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Dancer's Lament Free read × 108 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Dancer's Lament By Ian C. Esslemont – Taking Malazan fans back to that troubled continent's turbulent early history The opening chapter in Ian C Esslemont's epic new fantasy seuence the Path to Ascendancy trilogyFor ages warfare has cripp Taking Malazan fans baE rousing themselves Into this arena of renewed border wars come two youths to the powerful central city state that is Li Heng One is named Dorin and he comes determined to prove himself the most skilled assassin of his age he is chasing the other youth a Dal Hon mage who has proven himself annoyingly difficult to killLi Heng has been guided and warded for centuries by the powerful sorceress known as the Protectress and she allows no rivals She and her cabal of five mage servants were enough to repel the uon Tali Iron Legions what cou. My first 5 star rating this year and it's a Malazan bookI love the world of Malazan and the Malazan Book of the Fallen stands as my favourite grimdark fantasy series However these are not books which one can pick up to read for 'fun' Not only were the worldbuilding complex and the cast of characters extensive but the prose was also dense and philosophical Moreover the narrative freuently messaged dark and bleak themes To be honest it felt like work sometimes to read MBOTF albeit work that I thoroughly enjoyedAs such my rating should not come as a surprise Except that this is the same author for Night of Knives which I only gave 25 stars and Return of the Crimson Guard which I rated 35 stars I have not even continued with the rest of the Malazan Empire seriesThe most notable difference between Dancer's Lament and those two mentioned above was Esslemont's writing which improved greatly This is good and accessible writing that makes reading effortless – a first for Malazan books In Night of Knives and Return of the Crimson Guard I felt that Esslemont was trying to write like Erikson and it didn't work for me This time though I would say that Esslemont had found his groove when he wrote Dancer's Lament and I loved the resultEven better this preuel trilogy's main characters are two of my favourite characters in MBOTF – Dancer and Kellanved Dancer's Lament was the story of how a Talian assassin and a Dal Honese mage formed an unlikely partnership in the city of Li Heng While they were not known by those names at the start of the book not too subtle hints and descriptions were all it took for me to identify them as our eponymous duo A few well placed thrusts and their stashes of coin rode tightly wrapped in a baldric across his chest – a baldric that also supported a selection of graded blades and lengths of rope He was of the opinion that one can never carry too much rope Preuels are tricky to write because our investment in these main characters did not translate to any fear or concern of their well being since we know that they survived Notwithstanding having the benefit of also understanding the future story and relationship between the main characters did add to the overall enjoyment as we slowly peel away the layers of history Another great experience while reading preuels was when bits of foreshadowing started falling into place about what we knew of these individuals The story behind how Dancer got his name and assassin's sigil was beautifully poignant I believe that what truly makes a preuel work are the side characters Primarily because these were the people who helped shape the person that our main character would become The characterisation in his book was superb as Esslemont extends the readers' empathy be it for a known well loved or new facename Of course we do get to see many other familiar and well known names as these two personalities did have very far reaching involvement or to be exact when it comes to Kellanved meddling in the affairs of the worldDancer's Lament was also the funniest Malazan book I've ever read The early interaction between Dancer and Kellanved was comedy gold The writing style worked so well for this narrative Regardless this did not mean that the book was light hearted as we are talking about the world of Malazan after all The ending chapters of the book illuminated the horrors of war with some rather graphic scenes of the casualties and their suffering Not only the name behind this sorcery troubled her; the very unleashing of the tactic worried her For it was a truism of all the treatises of warfare and strategy that she'd read just as the sword is answered by the sword so too is sorcery answered by sorcery As with all that is of this world the sorcery was blindingly devastating and it came with a price Even so Dancer's Lament lacked the typical epic convergence endings of MBOTF The story's focus on characterisation however did than compensate for the absence of an epic climactic seuence In short Dancer's Lament is now one of my favourite Malazan books and the best novel by Esslemont that I've read to date I usually take a short break in between books written in this intricate and complex world However with the ease of enjoyment I had with the first instalment of this series I am going to dive right into the seuel next You can order this book from Book Depository Free shipping worldwide You can also find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions

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Taking Malazan fans back to that troubled continent's turbulent early history The opening chapter in Ian C Esslemont's epic new fantasy seuence the Path to Ascendancy trilogyFor ages warfare has crippled the continent as minor city states baronies and principalities fought in an endless round of hostilities Only the alliance of the rival Tali and uon cities could field the resources to mount a hegemony from coast to coast and thus become known as uon TaliIt is a generation since the collapse of this dynasty and regional powers are onc. Dancer's Lament is the first of Ian C Esslemont's Malazan novels that I have read and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience It is the first installment of the Path to Ascendancy trilogy The book is linear that the previous series entrants that I have read written by Steven Erikson It is story driven and less about the world building however it still contains a large cast of dramatis personae and the book is complemented by some amazing and very memorable set piecesThe action follows the stories and point of views of three characters Dorin Rav Dancer enough said Iko a female sword dancerguard and Silk a vain mage and how they are affected by a war that takes place at Li Heng and also the inner politics of the city's underworld The point of view I found the most intriguing was of course Dancer's Mainly to see the foundation of his relationship with a certain shadowy mage known as Wu in this story but you know who this person is ; and about Dancer's past and training Wu and Dorin's banter right from the start is great At some points they seem like a married couple bickering however you see the underlining current of respect being built between them throughout the novel In some books you can dislike certain POV perspectives and almost speed read those parts I didn't have this problem with any of these characters In fact knowing that these other characters are involved in later ICE books other readers may find extra layers of awesome in their sections that I couldn't see I don't want to say too much about the plot I do not want to reveal anything to my unfortunate American cousins where this hasn't been released yet What I will say though is a lot of the characters are very cool and likable Ullara a bird loving stable girl Shalmanat the protectress of the Li Heng and even the notorious feared beastly creature that haunts the radius of the city One point I have to say is awesome is when we realise where the name Dancer originated fromSome people have posted gripes with the way that Ian writes and his skill not being anywhere near that of Steven Erikson I had no problem with his pace descriptive nature the way he presented the world's ideology history magic and it was a story that I devoured Maybe his writing has improved but I am looking forward to reading other books of his Return of the Crimson Guard is high on my priorities to read now I am intrigued also to see how some of the characters introduced to me here who aren't as freuent in Erikson's novel's such as the Crimson Guard behave and develop in ICE's other books Would this be a good entry point for the whole Malazan world for a new reader Perhaps Due to the limited amount of POV's and the many stunning events make this a good stand alone read Maybe I take it for granted though as I am aware of the history magical systems etc that would be lost confusing on a new reader and they may be out of their depth I'd recommend going the normal route with Erikson first but if you like the sound of this review and you haven't read Malazan by all means take a gamble and let me know what you think I can't wait for the next installment Thank you Ian Peace xwwwyouandibookswordpresscom

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Dancer's LamentLd two youths hope to accomplish under their stifling ruleYet under the new and ambitious King Chulalorn the Third Itko Kan is on the march from the south He sends his own assassin servants the Nightblades against the city and there are hints that he also commands inhuman forces out of legendWhile above all shadows swirl oddly about Li Heng and monstrous slathering beasts seem to appear from nowhere to run howling through the street It is a time of chaos and upheaval and in chaos as the young Dal Hon mage would say there is opportunit. Sweet Jesus is this book for realLooks like heaven on earth in the Malazan universe to me