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review The Guest Room Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Â ✑ The Guest Room pdf ✓ Author Chris Bohjalian – From the bestselling author of A Light in the Ruins and The Sandcastle Girls comes the story of a bachelor party gone horribly wrong two men lie dead in a suburban living room two women are on the He shared with a dark haired girl in the guestroom But the dark haired girl Alexandra faces a much graver danger Stolen from her family as a teenager and locked away in hotel rooms and a closely guarded cottage Alexandra has been held captive by oligarchs for years But now in one breathless violent night she is free running to escape the police who will arrest her and the gangsters who will kill her in a heartbeat A captivating chilling story about shame scandal and the sex trade The Guest Room is a riveting novel from a great storytelle. I recommend you read this bookIt may not be entirely enjoyable In fact you might feel rather uncomfortable at times I certainly did But if you're uncomfortable that means Bohjalian's story is striking a nerveIn The Guest Room Chris Bohjalian tells the story of a bachelor party gone very very wrong might this book do for bachelor parties what the movie Fatal Attraction did for affairs It's a book about poor judgement bad decisions and worst case scenarios It's a book about facing up to the conseuences of one's actions a loss of innocence and acceptance But layered on top of Bohjalian's excellent writing and thriller like plot development The Guest Room is really a book about the horrors of sexual slaveryThrough the characters of Alexandra and Sonia Armenian girls kidnapped in their very early teens Bohjalian delivers a heart wrenching tale about the very dark side of human trafficking It's not easy to read and unfortunately it's all too realBohjalian also reuires the reader to think deeply about sexual politics What is acceptable male behavior Female behavior Tell me what is worse The man who sells a girl or the man who buys oneAnd even if they hadn't been abducted and coerced into the work the truth is no one becomes a prostitute because she wants to It's always the occupation of last resortFor those looking for information Bohjalian has resources on his website about human trafficking scroll to the bottom of the page And how sadly apropos that I finished this book just days before the latest scandal involving a sexual assault on campus where once again a perpetrator is given a wrist slap and can't see that he did anything wrong during his 20 minutes of action45 starsThank you to Netgalley and Doubleday for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review Note although I was given a galley I listened to the audio version of this book which was excellent

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And he opens his Westchester home to his brother's friends and their hired entertainment What he does not expect is this bacchanalian drunkenness a dangerously intimate moment in his guest bedroom and two naked women stabbing and killing their Russian bodyguards before driving off into the night      In the aftermath Richard's life rapidly spirals into nightmare The police throw him out of his home now a crime scene his investment banking firm puts him on indefinite leave and his wife finds herself unable to forgive him for the moment. Chris Bohjalian hit the ball out of the field with this book It might even be my favorite book he's writtenand damn I love many of his booksInstantly the storytelling grabbed me I inhaled this novel I finished it a couple of weeks ago and have already discussed it so much I forgot that I hadn't written a review Distraction other books leaving town Brain atrophy Hawell anyway My brain must work well enoughbecause this novel is sticking with me like permanent glue OH and the cover of the physical book is gorgeous lovely to touch silky smooth I enjoyed reading the hard copy even though I whined about not being accepted for an early read when I've bought 'dozens' of Chris's books in the past brought guests to see him 3 different times who also bought his books I had been hoping for 1 freebie early read Oh well money spent I love my physical book All is well There is an 'added' heart connection about the character Alexandra Anahit the young Armenian girl in this story She came from the most authentic creation from Chrisone that really 'does' break my heart If you've read The Sandcastle Girls you not only know that it's an historical fiction story during a horrific time in history the Armenian genocide but you also learned about Chris's personal Armenian family history We understand with much compassion of why writing The Sandcastle Girls was important to him Everything about what happened to soooo many people from Armenia is just sad as can be The movie will be released this yearBack to The Guest Room and AlexandraI thought it was natural that Chris would have Alexandra be Armenian Immediately her heritage struck a cord with me I was back re visiting The Sandcastle Girlsbut there is an even deeper reason for the creation of this young girl bring Armenian Chris was in Armenia a few years prior to this book's release He spotted a young girl around the same age as his own daughter who he believed to be an escort That moment broke 'his' heart That's when I believe 'this' novel began the ongoing inner voice creating of storytelling Chris gets an A from me for the most engaging storytelling with this new novel Readers will have reactions we are suppose to It's a PERFECT book club pick Might help us sort out our frustrations with the disturbing reality of sex trafficking I did need to suspend belief somewhat anyway that a wife would agree to allow her husband to throw a Bachelor party with strippers at her house knowing what she knew about her brother in law No way would that happen in 'this' househowever I didn't really care I was inside 'that' house in those rooms with those characters I was in 'book reading gone gone haven land' Darts started flying for the Chapman family after one party spins way out of controland keeps spinning and spinning each character is fully developedenough for book groups to talk about for hours I wouldn't have wanted to miss reading this book for all the tea in China and I love Chinese tea

