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My Tomorrow The Tomorrow Series 1 Free download ¹ 2 î [Ebook] ➩ My Tomorrow The Tomorrow Series 1 Author Megan Nugen Isbell – New York is about as far away from Iowa as you can get and when Natalie Vasser leaves her home for the big city after college graduation everything seems possible TheTure is with Ethanthat is until she meets Drew Saben The she gets to know Drew the she starts to wonder if maybe the life she’s planned for herself isn’t the one she wants after Tomorrow The Tomorrow eBook #9734 all How far will she have to fall until she discovers what she truly wants. My Tomorrow by Megan Nugen Isbell a phenomenal five star read This is the first book in the Tomorrow series Is the grass always greener That’s what Natalie Vasser wonders one day Natalie and her college sweetheart Ethan Carter have moved to New York City from their home in Iowa they have finished their studies and It was always Ethan’s dream to work on Broadway as a music tech so they followed his dream and came with their last 500 But as many people who head to New York to follow their dreams it doesn’t always go to plan The daily grind starts to get to them both when Ethan struggles to find a job in his dream profession so he takes a job in an Italian restaurant to help pay the bills Its long hours and hard work Natalie struggles to find a job also and starts to get lonely stuck a home on her own with no money to do anything with but this was all part of the plan and Natalie likes a plan until one day she gets an interview at temp job then she starts to wonder about the planThe temp job is as an office assistant to a partner in an architectural firm Andrew Saben or Drew as he likes to be known as she imagines him to be old and stuffy until he accidently walks in on the interview and then something happens to Natalie she thinks he hot and not what she imagined and she starts to think that not everything needs to go to plan Drew is kind and considerate and he understands when Natalie talks to him about her relationship difficulties with Ethan he talks things through with her and cheers her up The only problem is the they get to know each other the Natalie becomes torn between the two men one who she has known for years and knows she will struggle with for every penny and the other who is new and shiny and will give her everything she desiresBut as we all know old isn’t always good but sometimes new and shiny isn’t the best option either Natalie has a tough choice on her hands and it causes some very funny circumstances through the bookThis book is very well written and a real lovely read I can’t wait to read Heart of tomorrow the next chapter in Natalie’s story

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The Tomorrow Kindle #207 New York is about as far away from Iowa as you can get and when Natalie Vasser leaves her home for the big city after college graduation everything seems possible The past four years have been spent with Ethan the only man she’s ever loved and she wants to be the. I enjoy a good love triangle book and My Tomorrow fits that bill Ethan and Natalie recent college graduates who have been in a relationship for the last few years decide to uproot their lives and move to New York City Things don't work out as planned for them and stress over how things are going causes conflict in their life When Natalie gets a job working with Drew things get even complicated I really liked these characteres They felt very real to me I look forward to in this series

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My Tomorrow The Tomorrow Series 1Re for him as he follows his dream Reality soon sets in though and she realizes My Tomorrow eBook #237 life in New York City isn’t what she expects Making the rent and paying the bills becomes priority not each other Times are hard and emotions are strained but Natalie’s certain her fu. Hated the cheating and wished the characters were able to make different choices I wish Natalie could have had the balls to end things with Ethan and then run to Drew for crazy passion love I wish Drew could have said Natalie I want you and I know you want me so you need to break up with Ethan so we can give our relationship a chance I wish Ethan could have realized that it okay to say hi to someone while at your jobpeople so it all the timeTwo details about this book really bothered me The main characters would have had text conversations going on It takes no time at all and they would have known where each other were Their complete silence during their time apart was not believable at all Second I don't believe between the two of them working they didn't have enough money to stop talkingworrying money all the time Especially since the book made it sound like Ethan was working all the time Yeah righthe still would have had time to take walks around New York occasionally It seemed forced that they never saw or talked to each other during the day