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PDF É BOOK The Brooklyn Boys Club á ELLIE MIDWOOD á [Read] ➵ The Brooklyn Boys Club By Ellie Midwood – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn Renzo has always been the craziest kid on the block always first to sink a boat to steal a car or to egg bombard an unlucky cop However as heA roller coaster ride that will open the Italian American side of New York City to you on a completely different level you will laugh out loud you’ll hold your breath and in the end you’ll fall in love with Renzo and his daredevils who laugh in the face of danger and never play it safe or by the rules Ellie is excellent at diving into crazy stories about a Mob family and turning them into a page turner making your wonder what they will do next Renzo is learning the business and is always trying to better himself Whether it's taking boating classes to be recklessly safe or learning to to steal cars and outwit cops he takes his job very seriously The stories are just hilarious and his friends were just as wide eyed as me when it happenedSuper good and super fast read I love Ellie's style of writing and I can't wait to read of her books

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Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn Renzo has always been the craziest kid on the block always first to sink a boat to steal a car or to egg bombard an unlucky cop However as he grows up all his “stunts” fearlessness and great personality attracts the attention of underground rulers of the heavily Wow This book was not what I expected when I purchased it It was actually much better I was expecting a shoot em up gangster book filled with territorial and business disputes that ended up with bullets flying and bodies being chopped up Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find myself reading a very well written book from a different perspective that of young Renzo as he grows up in the heavily mob populated area of Bensonhurst BrooklynEllie does an excellent job bringing the reader along with Renzo as he grows and moves up in the mob world he lives in We are taken along on this incredible journey of living and surviving in a mobster environment that is the only life young Renzo knows Unaware of life outside this world of crime he thinks the only way to succeed in life is to work his way up the ladder It turns out he is a natural at this and has a special knack for avoiding arrest He also is very good with his fists an important skill for surviving in this worldEllie takes the reader on a uniue journey through this criminal world from the perspective of growing up in it She brings Renzo and his small group of buddies to life in this book She introduces us to different characters throughout the book as Renzo gets older and deeper into the criminal world We experience the honor system and code of ethics these kids grow up with in these neighborhoods A code that always puts family first and the sacredness of family to them Or how vengeance is never directed at women and children She does a great job giving the reader a peek behind the curtain into this dark worldEllie does such a good job with the characters and stories that its hard to tell whether the book is historical fiction or historical nonfiction

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The Brooklyn Boys ClubMob associated neighborhood Now Renzo and his friends have to decide for themselves if they want to become a part of the “family” or create their own Brooklyn Boys “family” where the first rule is that there are no rules Impossible The Brooklyn Kindle to put down The Brooklyn Boys Club is like The Brooklyn Boys Club is presided over by a crazy Italian American named Renzo who lives life to the fullest each and every day From a childhood in the Bensonhurst area to adulthood as a businessman getaway car driver and womanizing party animal Renzo is a likeable thrillseeker and borderline mobster If there have been hits or serious felonies in his past Renzo doesn't choose to reveal them in this memoir like account But big time crime isn't necessary to propel the story as Renzo manages to keep everyone in Brooklyn jumping with zany misadventures in sea faring boats motorcycles in cars or on the streets It seems like he's always one step ahead of the cops and even when he's not somehow they look the other way or seem helpless when he pulls pranks like pelting them with crates of eggs Maybe it's the power and influence of Renzo and those he knows Renzo gets older and wiser as the story progresses but he never really grows up And that's what makes The Brooklyn Boys Club so much fun In your heart you know you want to live like that Author Ellie Midwood has penned a fun filled account of a wiseguy who fits right into a world where you expect Marlon Brando to walk in any minute playing his most famous role