterly rounded account of Ted Hughes as a poet father lover and husbandI have never read his poetry and only knew him as the dubious Mr Sylvia Plath who presumably was the cause of her suicide Then I learned his second wife went the same way but this time involving their four year old daughter in her own version of Plath's suicide Based on assorted scandalous tit bits that I knew little about I joined the legions of feminist women in believing he must surely be some kind of monsterThis is not true though it is not simply a case of stating the opposite Most women I think have known a Ted Hughes and even loved a Ted HughesApart from all this his many many women and flamboyant sexual appetite this is an incredible and electrifying account of the life of a writer a man who constantly stove to learn and dissect write and rewrite and rewrite once I cannot recommend it highly enough in this regard I will confess that I did not always followed the intense analysis on offer of Hughes poetry and plays I know feck all about poetry but it did not take away from my enjoyment of this biography Thanks to Bate I am now going to start a biography of Wordsworth a book that has sat on my shelves for well over a decade And I will definitely be getting myself a copy of Hughes's 'Birthday Letters' This is surely the power of a bloody good biography to send the reader on an unexpected journey in the aftermath of turning the last page