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Second Chance Colton The Coltons of Oklahoma #5Y rugged cowboy cop If her instincts are wrong then the real killer is still at large and has the Chance Colton The Kindle #215 Coltons in his sights Teaming up with Ryan is the only way Chance Colton The Coltons of PDF or for him to save his family and his second chance with h. 35 Well written good read but of a mysterysuspense then a romance Hence the 35 rattingWe have our hero Ryan who is a detective He's investigating a death on his family ranch and his sister is the suspect Susie is an forensics expert and works in the same building as Ryan Ryan and Susie have a past that didn't end well Ryan ended there love affair with no reason or explanation Susie was deeply hurt and never truly got over Ryan Ryan now needs Susie's help to solve this murder and help save his sister As the investigation begins so does their feeling for each other or renew their feeling for each other and they begin to draw closer This was very well written and had a great mysterysuspense going throughout the book It held my attention and never lagged I really liked the characters as well as the secondary characters Had a great family feel to it as wellI enjoyed the romance but in all honesty it was secondary or almost an after thought in the book Netgalley for an honest review

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Ut once her DNA is found at the scene Ryan goes head to Second Chance MOBI #233 head with the forensics expert he’d hoped to avoid Susie Howard the beautiful woman he once lovedand leftSeeing Ryan again has Susie doubting everything especially her resolution to forget the sex. This is the 5th book in The Coltons of Oklahoma series I've read each of the books and have enjoyed them all Each book has stared one of the siblings Ryan Colton is the Police detective of the family It was nice that he got his own book He has been trying to figure out everything that has been happening to his family and solve the crimes that has been committed on his family ranch It all started in book one when his mother was attacked in her bedroom The suspense and action has not let up throughout the series This book also has romance Years ago Ryan thought he was doing the right thing when he broke up with Susie before he deployed to a combat zone He didn't want Susie to have to wait for him to get back He surly didn't want to break her heart if he never made it back Now the two have to work together and the attraction is still there There is a possibility that Greta Ryan's sister is being framed for murdered Both Ryan and Susie works for the police department They can't let personal feelings get in the way when it comes to finding the real killerThroughout the investigation Ryan knows Susie is his one true love Can the two have a second chance at happiness

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Second Chance Colton The Coltons of Oklahoma #5 review ✓ 103 ´ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Second Chance Colton The Coltons of Oklahoma #5 ➮ Author Marie Ferrarella – Mills Boon Romantic Suspense collection brings you dangerous liasions Scandal leads to death on the Colton Mills Boon Colton The PDFEPUB #195 Romantic Suspense collection brings you dangerous liasions Scandal leads to death on the Colton ranch When murder strikes his family’s ranch Detective Ryan Colton follows the evidencestraight to his sister Instinct tells him she’s innocent B. Detective Ryan Colton is less then thrilled that strange things keep happening at his family's ranch But its even worse a body is found and all signs lead to his sister Things just don't add up and he is working hard to prove his sisters innocence The only other person in the dept who is out to help him get to the bottom of this is Susie the forensic Who also happens to be an EX of his before things got complicated and he left for the Navy As they work on helping his sister things start to heat up for the two co workersI loved the who mystery that surrounded the book I loved that there was a bit of romance and second chances between the two Maybe even for Greta getting her second chance which I hope to see in the next book I thought that the mystery person was someone unexpected even if I was kind of guessing who it could be I wasn't expecting to be right If your wondering go check this book out This book was very well written and I enjoyed every minute reading this book It's fast paced with many things going on and overall a great book