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The Guest RoomFrom the bestselling author of A Light in the Ruins and The Sandcastle Girls comes the story of a bachelor party gone horribly wrong two men lie dead in a suburban living room two women are on the run from police and a marriage is ripping apart at the seams in this spellbinding tale of murder The Guest Epuband sex trafficking     When Richard Chapman offers to host his younger brother's bachelor party he expects a certain amount of debauchery He sends his wife Kristin and his young daughter off to his mother in law's for the weekend. I knew this book was going to hit a nerve with me I read it anyways I rarely do thatI prefer not to read things that will piss me off I have enough things I come across in daily life do thatthank you very muchbut the book description called to me and I couldn't turn away no matter how much I wanted toSo now I am going to review it and in doing that I will probably alienate and piss some people off when I try to explain what I was feeling every time I turned the pageThis may seem completely off topic but I have to mention The 2016 Oscarsbecause when I was starting to read this that was what was happeningEveryone has their own past and their own issuesor what resonates with them and no one's sad story diminishes anotherbut I had a hard time having empathy this year with what was being laid out in front of me Feel sorry for another Hollywood millionaire whining about what they don't have or who doesn't understand them No I really didn't this year I know I was supposed to see the bigger picture of race relations in America But when people don't see beyond their bigger picture EVER It is hard for me to keep being on board Women lives matter tooand that seems to be lost in everyone else's sad story these days but every decade has a common theme Women do not have a voice Woman do not matterWomen had to fight for the right to voteWomen are killed each and every dayWomen are abused by their significant othersWomen don't get paid a man's wageWoman cannot walk the streets without fearWoman are forced into marriageWoman are raped and mutilatedWoman get called names and are told to shut up when they try to voice opinions onlineWomen get no respect in HollywoodWoman are not allowed to age or gain weight without being ridiculed and shamedWoman are killed by their families in the name of honorand today not decades ago TODAY Women are slaves Sex slaves In each and every countryWoman are sold like drugs sold than drugs because the people doing the selling realize that money is to be made selling something they can kidnap off the street and sell over and over again for 100% profitand people need to wake up People need to educate their sons I don't know how many times I have heard people talk about warning their daughters of the dangersbut how about teaching young men about respect It has to start there It is not acceptable that you see a woman as an object It is not respectable to sit back and watch someone get raped or egg someone on from the sidelines or video tape it without stepping in Step up and be the change Pleasejust one tiny step forward in the right direction Because in the last 15 years all I have seen is a backwards spiralLecture over Review to come Sorry Mr Bohjalianit is possible that some people will not get past my rage to read on to the review of your wonderful thought provoking book I apologize if that is the caseTHE GUEST ROOM is worth the read The only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me is because mixed in with the knowledge of how good and well written it was was how uncomfortable angry and sad it made meSheltered Alexandra is taken from her home in Yerevan at the age of 15 after her mother dies and swept away to Moscow She thought she was on her way to becoming a ballerina but instead soon after she is introduced into the sex trade and uickly whisked off to NYC with acuaintances Sonja and CrystalRichard's brother is getting married and he and his wife think it's best to have the bachelor party in their home Things can't get out of hand that waybecause Richard's younger brother Phillip the bachelor in uestion has a habit of crossing a line from time to timeAlexandra and Sonja arrive at the party along with their guards and into a room of horny men they go Men who have no ideanor do they care to know of these two girls troubled pastsbut Sonja and Alexandra have just found out about the murder of their friend Crystal just hours before and tonight they are in a kill or be killed frame of mindSo with the drinks flowing clothes coming off and guards distracted Sonja sees her moment to strikeand nothing will every be the same again for anyone involvedI saw this book as the Fatal Attraction of this day and age Yes men should suirm Not all men I am not a man hater I swear I know there is good and badbut to those on the fence or over the fence Actions have conseuences People are hurt Desire is not an excuse to be an asshole who doesn't see anything outside his orher own needs in the moment There wouldn't be a reason to sell women if there wasn't a demand for them These women are daughters sisters friends and sometimes mothers Not objects Someone somewhere cares about them They are not a commodity to be sold They are people People who matter