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Download Victorias Downfall Hunted #1 Ebook Ô 113 pages ½ ➹ [Download] ➵ Victorias Downfall Hunted #1 By A. Zavarelli ➼ – While I was busy running from my ghosts I was too distracted to notice the danger lurking right in front of me I felt him though just as soon as I craWhile I was busy running from my ghosts I was too distracted to notice the danger lurking right in front Victorias Downfall ePUB #9734 of me I felt him though just as soon as I crashed into his rock hard body Gabriel MaddoxThe heir to the Maddox Empire and target of countless gossip columns He was the man ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an honestly hot book I mean the scenes had me scrambling to find a vibrator Totally scorchingly and passionately hot I loved it so much Written in first person with a dual POV the story centres on a young woman called Victoria and a man called Gabriel as they embark on an intense love affairThe story was addicting and it had me hooked from the first page The characters were amazing Gabriel at first i didnt like him He was cold and void of no emotion but damn his words had me pining like a schoolgirl I was jumping up and down with excitement Victoria i definitely loved She is feisty funny at times and strong I liked the fact that she didnt fall for Gabriels charm although she wanted to I sense her past was intriguing and I need to know My only criticism is that I wanted to know I wanted to know about Victoria and Gabriels past It wasnt explained and would have wanted the author to write the book longer Too short for me Maybe if it was long details would have been laid out I think book 2 might have infoThis is a beautifully written book The writing leaves you begging for Page after page i was hooked Great book with awesome characters

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Oo fragile heart couldn’t handle someone like him I knew it the moment he first made his proposition But the thing about Gabriel Maddox is when he wants something there is nothing he won’t do to get it Please note This book contains explicit sexual content language and elements of BDSM and dark erotica Great story line so farI like the characters and the story behind themAuthor has a great imagination and looking forward to second part of the series to see where they go next x

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Victorias Downfall Hunted #1That all of the single women of New York had their eye on The playboy with a reputation that preceded him and a trail of broken hearts left in his wake The only problem He seemed to have his eye on me Victoria Colletti The woman with a closet full of skeletons and a past that I couldn’t escape from My t This book is downright sexy from title to cover page to the main characters The plot is little unclear as it is a part of series but you’d find yourself glued to Victoria and Gabriel and the boiling sexual tension between the two Victoria was hiding from someone when she ran into Gabriel who is a playboywomanizer Gabriel knows what to say to women and when to say it With his amazing speaking skills he talked Victoria into having sex with him without any further commitment Although cynical of his intentions Victoria found it hard to resist him Wished there was to the story There would be but you got to get your hands on the second book