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Raising CainO is tied to the three realms of Heaven Earth and Hell only she is capable of opening the gates for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Whoever frees the Horsemen allegedly commands them Now both Heaven and Hell are vying for her allegiance and there are no limits as to how dirty they’ll fight to obtain it With Hell raining indiscriminate chaos as Heaven maneuvers its players around her Dani realizes her would be assassin may be the only man capable of helping her survive. While the premise of this book was fascinating it just didn't grab me I liked both protagonists I liked the world I liked the idea of the freaks and the norms and working in a freakshow to hide from the world but there was just something about this that I couldn't relate toI found myself struggling to finish this pushing myself to keep picking it up and to be honest if this hadn't been an ARC from the publisher and they expected my review I would have classed this as a DNF I have read a few of the other reviews and they say push through the first 25% it gets better but to me for a book to be worthy of 4 or 5 stars that first 25% is the part that needs to grab me I can forgive a soggy middle if the beginning and the end live up to it but in this case it has a soggy start middling middle and great end so I agree with the other reviewers if you can get through the start the rewards will pay off For me not so much

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??s premier assassin and a predatory incubus is close to fulfilling his final contract and earning his freedom Hired by the Archangel of Death to find his daughter Cain follows her trail to the Fair He works undercover certain his mark is inside one of the portable canopies or traveling cages Dead or alive she euals his ticket to freedom When Cain’s objective is divulged Dani realizes she can’t outrun her destiny As the fabled Key the one soul with absolute free will wh. 354 stars I’ve been trying for a few days to figure out how best to express my feelings about Raising Cain and have many drafts that I tossed because they just weren’t conveying what I wanted and finally came to the realization that what I liked about this book are the same things that drove me to wanting to toss my ereader into the freezer at times Sound odd that something you really liked about someone can also drive you bat shit crazy Possibly but it’s the truth with this one and here’s whyDani Her past and the things that were drilled into her head from a young age about never telling anyone what her parentage is of which the Key isn’t apart of because she has no clue that she is even the mythical vessel and it has made her self reliant self sufficient yet weary of getting close to anyone and there are reasons than just her lineage in this case With this kind of upbringing she has become a strong and intelligent woman who just wants to be left alone but with all of this she has a difficult time bending metaphorically Her need to stay in control and belief that she knows better tends to get her into a lot of trouble and some of it she could have avoided if she’d just listened Cain He is an uber Alpha in every way Sexy as sin of course he is an incubus so it adds an extra layer of sexy to him dominant and arrogant and while this was a draw it also grated on my nerves especially in the beginning But there is a tenderness to him that comes out at various times that makes you forget the arrogance and with the conflict he is facing you can’t help but want to hug himCain and Dani budding relationship is best described as schizophrenic No really it is They both do the merry go round dance of “I think I like you I hate you I think I love you I hate” so much that it made my head spin and I really wanted to grab some duct tape and slap it over their mouths to get them to stop baiting each other Some of this does stem from the fact that they both have their secrets that neither is willing to give up but most is because they both have strong personalities and neither could let up But there were moments when their bantering was funny and had me laughing outloud Then there is the addition of Armen and Noah Noah I loved instantly Armen took awhile but in the end I liked him Their arrival in the story brought about a little drama and yet it also signaled the start of actually getting some answers to what the deal with the Key was and how Dani could be itThis book was a roller coaster of a ride for me in many ways from my feelings about the characters to the pacing of the story It starts off at a good clip and you are definitely tossed right into the world then it speeds up to an almost frantic pace and then slows down uite a bit I didn’t mind the pace changes and actually liked the slower pace since that’s where some of the pieces start to come together There is a bit of romance but it isn’t the meat of the story in anyway and there is no HEA to be had here The ending does tie up certain threads but this is a series Not a serial or standalone so there is definitely to comeOverall I really liked it even though I did contemplate tossing my ereader into the freezer and can’t wait to see what else is in store for Dani I received an ARC from TKA Distribution via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Raising Cain Free read Ý 102 ☆ ❴PDF❵ ✓ Raising Cain Author Kelli Ireland – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Hiding places are scarce when both Heaven and Hell intend to find you Dani Fayel’s backbreaking job as a stable hand at The Freaks’ Fair isn’t glamorous but for someone looking to keep to the sh Hiding places are scarHiding places are scarce when both Heaven and Hell intend to find you Dani Fayel’s backbreaking job as a stable hand at The Freaks’ Fair isn’t glamorous but for someone looking to keep to the shadows It’s perfect Neither paranormal freaks nor human norms ever notice her But when Dani is forced to either let a child die in order to maintain her anonymity or choose to save him and risk being discovered she finds herself unwillingly thrust into the spotlight Cain Hell?. Although this was a good book I had a bit of trouble with the supernatural aspect It felt a bit disjointed Good vs Evil Angels vs Devils etc The bad guy goes back and forth between good and evil enough to give you whiplash