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Gas or Ass The Cuda Confessions #1Out speed or Ass The Epub #217 sex and defianceWhen Colt offered me a ride to school I thought the ‘gas or ass’ thing was a joke but he wasn’t kidding Though he barely touched me he shattered the innocence I couldn’t wait to shed Even then I sensed I’d never be the or Ass The Cuda Confessions PDF same He and Caine soon upped the stakes putting me behind the wheel of cars that could reach insane speeds They kept challenging me to find my inner wild child pairing illegal drag races with high octane sex games games like 'w. Wow I’m shocked at how much I really loved this oneI think it’s hilarious that I can’t even write the title of this book in my review but whatever What i’d like to say is for having this title the book is surprisingly deep This author says from the start it started off as satire in combination of saying “kiss it” to people who tell authors “you can’t write that” I think she did a perfect job This is NOT a romance It’s erotic new adult fiction The story isn’t pretty It’s sort of gritty when you get down to the bones of it There’s sex There’s a teenage girl growing up and seeing people for who they are I loved that this story isn’t pretty It feels relatable not in exact terms but if you read it and get the underlying message then you will see how any single person can relate to Shelby and the things she goes throughI’m not uite sure if I’ll continue the series right away but I do want to once it’s fully completed It’s a good read and a great way to get a point across without beating it into someone’s head Well done

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Ass The MOBI #237 Not every relationship is about loveThe odometer on my sex life was stuck at zero the day my mother dragged home a husband I’d never met Dale brought his two grown sons or Ass The Cuda Confessions PDF to help pack and move us into their house Both were hard bodied Gas or PDF and handsome but Caine didn’t speak to me Colt on the other hand said crude stuff like “Wanna ride with me Then I’m gonna need gas or ass” but I couldn’t take my eyes off his rippling muscles and challenging blue eyes Some are ab. This book was awesome I love those pseudo taboo books with steps This was so much It seems there will be a second book and I can't wait to read it For those of you who reuire it there is no HEA in this story as it is a cliffhanger Hopefully the next story will have one I'll keep my fingers crossed

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Gas or Ass The Cuda Confessions #1 Free download á PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à [Read] ➵ Gas or Ass The Cuda Confessions #1 Author Eden Connor – Not every relationship is about loveThe odometer on my sex life was stuck at zero the day my Inner gets head' And some are about trying to break youIt wasn’t long before I was hooked but I always planned to walk away Then everything spun out of control and walking wasn’t an option I had to runDisclaimer This is a tale of a young girl’s crush that turns to hatred and back to love Gas and Ass is the crush to hate part of the story There’s no HEA inside these pages so if that’s a must this isn’t the story for you If you can delay gratification however the hatred to love part is the basis of the seuel Turn and Bu. I think I’m in the minority on this one but I did not like this book Don’t get me wrong I like the whole pseudo incest banging the stepbrother thing but there were several other aspects of this book that I absolutely hated Shelby’s mom gets remarried and she and her mom move in with her step dad and super hot stepbrothers Caine and Colt They like fast cars and illegal drag racing and have a saying “gas or ass” The whole premise of the book is not bad You want a ride you got to pay up or put out Shelby gets caught up in their world and wants She wants of her stepbrother Colt but he keeps throwing other guys at her He pretty much forces her into losing her virginity to an overweight sheriff on the hood of a car so that Colt’s half sister Caroline won’t have her car seized Then when he blows his load inside her the boys stick a beer bottle up her vaj to cleanse her in hopes of decreasing her chances of getting pregnant which I don’t think is even remotely effective I’m not totally opposed to dub con but this was gross to me Then Shelby screws Caine but Colt thinks she’s still not ready for his massive cock Further justification for her to screw other guys When Shelby wins a drag race the winner gets head so some old guy goes down on her He then tries to fuck her which Colt encouraged in order to loosen her up for him but she freaks out Not to mention Caroline is all the while fucking everything with legs so her stepbrother boyfriend can get off watching I think the stepbrother pseudo incest theme is hot The whole forbidden fruit living under the same roof but not supposed to touch turns me on but Gas or Ass did not do it for me I know this is not supposed to be a HEA but I really hated how much of an ass Colt was He acted like he wanted her even if it was just for sex but then he threw other guys at her like it was nothing She eventually wanted the other guys having them line up like her friend Caroline to have a go All this for Colt Why Shelby Why I just wanted to hit her in the face and knock some sense into her the entire time I was reading this Apparently Caroline and Shelby were both excellent students which makes me uestion their promiscuity even I won’t give away the ending but it provided clarification for why Colt did the things he did and made him an even bigger asshole I don’t know that Shelby deserved everything she got but she certainly had it coming being such an idiot I just wanted to shake her and ask how stupid can you be