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free read 五輪書 Go rin no sho 100 â ❮PDF❯ ✓ 五輪書 Go rin no sho Author Miyamoto Musashi – This classic book of strategy is now available on cdMiyamoto Musashi was renowned in his own time as an invincible warrior a master artisan an author and philosopher Today his philosophy is still reve ThiEss and has remained so ever sinceThe principles in this work are as true today as they were over years ago and are as valid for business negotiations as for hand to hand combat Based in the principles of Zen and advocating a hands on approach to mastering the skills for winning A Book of Five Rings is very likely the Go rin no eBook #10003 most perceptive guide to strategy ever writte. The Original Bad Ass MoFo in a Zen kinda wayStrategyTacticsBad AssednessViolenceYES

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This classic book of rin no eBook #184 strategy is now available on cdMiyamoto Musashi was renowned in his own time as an invincible warrior a master artisan an author and philosopher Today his philosophy is still revered by the Japanese and used as a guide for daily decision making and business strategy He wrote A Book of Five Rings not only as a thesis on doing battle but also as a w. This is one of those books I've been meaning to read for years There's a lot that could be said here than can be included in a review How can one review a book that has stood the test of 5 centuries I think there is much of value here I think there is much that can be learned and then misapplied by those not wise enough to understand application as well as processThe book assumes that the one reading will have already spent much time in learning and study and plans to move on with the learning The book's 5 rings can in many ways be looked at as headings or reminders These are in many ways outlines of much larger subjects 1000 days of practice euals 10000 days or instructionThere are subjects and views that on the surface seem to to be contradictory Musashi speaks of venerating the gods and the Buddhas he then speaks of total self reliance especially not appealing to or depending on the gods or Buddhas The most commonly used phrase in translation is this should be investigated thoroughlyAn interesting book that does not claim to supply truth but to help in your finding what is the truth Musashi would probably add for youA book to think about and approach with consideration and hopefully wisdom

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五輪書 Go rin no shoAy to approach and live all aspects of life any situation where plans and tactics are used When A Book of Five Rings first appeared on North American bookshelves in 五輪書 Go Epubits message took the business community by storm It provided insight into the then emerging Japanese influence and offered a new way to think about business It instantly became a vital tool for assured succ. I can't believe I never read this before now but damn HAVING read it now I also appreciate it Huh Am I learning the way of the blade wanting to defeat my foes from first principles and needing someone from many hundreds of years ago to tell me to EXPLORE THE PRACTICE DEEPLY Yes Practice it a LOT No I'm not picking up a blade and I'm not reading this from the PoV of some modern businessman wanting to get one up on my competition but I sure as hell got a LOT out of thisYou can say that it can be distilled down into a version of Buddhism or you can say the essence is Fire Wind Water and Stone plus The Emptiness But saying so doesn't explain a damn thing nor does it teach anyone what is really beneath the words in this very clear textIt does however lend itself WONDERFULLY to metaphor Analogy I mean of COURSE you're supposed to aim for the face It always makes them flinch Of course you're supposed to dominate the battlefield with your own timing never losing momentum and always face your opponents with couragePay attention to everything Use everythingBut above all heed the path of the Emptiness Stop assuming shit Learn your lessons well always be honest with yourself and never stop facing absolutely everything I think I'm going to buy this in a very nice edition and place it within my reach everywhere I go It's that good After all minds ARE blades